Robotics Game Tips & Tricks: Cheats, Guide & Strategy

ZeptoLab’s Robotics game where you build the robot and teach it moves is now out. Find out Robotics game tips & tricks, cheats and strategy guide

Robotics Game Tips Tricks Guide CheatsRobotics Game Tips & Tricks, Guide, Cheats, And Strategy

Robotics game is now finally available worldwide after passing out the beta stage. It offers classic PvP mode where two players engage in a fast-paced duel match. As a player, your objective is to choose the best parts and build the robot wisely. And, before the fight, you will teach moves to the robot so that you can win the fight.  This Robotics game guide covers the tips & tricks, cheats & strategies that you can use to build the best robot and climb up in the ranking leaderboard. Let’s not waste any time and get straight to the main walkthrough guide. 

Choose The Best Weapon Type In Robotics Game

“Weapon” is the main part that you should select carefully while building the robot in Robotics game. There are mainly two types of weapons in the Robotics game – the melee type and the ranged-type. For example – stinger is the melee type weapon, the minigun is the ranged-type weapon. Go to the editing screen -> weapon tab -> tap on the weapon to check its stats. Both types have advantages and disadvantages: –

  • Melee weapons – DPS based, but to inflict damage, the weapon must grip/touch the opponent’s robot body
  • Ranged weapons – you can inflict damage from a range but they would stop during the fight for reloading

Based on the weapon type you choose, you will have to teach moves to the robot. Let’s learn that. 

Melee Weapon Strategy For Newbies

The best thing about a melee weapon like Stinger is that it can continue to inflict more damage as long as it is touching the opponent’s robot body parts. It does not require to reload during the fight. Although, some melee weapons like Grab reload during the fight.

So, if you have equipped a melee weapon to the robot, then teach these moves; go close to the opponent’s robot(because you can not attack it if the opponent is not in attack range) + set the weapon range and movement in such a way that it will continue to grip/touch opponent’s body parts. 

Ranged Weapon Strategy For Newbies

The best thing about the ranged weapon like minigun is that they let you inflict damage to the enemy robot from a range. But, because most of the ranged weapons stop during the fight to reload, you might face problems while fighting against the robot with a melee weapon with no reload attribute – because they will continue to inflict DMG if you are in its attack range.

So, if you have equipped a ranged weapon to the robot, we would recommend you to “stay stationary” and aim the weapon’s shots toward the enemy robot. You don’t need to move if you are using ranged-weapon – all you need to do is make sure that the weapon’s shots are aimed correctly. 

Setting Up All Sorts Of Builds In Robotics Game

You need to add a body, weapon, and arm/leg to complete the robot project. Go to the editing interface -> Robotics game allows you to set three robot builds. We would recommend you to build three builds differently – one with melee, one with range, and another one that you like to add; it could be small legs or tall legs or mini arm or large arm. Also, check their stats(HP, damage, reload time, etc.); level them up to increase stats. For leveling, you will need duplicates that you get from the chest + the coins. 

During the preparation round time, you can switch builds. 

Look For The Weakness In Opponent’s Build

The best way to win any fight in the Robotics game is by “dodging the enemy attacks” and at the same time, inflicting damage to it. But, how can you do it? Well, it’s possible in every round – all you need to do is find the weakness of the enemy’s build quickly and plan your moves according to that. For example – 

If the enemy’s build is quite tall and the aiming position is quite high, you can get saved from its attacks by spreading the robot legs – in such a way that it would just lay down on the ground and don’t move. 

If the enemy is using a melee weapon, “choose a ranged-weapon robot build” and stay away from it; either stay still or move backward(teach it in during the preparation). With the ranged build, all you need to do is set weapon’s aim wisely. 

And if the enemy is using a ranged weapon, you can teach the robot to flip or jump a little while aiming the weapon hand to attack it; think how you can dodge and attack. 

Earn More Trophies And Better Rewards

Tap the play button in the lower-right corner -> there you will find lots of leagues – but with different fees and rewards. The higher the fee, the more trophies, and the rewards you earn. If you want to climb up the contest leaderboard quickly, do participate in the leagues that cost a high fee. You can unlock the high-level league by leveling up. 

Guide To Leveling

In Robotics game, players need to earn player EXP to level up. The player EXP is obtained from the chests that you get by winning the matches. 

Earn Gems For Free In Robotics

How to earn gems for free in robotics? The best way to earn free gems in this game is by ranking up in the contest; try to reach the top 1-10 place. In the lower-right corner, next to the play button, tap contest banner to check rewards and rankings. Another way to earn gems for free is by raising the level; at certain levels, the game gives free gems. For example – at level 5, you get x10 gems. 

How To Earn Belts

Robotics Game Tips Tricks Guide CheatsFrom the contest, you will earn the event/special currency – after earning a certain number of this currency, you will earn a belt. So, keep playing, earn trophies, raise rank in the contest, and get current to earn a belt. 

So that’s all in this Robotics game tips & tricks, guide for beginners. Do you have more tips, cheats, or strategies? Comment below. 

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