My Zombie Wife Cheats: Guide, Tips & Tricks

My Zombie Wife is a brand new RPG for mobile by Lemon Jam Studio. Read on for My Zombie Wife cheats, tips, guide & tricks to master the game

Lemon Jam Studio has just released a brand new mobile game called My Zombie Wife. It’s a story-based game where the main character’s wife turns into the zombie. You will help the main character in gathering the materials and conducting the researches to create Vaccine that can get her back to the normal form. You will explore a bunch of places on the map, destroy the objects, earn materials, conduct researches, and there are plenty of intersting things to do. 

If you have just started playing it, then you are on the right page. This My Zombie Wife guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of My Zombie Wife cheats, tips & tricks that you may love. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content. 

My Zombie Wife Cheats, Tips, Guide: –

Your goal is to create a perfect Vaccine so that you can bring the main character’s wife to the normal form. To create a Vaccine, you have to conduct the researches at the base using the Vaccine Research machine. For research, you need Pills and Gol coins. At the beginning of the game, you have to repair the gold maker and pills maker machine. These machines produce Pills and Gold. In other words, these are the in-game currencies. Other than machines, you can get the stuff by destroying the objects. To start the research, you go back to the base -> go close to the research facility -> tap the message button -> choose the research type; Green Vaccine, Yellow Vaccine, Red Vaccine, Orange Vaccine, Blue Vaccine are the options -> choose anyone based on the funds you have and start the research. You will get a random illustration. Keep doing the researches and you will eventually bring the wife back to her normal form. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all My Zombie Wife cheats, tips & tricks: –

Focus On Making The Character StrongerMy Zombie Wife

In My Zombie Wife, Pills and Gold Coins are the two in-game currencies that you will need in a massive amount to conduct Orange Vaccine Research(Ultra Super). And, to generate that much of quantity, you will need to upgrade the machines at the base/home. Upgrading the machines cost materials that you can earn by destroying the objects on the map/locations. For example – cars, poles, boxes, trucks, etc. 

And, to destroy these objects, you need to attack these objects. Some of the objects are hard to destroy if you are weak. So the first tip we would recommend to the players playing My Zombie Wife is making the character stronger. And, here’s how to do it – 

In the top-left corner, tap the main character’s avatar -> there you can spend the skill points on HP, power, and Speed. We would recommend focusing on Power and HP so that you can destroy high-durability objects quickly. 

Level Up To Get Skill Points In My Zombie Wife

As mentioned in the above tip, you can spend the skill points to build the HP/POWER/SPEED score of the main character. But how do you get these skill points? In My Zombie Wife, you get the skill points when the main character levels up. In the upper-left corner, below the main character’s avatar, check the blue gauge of the bar – when it fills, you will level up and get the skill points. How do you fill the level gauge? By grinding the EXP! Destroy the light objects like boxes, bicycles to earn EXP quickly and level up. Once you become stronger, start smashing the big objects like car, truck. 

Don’t Forget To Feed The WifeMy Zombie Wife

If your wife is starving, then make sure you feed food items and water to her. In the bottom-right corner, above the hand/message/interaction button, you can check the wife’s status; food and water. Go to the base/home -> close to the Wife(Zombie Illusion) near research machine -> tap the message icon to interact -> select food or water -> feed. You can get food from the store. Go to the ground level using the ladder on the right side -> take the right turn when you are on the ground -> keep going until you reach the store’s gate -> tap the arrow icon to enter the shop. Interact with the shopkeeper -> buy the food in exchnage for gold coins. 

Upgrade The Machines In My Zombie WifeMy Zombie Wife

Upgrading the machines is one of the challenges in My Zombie Wife game. There is a gold maker and a pill maker. Go close to these machines -> tap the message/interaction icon -> tap the load button(cargo button) to fill up the materials required for upgrading. You can get these materials by destroying the objects. 

Attack The Machines To Produce Fast

If you go close to the pill maker or gold maker machine, you will be able to attack it. Attacking the machine produce the pills/gold faster. 

Create Vaccine To Get Your Wife Back

On the base, go close to the research machine -> interact with the machine by tapping the message/interaction button -> use the research method and create a Vaccine – wait a few seconds -> check the result. Keep researching and you will get the wife back. 

Complete The Missions And Achievements

Tap the mission button in the bottom-center to check the missions and achievements. Complete them for gold, pills, and diamonds reward. 

Watch The Video Ads For Freebies

Tap the (+) button next to the diamonds number in the top-right -> watch the video ads for free diamonds. And, in the bottom-left side, you get free boosters offer like auto-attack, damage booster, etc. Grab them if you are OK with a short video ad. 

So this would be all in this post on My Zombie Wife cheats, guide, tips & tricks. If you have more tips to share, comment below. 

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