Rumble Hockey Tier List – Best Rumblers Characters For Best Lineup

Started playing Rumble Hockey and wondering which rumblers are the best ones to build the best team lineup? Read on for Rumble Hockey tier list featuring the best rumblers

Rumble Hockey Tier List Best Rumblers CharactersFirst, if you are new to the game, make sure to read this beginner’s guide and tips so that you can have an idea on how to build a great team lineup and how to get the most out of it. In this post, we have highlighted the best characters or rumblers that can help you win the matches – but, there is no guarantee that you are gonna win always. The strategy is really important. It does not matter whether you have the top-tier characters or not, you can always beat the opponent if you use the characters wisely during the hockey battle. This Rumble Hockey Tier List featured the most popular and the best rumblers. So without any further ado, let’s get started. 

Rumble Hockey Tier List – Best Rumblers/Characters To Curate Best Lineup: –

The following Rumble Hockey tier list features the top-tier characters – 

Lover – CC

The lover is one of the best Rumblers/Characters in the Rumble Hockey game. Sling it to the field to attract the opponents and block them from doing any sort of actions. 

Froggy – Shooter

Froggy can catch the puck from a wide range and shoot for the goal quickly. Sling it to the field to shoot the puck. Make sure to position wisely – it’s a stationary character – the ability to catch the puck from a distance and shooting it immediately is its main strength. 

Striker Tiger – Shooter

Another top-tier character/rumbler in the Rumble Hockey game who chases the puck like its food and shoot towards the goal post for a goal. It’s fast and does a great job on the field by shooting, passing, and chasing the puck. 

Lazy Panda – Shooter

Lazy Panda excels in shooting the puck – the speed is slow. By position it wisely on the field, you can get the most out of it.

Croco – Attacker

Quite expensive to deploy – but does a great job. You can send it to eat enemies roaming on the field. It devours them like a pro. If you want to quickly wipe out the enemy, send Croco. 

Leeches – CC

Leeches/Leech is another one the best top-tier characters in Rumble Hockey with the ability to soak the enemy’s stamina and slow them down. 

Boom Rocket – Spell

One of the best spells/cards in the game with high AoE/Explosion damage. Use it to crush multiple enemies at a time. 

Crazy Cat – Shooter

A top-tier rumbler/character that is fast, shoots the puck like a pro – this character does not pass the puck to other allies. Note – it only approaches the puck when there is no one out there holding the puck. When it gets damaged, it attacks the nearby opponent rumbler. 

Lovely Shiba – CC & Passer

Another top-tier rumbler with the ability to pass the puck to friends and attract enemies when they are too close(this ability helps it dominate the puck all the time). Although, it does not shoot the puck. The best puck passer with amazing CC ability. 

Sly Fox – Shooter

Sly Fox gets invisible when it’s holding the puck. A great shooter with decent speed and stamina that soaks enough damage. 

Fast Monkey – Shooter

One of the fastest characters in the game with the puck shooting ability. Although, it does not passes the puck to allies. Once the puck is in possession, it will dribble with the epic speed to the goal post to score a goal. 

Ice Boy – CC

Ice Boy in Rumble Hocket freezes the enemy rumblers. 

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So that’s all for now in this Rumble Hockey tier list featuring the top tier best rumblers characters. Any suggestions? Comment below. 

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