Sacred Sword Princesses Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Sacred Sword Princesses is a new gacha game for mobile by Auer Media & Entertainment. Check out Sacred Sword Princesses guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Sacred Sword Princesses game is much like all other gacha RPGs out there. You build the party of characters with different abilities and fight the enemies in a variety of game modes available – story mode, event missions, PvP, and Cop-Op battles. As you progress through the story mode and increase the squad rank, new functions such as league, daily missions, etc. get unlocked. If you have just started playing the game, then you are on the right page. This Sacred Sword Princesses guide helps you learn all the fundamentals of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Sacred Sword Princesses tips, cheats & strategies that could help you progress fast. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Sacred Sword Princesses Guide: –

In Sacred Sword Princesses game, you have to build the party of the best characters. There are so many characters available in the game that you can grab from the gacha – there you spend diamonds and you could get a character, character shards or other valuable items – depending on the gacha banner. The battle system & controls – there is an auto-battle mode that you can use to crush the enemies. Let’s learn everything in detail.Sacred Sword Princesses

Characters Guide: –

There are three types of characters featured in Sacred Sword Princesses game; Melee(Sword Symbol), Ranged(Bow Symbol), and Magic(Wand Symbol). Melee type characters excel in the close-combat – they attack from a close range with a melee weapon. Ranged character excels in inflicting massive damage to the enemies with their ranged attacks. And, magic type characters have amazing skills that they unleash in the battle. There is also an elemental system. Characters in Sacred Sword Princesses game belong to one of the four elements: –

  • Fire(Red)
  • Water(Blue)
  • Earth(Yellowish)
  • Air(Green)

Here’s the elemental system info: –

  • Fire beats Air
  • Air beats Earth
  • Earth beats Water
  • Water beats Fire

So if the enemy belongs to the Fire element, then the characters with the Water element have an advantage. In the lobby, in the bottom-left corner, tap the character button – tap the character avatar – information¬† – there you can check the character’s class, element in the bottom-left corner of the character avatar.

Rarity: –

The star-level of the Princess/Character determines the rarity – higher the star-level, higher the rarity. The characters with high-star ratings are considered as the top-tier characters. For example – 3-star characters are good as compared to the 1-star character.

How To Get Characters?

You can get the characters from the gacha menu. There you will find a lot of gacha banners; starter step up, character exclusive banner(Maya, Aya), premium gacha, normal gacha, friend gacha, etc. You get free normal gacha attempt every day. And, for other banners, you will need gacha vouchers or diamonds that you can obtain by playing the game; missions, story mode stages, challenges, training, etc.Sacred Sword Princesses

Battle Guide: –

In the normal battles, the game allows you to select up to three characters in the team before entering the battle. Tap the auto button to select the characters automatically or tap the configuration button to select the characters manually. After entering the battlefield, the characters will start fighting the enemies automatically. In the bottom-right corner, you can use their skills. If you have added a friend as a support unit, then tap his/her character’s avatar icon on the top-right side.Sacred Sword Princesses

On the top-left side, you can see all the team members’ avatars. Tap on the avatar to use them in the fight. From the battles, you earn upgrade materials, gears/equipment, squad rank EXP, and all the party members earn EXP, required to level up.

If you complete all the three missions at a stage, you can obtain the three-stars and yield the max rewards.Sacred Sword Princesses

So this would be all in this Sacred Sword Princesses guide for beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Sacred Sword Princesses tips, cheats & strategies to master the game.

Sacred Sword Princesses Tips, Cheats & Strategies: –

1.) Make The Character Stronger

Got stuck? It’s time to learn how to make the characters stronger enough to crush the enemy’s whole squad. There are lots of ways to make the characters stronger. Let’s learn about all: –

Level Up – from the battles or victories, the party members earn EXP, which is required to raise the character level. When the character’s level increases, her stats get a boost; attack, defense, HP, etc. Other than the normal grinding method, you can use the EXP tomes to grant EXP to the characters. Head to the character’s menu where you can see all the characters list. There you tap the character avatar -> level up -> choose the EXP tome -> spend gold to quickly level up the character.

Equip Better Gears – from the story mode battle stages or other game sources, you can acquire gears/equipment. Equipment raises the character’s stats by a massive amount. So make sure that your best characters are equipped with the top-class gears. You can forge these gears to increase the effect. Also, evolve the equipment to increase its effect.

Rank-Up – if you have enough shards available, you can rank-up or increase the character’s star level. Head to the character profile and at the bottom of the profile menu, you can check how many shards are required to raise the star level. You must reach the max level first if you want to raise the star-level. Players can obtain the shards from the gacha menu.

Talent Grids – unlock ultimate skill and special ability. Treasure – Equip relic and unqiue weapon. You can awaken the character once she reaches level 7.

2.) Grind In The Daily Missions

You will need a ton of items to make the characters stronger. For example – to evolve a character, you need evolution material. All these things are grind in daily missions. Tap the adventure button in the bottom-right corner -> daily missions -> play all the missions daily to grind in-game currency: –

  • Character Element based material items
  • Cosmetics
  • Coins
  • Accessory
  • Dessert Daily
  • Jewelry Daily

3.) Complete The Tutorial Missions

If you have just started playing Sacred Sword Princesses game, then it would be better to follow the tutorial missions to get the whole concept of the game in no time. In the lobby, on the top-left side menu list, tap challenges to open the tutorial missions menu. You can earn a ton of valuable rewards such as gacha vouchers, evolution material, diamonds, chests, character shards, and much more.

4.) Check Out The Event Missions

Event Missions do not last long for a long time – so make sure to complete them as soon as possible. Completing these event missions gives valuable rewards; scroll, character shards, etc. Tap the adventure in the bottom-right corner on the lobby -> event missions.

5.) You Can Repeat The Story Mode Missions

The game lets you repeat the old stages to grind rewards like gears, EXP, material items. Head to the world map screen -> select the location -> repeat the stage to grind items.

6.) Complete Daily Training

Complete the daily training missions for more rewards; Universal Crystal to unlock talents, Dragon’s Claw to complete stage exploration, etc.

7.) Take Elemental Advantage In The Battle

If you are having trouble defeating a monster or enemy in the battle, then check his/her element – deploy the strong element characters in the team. Check out the character guide above for more details.

So these are some Sacred Sword Princesses tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. Do you have more tips & tricks to share? Comment below.

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