Rumble Hockey Strategies: Cheats, Guide, Tips & Tricks

Rumble Hockey is a brand new RTS game for Android & iOS by Frogmind. Read on for Rumble Hockey strategy guide, cheats, tips & tricks

Rumble Hockey Strategies Guide Tips Cheats TricksFrogmind, well-known for Badland Brawl and Rumble Stars Football games, recently published a brand new real-time strategy game for mobile. It’s called Rumble Hockey where two players clash in the real-time Hockey battles and send their Rumblers to take on each other. It challenges you to build the best line-up and use the best tactics possible to win the match by scoring more goals than the opponent in the given time. If you are new to the game, then you have come to the right place. This Rumble Hockey guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Rumble Hockey strategies, tactics, cheats & tips that you may love. So without any further ado, let’s get started with this walkthrough guide!

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First things first – you have to assemble the team of Rumblers wisely. Each Rumbler or character in the game plays differently and has unique abilities that make it different from others. If you don’t know about the Rumblers you have, you would never be able to build a good team. Also, using them wisely on the battlefield is another most important thing – you can still lose the match if you have special rare cards or win the matches with the free cards/Rumblers/characters if you use them properly. To win the Hockey matches, you will have to score more goals than the opponent + don’t let the opponent beat your goalie. Dominating the Hockey puck all the time during the rumble is also important. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Rumble Hockey tactics, tips & cheats in this walkthrough guide – 

Get Familiar With The Rumblers

  • Shooters – these are the Rumblers that shoot the puck when it’s near. For example – Lazy Panda. This character does not move much + does not pass the ball to allies – it only shoots the puck when it’s near
  • Passers – these are the Rumblers in Rumble Hockey that pass the puck to friends. For example – Loyal Dog. This character does not shoot the puck – it always passes the puck to allies. If there is no ally, this character will keep dominating the puck
  • Shooters & Movers & Passers- these are the Rumblers that move on the field and shoot the puck. For example – Striker Tiger. This character chases the puck with great speed – and, also shoots the puck + passes the puck to friends
  • Attackers – these are the Rumblers that attack enemies’ Rumblers on the field. They would not shoot the puck, pass the puck – they only invade the enemy. For example – Croco. This character eats other enemies. But it would not shoot the puck or pass the puck. 
  • Crowd Control – these are the Rumblers with CC/Crowd-Control skills. They can manipulate the enemies during the Hockey Rumble. For example – Lover. This character attracts nearby enemies and blocks their movement for a few seconds. 
  • Spells – these are the Rumblers that you can use to inflict an AoE Damage. For example – Mr. Fire. This character can inflict massive explosion DMG

Go to the “team” menu of the game. Tap on a Rumbler character card -> check its info; the target(Puck, Opponents, etc.), speed, stamina/HP, field time, range, etc. Without getting familiar with the Rumblers, you are never gonna beat the pro opponents. So the first tip here is getting familiar with the rumbler characters. 

Building The Best Lineup In Rumbler Hockey

A player can add up to six rumblers in the team. If you are new to the game, you would not have all the Rumblers characters yet. So we are going to give an overview on how to build a great lineup in the Rumbler Hockey game: –

  • Must include attackers – you must include attackers in your lineup so that you can target the enemy’s rumblers and clear your way to the goalie. For example – Croco, raging bull – these are the characters that only attack the enemies. 
  • The ones that target “Puck” – you must include the shooters in your lineup so that you can shoot the puck and score goals. Several characters in the game do not shoot the puck, while some have expertise in shooting the puck. For example – striker tiger, sniper wolf, Froggy, Lazy Panda – these are the characters that shoot the puck and can let you score goals. Check the rumbler characters cards in the team tab to figure out the ones that target “puck”
  • The ones with “CC” skills – these are the best and must have rumblers in your lineup. With the help of their skills, you can block the enemies’ rumblers movement and let your friends shoot the puck 

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On the main screen of the game, on the top-left corner, tap the “trophy” button -> top 500 -> there you can see the top players’ profile and their team builds. 

Try The Practice Mode In Rumble Hockey

The best way to test your lineup and rumblers in the Rumble Hockey game is by playing the practice mode. Go to the team menu of the game and tap the practice button to start playing against A.I. Or you could join a club and challenge members for a friendly match. Keep practicing and you will surely come up with a good tactic based on the lineup you built. 

Use The Combo Rumbler Strategy 

Depending on the lineup you build in the Rumble Hockey, you can always come up with a combo strategy where you will be using two or more rumblers back-to-back to score the goal. For example – “CC” and “Shooters”. Send the rumblers with “CC” abilities to divert the enemies’ rumblers and let the “Shooters” shoot the puck. For example – with Lover rumbler, you can attract the goalie and other opponents. While they are attracted to the goalie and other opponents, your shooter(for example – striker tiger) can shoot the puck. 

You can do this with “attackers” too. For example – send Croco to eat other enemies – while the opponents would be tackling the Croco, your shooter(for example – striker tiger) can shoot the puck and score the goal. 

Position Your Rumblers Wisely

Several rumblers in the Rumble Hockey game should be positioned wisely – otherwise, they would not help you much – mostly includes the rumblers with slow speed and puck target ability. For example – Lazy Panda and Froggy. Lazy Panda is so slow – but it can shoot the puck. Froggy – this character is stationary. They would not move much – so better aim wisely(and send/aim) where the puck is so that they can shoot the puck. 

Beat The Attackers With Attackers

Attackers are the ones that move around the field and attack the opponents – they don’t pass the ball, shoot the ball – their strength is eating the enemy asap. While in the Hockey battle, you must send the Rumblers wisely – if there are attackers on the field, it’s better to clear them first – otherwise, they will eat out your shooters or passers or shooters + movers. For example – Croco is one of the best Rumblers in the game that devours the opponents quickly. If there is a Croco on the field and you send Froggy or Lazy Panda type Rumbler, they will be devoured. 

If you don’t want your friends/rumblers to lose HP/stamina or get eaten out, deal with the attackers – finish them first. 

Getting New Rumblers In Rumble Hockey

As you win the trophies, you will be prompted to the higher-leagues. Every next league you reach in the game unlocks new Rumblers. Once unlocked, you will get them from the chests; chests can be obtained by beating the opponents or from the shop in exchange for gems. 

Level Up To Increase Goalie Stats

In the upper-left corner of the screen, you can check the current level in the Rumble Hockey game. By raising the level, you can raise the Goalie’s stats. To level up, you need crown/EXP – upgrade the characters/rumblers/cards to get EXP. 

Upgrade The Rumblers Characters

You need to have replicate cards of the rumbler for the upgrade. In the team menu of the game, below the character avatar, you can check the number of replicate cards required to upgrade to the next level. Upgrade them and increase their stats. You get the cards from the chests. 

Join A Club, Donate, And Challenge Friends

You must join an active club in Rumble Hockey; you get to donate or receive cards from the members, you can challenge them and increase skills. 

Check Out The Events In Rumble Hockey

At player level 3 or 4, you will have access to the events. Event modes are fun to play and give you event chests featuring the superstar/core/pro rumblers. 

Complete The Quests In Rumble Hockey

In the top-left, tap the “lock” symbol button to check the quests. Complete them to earn green gems, gold, and rumbler cards. 

Watch The Video Ads To Open The Chests

Chest takes time to open. Tap on it and check if it’s letting you open by watching a video ad. 

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So that’s all for now in this post on Rumble Hockey guide and tips for beginners. Share your Rumble Hockey tactics and tricks in the comments. 

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