Secret Cat Forest Codes & Cheats: Guide, Tips & Tricks

Secret Cat Forest is a new casual game for Android & iOS by IDEASAM. Read on for Secret Cat Forest codes cheats, guide, tips & tricks.

Secret Cat Forest Game Codes

Secret Cat Forest Codes, Cheats, Guide, Tips & Tricks⇓

Hi! In this post, we have shared Secret Cat Forest codes(gift codes, not the cheat codes), a guide on how to play the Secret Cat Forest game, about the progression, fishing, in-game currencies, cats, upgrades, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and get to the main content: –

Check Out The Secret Cat Forest Codes⇓

Fun Story” – This Secret Forest Code was last tried on December 30th, 2020. If not working, comment below. With this code, you will get 2K Woods. Copy this code by tapping the below code: –

Fun Story

cricket” – This code enables and disables the chirps. Copy this code by tapping the below code: –


So far, we have only discovered these x2 codes. If you know any codes, please comment below. 

Getting And Redeeming Secret Cat Forest Codes⇓

To redeem the Secret Cat Forest code, tap the drop-down menu button in the top-right corner(the one that looks like cats face) -> tap the gear(settings icon) -> if you are on Android, you will see the “Enter Code” option below the language option. Tap there and enter the code. 

Secret Cat Forest Game Codes

If you are on iOS, tap the “ID” at the bottom of the setting menu(tap multiple times) -> enter the code. 

Secret Cat Forest Game Codes

You can get more Secret Cat Forest codes from the official FB group. The link to the FB group is: –

Basic Guide To Secret Cat Forest Game⇓

In the Secret Cat Forest game, the player’s objective is to unlock all the cats and reach the max intimacy level with each of them. Also, complete the furniture collection. You can check the list of cats, furniture items in the archive. Tap the menu button in the lower-right corner -> go to the inventory tab -> there would be an item called archive -> open it up and it will take you to the game’s guidebook where you can check the list of cats, album, and furniture items. 

Guide To Progression In Secret Cat Forest Game⇓

In the Secret Cat Forest game, you can progress by adding furniture items to the cat house and making upgrades to the gears. With new furniture items, you can attract new cats and bond with them. Whenever a cat visits you, you will lose a certain number of fish; so make sure to keep collecting the fish. To make upgrades, you will need to gather the wood. 

Farming Guide For Beginners⇓

Secret Cat Forest Game Codes

(Fish Farming) – go to the resource collection screen of the game(slide to the left on the main screen) -> there would be a fishing spot and the tree. Tap the tree to collect the wood. Tap and hold down on a fish in the river and then release the finger when the pointer is in the red zone to collect the fish; you might get other items along with the fish – upgrade the fishing rod to increase chances. You can collect a certain number of fish; based on the storage. 

Make Upgrades To Progress Fast⇓

There are plenty of upgrades to make in the Secret Cat Forest game; fishing rod upgrade increases the chances of fish acquisition, fish storage upgrade increases fish storage limit, infinity tree upgrade increases wood production, workbench upgrade lets you craft or make multiple furniture items at a time, special craft upgrade to craft item using whiskers, etc. 

Tap the menu in the bottom-right corner -> go to the star/upgrade tab -> there you will find these upgrades; to make an upgrade, you will need upgrade material; you can get the upgrade materials from the kitty gift boxes, tree, and the fishing spot. 

Getting New Kitties In Secret Cat Forest⇓

Kitties or cats would not appear in the blink of the eye; you will eventually unlock or discover new cats as you add new furniture items to the house and spend days in the game. Do note that this is not an aggressive nature game where you have to sit down the whole day; you can take your time off and come back later.

What Are Archive Shards In Secret Cat Forest?

In the Secret Car Forest game, the archive shards are needed to fill up the description of the cats in the archive menu. Open the archive book -> tap on the description fill in the blanks and spend the archive shards to fill it up; it will cost you a certain number of archive shards. Without filling up the description, the kitties or cards would not show up in the album; archive -> album. 

Activate Free Boosters⇓

In the basket tab of the main menu, you will find a bunch of boosters that you can activate by watching the video ad; auto-fishing for x1 hour, auto collect wood for x1 hour, wood collector booster. Make sure to activate them all if you want to collect the resources fast. 

Intimacy, Description, And Album

The intimacy with the cat increases whenever that cat visits your house in the forest. Tap and hold down your finger on a cat to open the profile menu where you can fill up the description with archive shards. And, when the intimacy level is full and the description is completed, you will see the cat in the album tab of the archive menu. The album menu features GIFs of the cats; cute animated GIFs. 

Keep An Eye On The Fishing Area⇓

Sometimes, a free gift box appears there -> tap -> watch the ad and get the items to make upgrades. 

Unlock New Floors⇓

In the furniture tab of the main menu, scroll down to the bottom and you will find “long ladder” -> build it with wood and nails to unlock the second floors. If you tap the item, the game will show you the info on how to acquire it; by fishing or through the kitty box. 

Getting Kitty Boxes⇓

Sometimes, when the cat visits, you get a kitty box; check the inventory, and see if you have it; tap -> open -> get items. 

So this would be all in this post on Secret Cat Forest codes, guide, tips & tricks for beginners. Got more tips? Comment below. 

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