Rivengard Codes & Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Rivengard is a new strategy RPG for Android & iOS. Read on for Rivengard codes & guide: tips, cheats & strategies for beginners!


Rivengard Codes, Guide, Tips & Tricks For Beginners⇓

In this Rivengard guide, you will learn “how to play the Rivengard game”, how to tactically use the “heroes”, power them up, and tips on progression, codes, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and get to the main content featuring Rivengard codes, guide, and tips: –

Get Free Gems With Rivengard Codes⇓

The game has a “refer and earn” system; each player gets a unique referral code that he/she can share with friends and earn free gems. All you need to do is tap the gear icon in the top-right corner -> refer a friend -> there you will see the “referral code” -> share it with your friends(make sure to connect Google Play Games or Gamecenter) -> as your friends submit the code in “refer a friend” menu -> you will earn gems and other rewards. 



You can share your “referral code” in the comments. You will gain more rewards as they advance further in the game; when the power level reaches 10, 15, and 20. 

Get Started With The Rivengard Basics⇓

(1) Introduction: -Rivengard is a tactical battle RPG from the creators of Legend of Solgard. Its battle system features turn-based mechanics in which you will make use of terrain and use the heroes’ skills tactically to beat the enemies. The game is packed with a variety of modes such as guild raids, hero arena, treasure beach, and campaign. You will start the journey with the campaign mode that features a lot of chapters with increasing difficulty.

(2) Power Level: – To unlock the content in the game, you will need to raise your power score. The power score is based on the collective strength of the heroes that you have obtained so far. So, to raise the power score, you will need to strengthen up the acquired heroes. Power score level not only unlocks new content but also upgrades the quality of rewards that you receive from the chests. 

(3) Beginner Progression: – Start from the campaign mode and gradually build your heroes; you can repeat the campaign mode stages and grind XP, shards, gold, and other rewards(rank-up material items and the equipment). If you have raid tickets, you can use them to get instant rewards. Join a guild and you will be able to request rank-up material items. “Saturday & Sunday” – you will receive double XP on Sunday and double gold on Saturday. So make sure to get the benefit of these events. 

Heroes Development Guide For Beginners⇓

There are several ways to develop the heroes in the Rivengard game: –

(1) Level Up – leveling concept is quite simple; you put the heroes in the team, play battle, and upon victory, the heroes in the team gain EXP. You can repeat the campaign mode stages or use raid tickets. 

(2) Rank-Up – To rank-up a hero, you will need to fill all its x6 upgrade slots(heroes -> tap on a hero – the six slots in the bottom-left corner). You can find these material items or upgrades in the campaign or request the guild. Do note that the rank-up consumes the equipped material items. 

(3) Equipment: Weapon, Armor, and Trinket are the three pieces of equipment that you can equip to the hero and strengthen up. Based on the type of hero, you will need corresponding equipment. For instance, for a rogue type hero, you will need rogue armor and rogue weapon. You can get the equipment items from the battles or chests. 

(4) Ascend: Ascension is among the top ways to get make heroes stronger in the Rivengard game. To ascend a hero, you will need to acquire its shards. For instance, Areus is one of the starting heroes – to promote him, you will need to acquire a certain number of Areus shards. Heroes’ shards can be obtained from the “campaign battles” or the “shop” – check the daily deals section in the shop menu. 

Go to heroes -> select a hero -> tap its “shard icon” above the level bar -> the game will display the source of shards; list of campaign battles and other ways to acquire its shards. 

What does ascension do to the hero?

Ascending a hero increases its rarity(for instance, common to uncommon) and helps you unlock the secondary ability of the hero – also, you unlock more XP levels(max level cap) and get the bonus on its ability stats + base stats. 

Know Your Heroes In Rivengard Game⇓


Rivengard heroes have unique traits; healer, ranged, hulking, polearm, mounted, inebriated, mechanic, flying, mechanical, dragon scales, elemental, etc. To build the best team and use heroes tactically, you must get familiar with their traits and skills. Head to the heroes menu, tap on a hero card, in the upper-right corner, tap the “trait” icon to check details. For instance, heroes with the mounted trait can not be blocked by special tiles, heroes with the healer trait can heal the friendly units. 

“Abilities” – all the heroes have unique abilities. For instance, “Monty’s Holy Bolt skill bypasses the enemy armor and inflict damage”. Head to the hero profile screen and tap on the ability icon to check its details. 

Learn About The Class & Element Relationships⇓


In the battle, your heroes can inflict additional damage to the enemies if they have class and element advantage. Let’s learn about classes and element first: –

Rivengard units(heroes as well as enemies) belong to one of these classes and elements: mage class, warrior class, and rogue class. Elements; red, green, blue, light, and dark. Before starting the battle, tap on an enemy card to check its class and color element. 

Mage class inflicts additional damage against the Warrior class. Warrior class inflicts additional damage against Rogue class. Rogue class inflicts additional damage against mage class. 


If the unit has the elemental advantage too, then it will inflict more damage. Here’s the elemental advantage chard: –

  • Light units inflict more damage to dark and red element units. 
  • Green units inflict more damage to blue and dark element units
  • Red units inflict more damage to blue and light units
  • Blue units inflict more damage to red and green units
  • Dark units inflict more damage to green and yellow units

Tap on the enemy card before starting the battle to check its element info and class info. To get an edge, you can pick the heroes that have a class/element advantage against the enemy lineup. To check the hero’s element and class info, head to its profile -> in the upper-left corner, tap the class icon -> it will show you the class advantage and element advantage. 

How To Build The Best Team⇓

Well, there is no “specific best team” – based on the enemy lineup, you can make changes to the setup. A proper line up would be the mixture of damage dealers, warrior/tank, and supportive units. Before starting the battle, check out the enemies’ class and element info if you want to inflict additional damage to them. 

Miscellaneous Tips For Beginners⇓

  • Join an active guild
  • Complete the quests
  • Check daily deals often as they feature material items and hero shards
  • Strengthen up heroes to boost power level
  • Follow Rivengard FB page for updates
  • Join Rivengard official FB group community and ask questions if you have any

So this would be all in this post on Rivengard codes(share your referral code below), guide, and tips for beginners. Got more advanced tips? Comment below. 

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