RebirthM Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy To Increase Combat Power

RebirthMRebirthM is a brand new MMORPG for mobile by Caret Games Inc. Let’s have a look at our RebirthM guide, tips, cheats & strategies

RebirthM is an open world MMORPG for mobile in which the player picks one out of four available classes(Slayer, Wizard, Berserker, Ranger), fight against wolves, bears, and many more creatures. In the game, the player explores a vast world with the mount, pets and hunt the premium resources. RebirthM also offers dungeon mode, PvP(1V1, 3V3, 5V5), expedition mode, events, and much more. So there are lots of things to do, especially item farming. Since arena or PvP mode is dominated by the high-level players, you will have to increase the power of your Slayer/Wizard/Berserker/Ranger character. Let’s not waste any time and dive into our RebirthM guide and after it, read our top RebirthM tips, cheats & strategies to master the game.

Get Started – RebirthM Basics – How To Play, Things To Know!

Let’s start with the basics and then we will head to the main guide, tips, cheats & strategies part. In RebirthM, the player’s objective is to increase the power of character. You can check the character’s power at the top-left corner of the screen, just below the rank and level stats. The core of the game is quests. In this huge world, you will meet several people and ask for the job. They’ll give you quests. Completing these quests reward you EXP(You need these points to increase character’s level, rank), items(equipment).

Like other MMORPGs, the quest system is automatic. On the left side of the screen, you can check main quests, sub-quests. All you need to do is tap the quest and the character will complete it automatically. In the early game, you get local-quests and it merely takes a few seconds.

But as you progress through the game, the game will give you long distance quests. Here comes the role of mounts. You can ride a horse, dragon and many more mounts to move to long distance locations. You can also team up with the pets(Read the pet guide below).

Increasing The Combat Power

As you progress, you will fight against high-level creatures(wolves, bears, leaders, elite monsters, boss and more). Additionally, to maintain the arena rankings or defeat the powerful players from all over the world, you have to increase the combat power of your character. And how to do it? That’s very simple; equip high-quality gears(weapon, helmet, armor, gloves, boots, accessory, gem, orbs), enchant them, upgrade them, unlock skills, upgrade skills, level up, rank-up, use potions, level up pets, level up transformable characters(Changeform), and more. 

Item Farming

RebirthM game also features a crafting function. Using it, you can craft orbs, material items, consumable items, scrolls, and much more. And to craft these items, you will need to farm items in different game modes(Read the game modes, item guide below).

So the core of RebirthM is: Completing the quests, increasing the combat power, item farming.

Battle Mechanics

You can battle against enemies or creatures manually or set it to auto-mode. In the auto-mode, the character automatically unleashes the skills, uses potions. You can set it to auto by tapping the auto-battle button at the top-right of the screen. The auto-battle mode is good when fighting against creatures. But in the PvP mode, make sure to play manually as manual tactics such as dodging, rotating, smart hits matter a lot(especially when the power of opponent player is the same as yours).

So that’s the RebirthM basics for the rookies. Let’s check out the RebirthM guide and after it, read our top RebirthM tips, cheats & strategies.

RebirthM Guide

In this section, we will learn about the pets, mounts, changeform, items, gears or equipment, PK Mode, and much more. Make sure to pay attention to all the parts listed below.

  • Pets Guide – How They Help You? How To Get?

Pets help your character in a number of ways: they attack enemies in the battle, provide EXP boost, gold boost, and buffs. For the first time, you get a pet after completing the collection tutorial. Tap the menu button -> on the left side, tap the collection menu -> go to the pet tab -> there you can check the number of pets you have.

You can also send the pets in dispatch missions for items. How to get pets in RebirthM?

1.) You can purchase pets in exchange for coins. There is a daily limit of 5. Additionally, you can spend a premium in-game currency(blue caret or gold caret) to acquire mythic type, uncommon type pet. On the main screen of the game, at the top-right corner, near the menu button, tap the C icon(Coins bag). This will send you to the game’s store. Head to the collection tab -> pet -> buy a common pet for gold coins or high-rank pet in exchange for blue or gold caret.

2.) Another way to obtain pets in RebirthM is by playing the PvP mode. PvP mode unlocks after finishing the main quest(chapter 3, quest 5). Tap the menu button -> PvP -> Battlefield -> search. In battlefield mode, there are two options; 5v5 and 3v3. Play the 5v5 mode, win, and you could get a rare or legendary pet as a reward.

  • Mounts Guide – How They Help You? How To Get?

Mounts help you in a number of ways: to reach long distance areas on the world map, movement speed, and with their skill buff(go to collection menu -> mounts -> under the equip effect, you can check the equip effect). How to get Mounts in RebirthM?

The process is simple as mentioned above in the pet part. You can obtain mounts for coins. And there is also a limit of 5(per day limit). Additionally, playing the battlefield mode(PvP – 3v3 Mode) could also yield you a rare mount.

You can send the mounts on dispatch missions.

  • Character Building Guide – Skills, Gears, and Buffs

By building, we mean you have to increase the power of your character over time. In elite missions, raid mode, hard mode, you will face powerful monsters. Let’s learn all the ways to increase the power of character:


There is a cool feature available in the inventory that automatically sets the best equipment(from the available ones). So if you have many weapons, then it would be better to use this one-tap feature. Go to the inventory -> in the equip tab, at the bottom-right corner, tap the auto-equip button.

Get Better Weapons

D-Rank, B-Rank, E-Rank weapons or gears are not good for long-run. So it would be better to always focus on A/S-grade equipment. But how to get better weapons? For the premium-rank weapons, defeat the boss, participate in the dungeon mode(you get chests in the dungeon mode-scenario), from high-level guild shop, complete the main quest, defeat high-level enemies. Read the tips part below for more info.

Level Up Gears

You can level up equipment in the blacksmith menu of the game. Tap the menu button -> blacksmith -> under the enchant tab, select the level up option. Then select a weapon or item to level up -> confirm by hitting the level up button. It will cost you Mystic Shard.

How to get mystic shard? 

By disassembling the items in the inventory, you can obtain mystic shard item. Go to the inventory menu -> tap a poor-rank item(D, E) -> choose to disassemble. This action will destroy the item and will give you shard.

Enchanting Guide

There is another option available(near level up option); enchant. In this tab, you can enchant the equipment and increase the base performance. It could result in failure. When you select the item, there is another option also; add scroll. This will increase the success rate. How to get enchant scroll? Defeat the boss, craft in the blacksmith menu, play mage tower mode, battlefield mode, from daily quests or from the store.

Add Gems To The Weapon’s Socket

By installing the gem to the weapon’s socket can increase the evade, hit, critical hit ability. Go to the blacksmith menu -> gems ->select the weapon -> go to the gem tab -> select the gem -> choose the empty socket. That’s it. Tip – Note the color of the socket and equip the same color gem for an additional boost. For example; socket color is green, then choose the green gem.

Upgrade/Promote The Gears

Once you level up a gear or equipment item to its maximum level, you will be able to upgrade it. In the blacksmith menu, head to the upgrade tab -> there you can check the equipment at max level. Choose -> upgrade. Upgrading the equipped gear can increase the character’s combat power by a massive amount as it directly impacts the attack power.

Equip High-Rank Pets, Level Up Pets

As mentioned in the Rebirth M pets guide above, pets help you in a number of ways. So always make sure to equip high-rank pets and send low-rank pets to the dispatch missions. Now, you may have one more question; how to level up pets in RebirthM?

That’s pretty simple. You use other pets as a material to increase the pet’s level. Go to the collection menu -> hit the pet button -> select the pet – level up -> on the next screen, on the right side, choose another pet as a material -> level up. How to get more pets? Read the pets guide above.

You can select up to 100 materials. So don’t expect any significant change after selecting the one or two, it would not help your pet. Pay attention to the level bar to check the stats.

RebirthM Skill Guide

Your character has two types of skills; active skill and passive skill. As you rank up or level, you will unlock more skills. Active skills are; primary, secondary, ultimate, defensive, and special. Active Skill – You register these skills in the combat hotkeys to use. Passive Skill – Buffs, activates automatically.

Go to the skill menu -> under the active skills, you can check all the sub-skills; ultimate, defensive, and more. And on the same screen, at the bottom-right corner, you can access hotkeys. Tap any registered skill -> unregister to unequip. Once you have an empty slot, on the left side of the screen, choose a skill you want to register -> tap the register button -> choose a slot. You can buy more skill slots in exchange for blue caret.

How To Upgrade The Skills?

You can upgrade active as well as passive skills using Ether. How to obtain Ether in RebirthM? Play the abyss mode(Dungeon mode -> Daily -> Abyss). You can also obtain it by playing the game; as a reward.

However, to upgrade the ultimate skill, you need skill book(craft in the blacksmith menu or play mage tower mode to obtain).

Rebirth M Game Modes And Item Farming Guide:

  • Quest Mode

Quest modes are; main quests, sub-quests, achievement, daily missions, dispatch mission. Main Quest -> Complete these quests to level up fast. Sub-Quest – Promotional quests, to earn reputation in the area. Achievements – One of the best ways to earn premium in-game currency blue caret in bulk, chests, and more items. Daily Missions – Earn Ether, herbs, gold, friendship points, honor coin, blue caret, and more. Friendship Points can be used in the store(store -> special -> mileage/friendship/executor).

Dispatch Missions – Send mounts, pets, changeform characters on missions and they will bring food, weapon, gems for you.

  • Dungeon Mode

Scenario -> Earn equipment, gems, metalic shards, mystic powder, shards, and more. The daily mode has four sub-modes; gold mount; earn gold from this mode, training cave; growth essence, skill page. Abyss; earn ether, wings. Baturan’s Mine – Earn herb items, orb shards, and gems. You can use these items in the crafting. For example; use herbs to craft elixir items.

And you can play all these modes in four difficulty modes; easy, normal, hard, very hard. After completing once, the game will show you “you already collected daily reward”. But it does not mean that you will not get more rewards by playing it again on the same day. You will surely get the reward, but 50% less.

Mage Tower -> Earn wings, enchant scroll, skill book page. Event; earn blue caret, the box of chaos, gold. Raid and Elite – Not tried yet, will update with more information as soon as possible.

Almost everything has been covered except the exchange feature. In this menu, you can obtain items in exchange for gold. However, it’s very expensive.

  • PK Mode, Duel, Mini-Map, Elixir, Orbs, Reputation

You can set the PK mode to peaceful, chaotic, and attacking. On the main screen of the game, at the top-left corner of the screen, tap the blue color or orange color or red color or grey color icon -> set to the desired mode.

Duel – Since it’s MMORPG, you can always interact with other characters. Simply tap on another player and you will get the options to chat, attack, send the request, and more. Choose attack to start a duel.

Mini-Map -> On the main screen, at the top-right corner, tap the location icon to head to the mini-map. There you can check the list of monsters and NPCs. Tap the monster or NPC to move there or simply point on the map to navigate. Head to the Huron or Heiros tab to select the mini-map. In different locations, you will find different monsters, characters, and boss.

Orbs – You can activate boost by equipping the orbs. You can craft orbs in the blacksmith menu and obtain from dungeon mode. On the main screen, at the top-left corner, tap the rank area to head to the character’s profile -> head to the orb tab and from there you can set it.

Elixir – You can craft it using herbs and obtain it from the quests, as a reward. Depending on the elixir, you get the bonus for a certain duration.

Reputation – You earn the reputation as you play the game or complete the sub-quests(Read the game modes guide above for more details). If you have a high reputation, you may receive hidden quests in RebirthM.

So this is the RebirthM guide for the beginners. Now, let’s take a look at the RebirthM tips, cheats & strategies.

RebirthM Tips, Cheats & Strategies

1.) Mine Caret From Crystals On The Map

RebirthMIf you don’s know, you can mine blue caret from crystals on the map. All you have to do is go close to the crystal and tap the hammer icon to mine. In RebirthM, the blue cartel is a premium in-game currency. You can use it in the store to purchase high-quality items.

2.) Defeat The Boss When Spawned

RebirthMOn the main screen, at the top-left side, near the GM icon, tap the boss option to check the spawned status. You will see it if there is a boss in your current location. Tap it, if spawned, tap the move button to go there and defeat to get premium quality gears. On the mini-map, normal monsters are denoted as a red dot(not a PUBG scope xD ), elite monsters as a skull(reddish), leader monsters as a purple icon. Defeat powerful monster bosses for premium-quality loot.

3.) Save Teleport Scrolls For Long Distance Quests

To complete the quests, you go to many locations. And as you progress, you will get long distance quests. To go directly, you can use the teleport item. You get for free when you complete the tutorial. We would recommend you to save teleport items for long distance quests. How to use? Start quest -> at the bottom, above the world chat, tap the teleport ticket. How to get? In the store -> use -> misc -> there you can get it in exchange for blue caret. Or go to special tab -> friendship -> spend points to get. Executor – Spend honor coins(earn from battlefield mode – PvP) to buy teleport scroll.

4.) Play One Hour For Free Goodies

You can obtain 50 caret, 50,000 Gold, mystic shard, and mystic powder by just playing the game as a daily gift reward. Tap the menu -> on the right side of the screen, tap the events option -> claim the reward.

5.) Claim Free Rewards, Buy Mounts/Pets

In the store menu of the game, head to the equipment tab -> you can obtain a weapon, armor, accessory, gem, orb for free once a day and buy common chests for coins. Additionally, in the collection menu, you can obtain pets/mounts chest.

We have already shared all the tactics in the guide part above to increase the power of your character(your main job). And don’t upgrade low-rank items. Focus on A or S rank items. Additionally, join the guide -> complete guild missions -> earn guild points. Spend guild points in the guild shop to earn changeform scroll, potion, and more – In the guild menu, head to the guild fort -> shop).

And don’t forget to buy potions if you are running out as potions(healing, mana) helps a lot. You can set them on auto-use in the inventory.

So these are our top RebirthM tips, cheats, strategies & a RebirthM guide for the beginners. Also, see – Top new Android games 2018

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  2. Oh yeah, forgot to mention: unbinding an item requires Unbind Scrolls, which you have to buy from the shop using Carets. So the developers are probably going to get *some* revenue from the sale either way – which seems only fair considering the time and money and effort they’ve undoubtedly expended to create this excellent game.

  3. @Anonymous: AFAIK, you can only send items to your own toons. You do that by using the Storage function, which you’ll find under the main menu (Storage only becomes available to any given toon once that toon hits a certain level).

    Once it’s been unlocked for, say, your Wizard and your Ranger, you Wizard can put items into Storage for your Ranger to take out, and vice-versa.

    That’s the only official means I know of for moving items from one toon to another (regardless of who the toons belong to).

    The only way I’ve been able to think of to transfer items to another, specific player is to sell them to the target player using the Exchange (also under the main menu); this system is chancy and a hassle (probably because the developers don’t want you doing it because they’d rather the target player gave them real money to obtain the item in question).

    To do this, you’d have to unbind the item you want to transfer, if it’s bound to your character (and if it’s a Permanent Bind item, it *can’t* be unbound, so you can’t transfer it to any other character, including your own). Once the item’s unbound, you’d have to coordinate with the target player in real-time so that they can be ready to pounce on the item as soon as you list it on the Exchange.

    Next, you do just that: tell the target player to be ready, then list the item on the Exchange. And forget any thoughts you may have of doing the other player a favor by listing the item for 1 gold or something, because there’s a minimum price for each item, set by the developers, that you must charge. Then list the item, and tell the target player it’s been listed. There’s a waiting period after you list an item, so it may not show up on the Exchange immediately, but once it does, your target player can buy it (if they have the necessary amount of gold, which may be a lot even if you’ve set the item to sell at the lowest price the developers will allow, and provided no other player sees the item and snaps it up before your target player has a chance to; averting this last possibility is why you need to coordinate the sale with your target player and make sure they’re online and waiting for the item to appear when you list it).

    I hope this helps!

  4. Thank you – a lot about this game is not intuitive and your guide has helped me understand a few things better. Kudos!