Digimon ReArise Tier List – Best Mega, Ultimate Digimon In The Game

Digimon ReArise Tier ListHere’s the Digimon ReArise Tier List to help you pick the best Digimon in the game – best mega and ultimate Digimon Tier List – PvE, PvP

If you want to start strong in the game, we would recommend to pull out at least two high-tier Digimon in the Digimon ReArise game. You can read the Digimon ReArise Reroll guide here. This reroll guide will help you pull out the high-tier Digimon. In this post, we have shared the Digimon ReArise Tier List – the top best characters/Digimon that you should develop and use to crush the foes in a wide range of game modes; PvE and PvP. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content – Digimon ReArise Tier List – Best Digimon(s) in the game!

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Digimon ReArise Tier List: –

  • WarGreymon
  • Minervamon
  • HiAndromon
  • Sakuyamon
  • Ravemon
  • Boltmon
  • Ebemon
  • VenomMyotismon
  • Puppetmon

These are the best top-tier Mega Digimons in Digimon ReArise Game. Let’s have a look at all these Digimons: –

1.) WarGreymon

If you have read our Digimon ReArise Reroll guide, then you would already know how to get this character. It is the guaranteed character upon step 5 in step summon. So everyone can get this top-tier character. If you have got it, then make sure to develop it though upgrades & other methods. Let’s learn more about WarGreymon: –

  • WarGreymon is good at dealing damage to the foes – single target skills. If you don’t know how to raise skills, what are skills, please read -> Digimon ReArise Guide for beginners
  • If you have the character who can buff PWR stats(PWR – power), then make sure to pair him. If you don’t know about the Digimon’s stats – read Digimon ReArise Guide to Digimon stats
  • PvE – S tier
  • PvP – A tier

2.) Minervamon

You should pull this Digimon when rerolling. She is one of the best Mega(s) in the game. Highlights: –

  • PvE – A tier
  • PvP – A tier
  • Strength – DPS, AoE damage(multi-target), ability to debuff the target’s defense

3.) HiAndromon

  • HiAndromon is a defense buffer – 60%-80% defense buff to the team in the first turn
  • The DEF buff by HiAndromon would be useful in the high-level raid boss fights
  • In the early game, this defense buff is useless – but, in the late game – In PvE, this defense buff will help you a lot
  • PvE – B tier because the defense buff does not play any role in the early game. The tier rating goes up as soon as you reach the underworld PvE content. In that mode, you will need this buff to win fights. So, PvE – S Tier in the late game
  • PvP – S tier(buffs the team)

4.) Sakuyamon

  • PvE – A Tier
  • PvP – A Tier
  • Strength – AoE damage, DEF Debuff, protects the whole party from skill seal status effect

5.) Ravemon

  • PvE – A Tier
  • PvP – A Tier
  • Strength – AoE damage(multi-target), Darkness Immunity for all Digimons

6.) Boltmon

  • PvE – A Tier
  • PvP – A Tier
  • Strength – Decent DPS, Survivability + Crit Buff to the team

7.) Ebemon

  • PvE – A Tier
  • PvP – A Tier
  • Strength – Ebemon excels when fighting TEC raid boss(TEC – Technique stat), 30% TEC Debuff, AoE DPS

8.) VenomMyotismon

  • PvE – A Tier
  • PvP – A Tier
  • Strength – 40% PWR to the team, AoE DPS

9.) Puppertmon

  • PvE – A Tier
  • PvP – A Tier
  • Strength – Debuff DEF, AoE DPS, Single target sub-skill, chances to inflict Sleep effect

So this would be the half part in this Digimon ReArise Tier List. If you are looking more info, check out these articles: –

Let’s head to the next part – Digimon ReArise Tier List – Ultimates

Digimon ReArise Tier List(Ultimate Digimons): –

  • Wisemon
  • WaruSeadramon
  • MetalGreymon(Virus)
  • Lilamon
  • Mamemon

All the above listed Digimons buff the stats. That means if you want to buff an ally, you may use these Digimons.


  • Decent DPS
  • TEC Buff – 60%-80%
  • S Tier Ultimate


  • TEC Buff – 60%-80%
  • S Tier Ultimate


  • PWR Buff – 60%-80%
  • S Tier Ultimate


  • PWR Buff – 60%-80%
  • S Tier Ultimate


  • DEF Buff – 60%-80%
  • S Tier Ultimate

A Tier Ultimate: – AeroVeedramon

  • DEF Buff – 40%
  • Decent DPS

B Tier Ultimates: –

SuperStarmon: –

  • Decent Taunt Tank

LadyDevimon: –

  • Passive TEC boost to Purple Digimons
  • AoE Multi-Target DPS


  • Equip Target Plugins to get a speed boost – skyrockets the team’s total speed – giving you the first turn in PvP

Digimon ReArise Tier List – Healers In The Game: –

  • Plessiomon – AoE Healing, debuff remover, inflict freeze effect
  • MagnaAngemon – 2 Target Heals, Inflicts silence status effect

To check the complete list of Digimons, go to the lobby -> Digimon -> Digidex. There you can filter the Digimon by rarity; rookie, champion, ultra, mega, and ultimate.

So this would be all in this Digimon ReArise Tier List. If you want to check out the JP tier list, follow this link: –

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