Random Dice Tier List: Best Deck, Tips & Guide

Random Dice is a PvP strategy game for mobile by 111%. Check out this Random Dice tier list, best deck, guide, and tips Royal Dice : Random Defense

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In Random Dice, you will be competing with another player in real-time in a competitive dice battle with lots of random events. If you have ever played any TD(tower defense) game, you can easily understand the basics of this game. If you have any questions, tips, cheats & strategies for fellow players, please share in the comment section below. Let’s not waste any time and head to the Random Dice tier list, best deck, guide, tips, cheats & strategies.

Random Dice Tier List: Best Dice In The Game⇓

This Random Dice tier list has ranked all the dice in the game in five major tiers; tier 1, tier 2, tier 3, tier 4, and tier 5. The top-tier dice are listed in tier 1, dice with great utility, and best performance are placed in tier 2, average to good ones in tier 3, average ones to tier 4, and the least recommended ones in tier 5. T1>T2>T3>T4>T5.  So, let’s check out the Random Dice tier list: –

  • Typhoon Dice – Tier 1
  • Blizzard Dice – Tier 1
  • Growth Dice – Tier 1
  • Joker Dice – Tier 1
  • Flow Dice – Tier 2
  • Combo Dice – Tier 2
  • Solar Dice – Tier 2
  • Moon Dice – Tier 2
  • Summoner – Tier 2
  • Sacrifice – Tier 2
  • Mighty Wind – Tier 2
  • Assassin – Tier 2
  • Infect Dice – Tier 2
  • Iron Dice – Tier 3
  • Modified Electric Dice – Tier 3
  • Mimic – Tier 3
  • Supplement – Tier 3
  • Nuclear Dice – Tier 3
  • Thorn Dice – Tier 3
  • Electric Dice – Tier 3
  • Poison Dice – Tier 3
  • Metastasis Dice – Tier 3(Good in PvE)
  • Arrow – Tier 3
  • Broken – Tier 3
  • Gamble Dice – Tier 3
  • Wind Dice – Tier 3 ~ Tier 4
  • Fire Dice – Tier 3
  • Hell – Tier 3
  • Critical – Tier 3
  • Shield – Tier 3
  • Atomic – Tier 3
  • Gear – Tier 4
  • Sand Swamp – Tier 4
  • Mine – Tier 4
  • Crack – Tier 4
  • Gun Dice – Tier 4
  • Landmine – Tier 4
  • Absorb – Tier 5
  • Light – Tier 5
  • Switch – Tier 5
  • Teleport – Tier 5
  • Holy Sword – Tier 5
  • Death – Tier 5
  • Lock – Tier 5
  • Time Dice – Tier 5
  • Wave – Tier 5
  • Star – N/A
  • iX10 – N/A
  • Silence – N/A

Random Dice: PvP Defense Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies: –

In Random Dice: PvP Defense, your major goal is to build the best deck possible and dominate in the PvP rankings. There are lots of dice in the game; each dice plays differently and has its characteristics. For example – Nuclear Dice is one of the legendary dices in the game that cause a nuclear explosion; for AoE Damage. The player can create three decks with different dice combinations; In a dice deck, you can add up to five dice. Let’s learn everything in detail and check out all the Random Dice: PvP Defense tips & tricks: –

Learn How To Get Dice

You get the dice from the loot boxes that you can earn by getting victories in the PvP matches. If you go to the store, you can buy the dice cards or dice boxes with gold coins; there would be a free dice chest in a store; you can claim it daily and get free dice cards. Other than that, you have the royal box section in the store, which features premium boxes featuring high-tier cards; legendary, unqiue, rare – also, common. In the competitive game, legendary, unqiue tier cards work well. For these premium boxes, you will have to spend a lot of diamonds; you can earn diamonds by completing the quests, reaching a certain trophy milestone. Or buy from the store.

Get Familiar With The Dice In The Deck

As stated above, each dice plays differently and has its characteristics. The first thing to do is get familiar with all the dice you have in the inventory so that you can go with the best combination in the deck. Head to the dice tab in the footer menu and in the dice list tab, tap on the acquired dice and tap the info button. On the info page, you will see its type; there are many types of dice; magic, physical, debuff, transform, install, buff, merge, etc. Also, you will see its attack speed, attack power, target, etc. 

Must-Have A Slow-Debuff Dice

It’s better to add a slow-type dice in the deck – for example; the ice dice and blizzard dice. These dice can slow down the enemy actions and help damage dealers dice inflict more damage; the slower they get, the more time on the field and the more damage they are gonna suffer. 

Fill The Board ASAP

As soon as you get in the battle, spend your SP and fill all the board x15 slots first. It’s the best strategy you must use. SP – the points you need to create a dice on the board. You get random dice by spending SP. Tap the round-shaped button near the bubble message to spend SP and create dice. Don’t do merging and upgrading – first, create the dice and fill all the board. 

Merging – upon merging, you will get a random dice(of course, from your deck) – but with more pips(the dots on the dice). The higher the dots, the more attack speed. 

Random Dice Best Deck List For PvP

  • Typhoon Dice + Atomic Dice + Blizzard Dice+ Joker Dice + Growth Dice
  • Typhoon Dice + Flow Dice + Growth Dice + Joker Dice + Thron
  • Modified Electric Dice + Flow Dice+ Growth Dice + Joker Dice + Sacrifice
  • Typhoon Dice+ Flow Dice+ Joker Dice+ Growth Dice + Sacrifice
  • Modified Electric Dice + Flow Dice+ Critical Dice+ Growth Dice+ Joker Dice
  • Iron + M.E. + Critical + Growth + Joker
  • Typhoon + Assassin + Sacrifice + Growth + Joker
  • Iron + M.E. + Moon/Lunar + Growth + Joker
  • Typhoon + Atomic + Flow + Growth + Joker
  • M.E. + Assassin + Sacrifice + Growth + Joker
  • Gear + Critical + Sacrifice + Growth + Joker
  • Typhoon + Hell + Blizzard + Growth + Joker
  • Iron + Thorn + Blizzard + Growth + Joker

For complete decks lists, check out this spreadsheet – > 

If you have more tips, best decks combination/builds, comment below. So these are some Random Dice tips, strategies for beginners. 

Old Guide ->(You might not wanna read this – it was written on the 1st day when it was released – it was released as Royal Defense – but the name changed later – also, they improved a lot of stuff; UI, server, player matching, etc.). Also, it was on Android at that time – now it’s on iOS as well. 

Random Dice: PvP Defense Guide

There are two game modes that you can play to earn rewards. These two modes are PvP mode and alliance mode. In the PvP mode, you battle against other players around the world and earn trophies. Collect the trophies and you get valuable rewards such as legendary dice, rare dice, gems, etc. In the alliance mode, you and one more player play together and defeat the waves. The more waves you clear, the more cards you get. These cards are required to open the card box; which contains gold coins, dice, etc.

Let’s learn how does the battle works.

Random Dice: PvP Defense Battle Guide

Royal Dice : Random DefenseAt the top-left corner of the screen, you can see the enemy tower. And, at the bottom-right corner of the screen, you can see your tower. Both the players have three lives; hearts. The player who loses all the lives gets defeat and the other one gets the victory. As a victory reward, you get trophies. Getting defeat means losing the trophies.

Now, to destroy the enemy tower or pass it three times, you create the dice. To create the dice, you need SP. At the beginning of the battle, you get free SP. You can use it to create Dice on the board and as you defeat the enemy’s dice, you can earn more SP. SP can also be used to level up the Dice.

Once the battle starts, your dice will attack the enemy’s dice – to defend the tower. And, your dice will roll to the enemy’s side – to destroy the enemy’s tower. Your dice army attacks from the upper-right corner, while the enemy’s dice army rallies from the bottom-left corner.

Your objective is to defend your side and destroy the enemy’s side.

Dice Guide

In the Dice tab, you can create the Dice Deck. The player is free to choose five Dice out of all acquired. In the acquired section, tap the card and hit the use button and replace it with one of the deck slots. In the acquirable Dice, you can check the full list of Dice that you can acquire from the card boxes.

Random Dice: PvP Defense Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Read The Dice Details

All the Dice in the game have special abilities. Go to the Dice tab and tap on it to check the details. In the details tab, you can check the cards type; assist or attack. The assist type Dice does not attack the Dice, instead, they provide a buff or apply a debuff on enemies. For example – Ice Dice is an assist type of Dice which decreases the target’s speed. Wind Dice has the fastest attack speed.

Your strategy will depend on these abilities. For example – if you want to attack fast, you should focus on the Wind Dice. The Fire Dice can deal splash damage – it will help you to destroy high DEF Dice.

So make sure to read the Dice details and focus on the best ones – according to your situation.

2.) Play The Alliance Mode

Royal Dice : Random DefenseAlliance Mode can be played a certain number of times. After this limit, you would not be able to play it because it will go in the cooldown stage. However, you can spend diamonds to play it again – but don’t do that. In the alliance mode, try to complete as many waves as you can with another player. Give your best! The more waves you clear, the more cards you will get for free. Once you have 40 cards, open the card box and get free Dice Cards.

3.) Upgrade The Dice

From the card boxes, store deals, you can obtain the Dice Cards. These Dice Cards are used in upgrading the Dice. In the Dice tab, at the bottom of a card, you can check the number of duplicate cards that you need to make an upgrade. For example – If it’s 0/4 – it means, you need 4 of its duplicate cards.

4.) Spend The SP Wisely

During the battle, managing the SP is one of the challenging tasks. You can either use it to level up a Dice or create more Dice. We would recommend you to spend SP on creating the cards first and once you have enough or a specific attack card with high level(obtain it via merging), you can upgrade it. For example – If you get 4-number Red Dice via merging, you should spend SP on upgrading the Red/Fire Dice, instead of leveling up other low-level Dice.

5.) Complete The Quests

In the battle tab, at the top, tap the quest book and check your daily quests. Get the daily reward and complete those challenging missions to get free coins and diamonds.

6.) Get The Free Card Box

In the store, you can grab one card box for free every day.

7.) Spend Coins And Get Cards

In the store, pay attention to the daily deal section. There you can buy some cards in exchange for coins. If you get a good deal, make sure to grab it asap.

So that would be all Random Dice: PvP Defense tips from our side. If you have more tips, cheats & strategies to beat opponents, please share in the comment section below. Update – the name of the game has been changed from Royal Dice: Random Defense to Random Dice: PvP Defense. Also, the game is now available on iOS.

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  1. In Co-Op, the best strategy I’ve seen is Ying Yang, Growth, Cracked Growth, Joker, and Supplement. It’s really powerful if you make a cross with Ying Yangs, as their ability increases their damage that way.

  2. Bro I need a good deck for my legendarys they are Mine dice, Sand swamp dice, Hell dice, Summoner dice, Assassin dice, Typhoon dice, Silence dice, and Royal dice other than those I have all the unique rare and common dice but my crit % is only 409

  3. Mimic and Thorns drive me nuts lol. Thorns is so unreliable but seems like a fun one to use. Its the only class 7 i have besides arrow and i feel like both of them are sketchy.

  4. Anyone have any suggestions on how to use solar, I have every dice that’s not legandary and then I have blizzard, land mine, the nuclear dice, solar, growth.?

    • Building with Combo dice is a really tough strategy. It does require a few legendaries to make it work well. I’ve been running it with Metastasis, Growth/Summoner, Mimic, Joker, and Combo. Most of the time, I’ll be able to carry up to at least Wave 30, but I have managed above 100 when paired with a decent support deck. Give those builds a try if you can

  5. Supplement dice slow you too upgrade dude without the randomness involved. If you want more dice then best way is spend real money and get them for $5-10 each when they spawn in coin shop second best way for regular dice is to constantly do alliance mode, like a lot, at least 30+ times a day for 2-3 days will get you all the basic and epic dice. I got most of my legendary dice from beating the arena multiple times. I’ve opened maybe 100+ alliance boxes and never once got a legendary dice, but I get one about 25% of the time for opening the 5th and 8th arena win, and 100% for 12th and final win. Best bet is wait till 5,000 diamonds and 50k coins are on sale for $20 and pick that up. I’ve spent about $50 on the game and have all but 2 dice. My critical chance is about 720% (which is a direct reflection of how many dice you have and their levels) and I’ve been playing about a week now.

    • Damn auto correct… Third world slow= allow. 7th word dude=dice.

      Also helpful hint: if you suck or you’re just beginning then use support type dice when playing co-op mode, so those of us that can kill fast can do so easier for the both of us. Dice that slow, weaken, or immobilize are your best bet until you get either typhoon or something stronger

      • That’s not bad get at least 4-5 on the board and you’ll kill lots of stuff fast with them. No dice are really bad, except wind dice when you get mighty wind or typhoon… All dice have their purpose.

  6. I don’t understand the dice combinations (combining 2 dices of same rank and same color). Is the result random ? Seems like an odd gameplay choice… Is there no way to evolve a dice the way it is, without it transforming into something else ?

    • Energy dice deals more damage the more SP you have. The % is higher the higher level the dice is. But let’s say it has an SP-damage rate of 5% and you have 100 SP. that means it will deal an additional 5 damage on top of its base damage

  7. Dont know who will get to read this, but in the game top right corner under RANK. check out the top players and see which dice are the most valuable to invest in