Smash Island Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Smash Island is a brand new casual game for mobile by Aladin Interactive. Check out our Smash Island guide, tips, cheats & strategy

Smash Island is a simple game where you will spin the wheel using the spins. The game gifts you free spins every hour and you can stock up to 50 spins. Spinning the wheel lets you attack enemies, steal coins from the cash king, draws luck, and earn loads of coins. You need coins to build and upgrade Island. Smash Island game features a total of 34 Islands(upcoming updates may add more). When you upgrade the Island; temple, guardian, boat, tree, you earn stars. These stars represent your power, rankings in the tournament. Additionally, as buy all the guardian upgrades(tap the hammer icon, on the third lane, you can check guardian), you will upgrade the wheel. And, the reward will also increase. There are lots of things to understand. So let’s dive into our Smash Island guide and Smash Island tips, cheats & strategies to get free spins, progress fast, protect the island.

Things To Know In Smash Island Game

The objective of each player is to conquer all the Islands by buying all the Island upgrades. It is a very fast-paced social game where anyone can destroy your Island. You will lose the coins if the enemy gets successful in the attack. There is no strategy to protect it. But you can shield or protect it with the shield item(get from spins), by deploying turtle(pet) and using cards(mercy, police, protection), you can protect coins.

If one of the buildings get destroyed in an attack, you will have to repair it. Repairing will cost you a set amount of coins. If you ignore the repairing and the enemy attacks it once more, then that building will disappear. You will have to build it again. So that’s the Smash Island basics. Let’s learn in details: –

Stars -> What Are Stars And How To Get Them?

To unlock new features such as mine island, slingshot, and more, you need stars. To get these stars, you have to buy a building upgrade. Swipe left on the spin screen to move to the island -> tap the hammer -> select the upgrade.

At the top-left corner of the game, you can check how many stars you have. You may lose these stars if you lose the buildings in attacks. Depending on the stars, you will earn ranking rewards; on the right side of the screen, tap the star icon to check tournament rankings. You can earn free spins, torpedoes, and much more.

Smash Island Game Pets -> How To Get? How To Upgrade? Feed? Use?

Smash Island game features a unique pet system. All the pets have special skills, you can use for the benefit. For example; for the first time, you get Octopus who can help you in discovering the cash king. Smash Island game features seven pets: –

  • Octopus – Helps you in discovering cash king
  • Wealth Fish – This fish grants more coins when you get access to steal function from the spin wheel
  • Defense Turtle – Defense Turtle is the best pet in Smash Island game who can defend your Island from being destroyed by the enemies
  • Powerful Shark – Using this pet lets you attack with a tremendous power. You get more coins
  • Shield Breaking – This pet can break enemy’s shield and helps you in stealing coins
  • Starfish – Starfish can repair destroyed(repairing) buildings
  • Electric Eel – Better than shield breaking and lets you attack directly

How To Get Pets In Smash Island Game?

You need pet pieces to unlock or get a new pet. On the main screen of the game, at the top-right corner, tap the + icon and hit the paw button to visit the pet menu. There you can check the list of pets in the game. Tapping the pet will give you more details. Just below the pet, you can check how many pet pieces are required to unlock it. For example; If you have one fish piece, then it will show you 1/18. Collect all the pieces to unlock a pet.

How To Get Pet Pieces?

Smash IslandThere are a number of ways to obtain pet pieces in Smash Island: –

  • Complete the main tasks
  • Guild Reward
  • Events
  • Defeat The Boss
  • Complete Jigsaw
  • Complete Slingshot Task
  • Daily Gift Boxes
  • Sign In Reward
  • Spin The Wheel
  • Upgrade buildings, mines
  • Trade with friends

To upgrade pets, you need more pet pieces.

How To Feed Pets?

Tap the + icon at the top-right corner -> tap the paw button -> at the top of the screen, you can put pets in the training pool bar. You can unlock one more slot by earning more stars. Pets in the training pool get 5 mana per hour. Mana is required to feed them. Hungry pets would not help you. In the pets menu, tap the pet -> feed -> use mage bottles. If you have no bottles, then put the pets in the training pool bar.

Upgrading the pet will reduce the mana cost, mana limit.

Boss In Smash Island

Smash IslandYou can earn free coins, spins, and many more items by defeating the boss. The boss is very powerful. You can team up with friends and attack together to defeat him fast. Tap the + icon at the top-right corner -> hit the summon stone button to visit boss,

To summon the boss, you need a summon stone item, can be obtained by completing the main tasks, from events, free rewards or by spending gems. Tap the summon button to summon the boss.

To attack the boss, you need torpedos. You can get torpedos by ranking up in the leaderboard, by spending gems, free lucky draws, by watching video ads, and tasks. The boss will stay there for a certain amount of time. You have to defeat him within this limit to steal the treasure. Add friends and ask them for help.


Upgrade ->Smash Island To upgrade the wheel, buy all the guardian upgrades. Once upgraded, the reward amount will increase and you will get more coins by spinning the wheel.

Super Wheel ->

Smash Island

At the center of the wheel, there is a skull. As you spin the wheel, the water in the skull bar will increase. Once filled completely, tap the skull icon to upgrade it to the super wheel. In the super wheel, chances of getting attack turns, steal turns get increased. However, it lasts long for a certain number of turns.

How To Get Diamonds Or Gems?

  • Free Luck Draw
  • Complete the main tasks and watch video ads to double the reward
  • Events
  • Random Reward


  • Torpedos – To attack the boss
  • Summon Stone – To summon the boss
  • Mini Shield – Protects the buildings
  • Mana Bottle – Feed pets
  • Arrest Order – Call the friends to attack
  • Break Up – Lets you remove in-game friends
  • Horns – To chat in world chat
  • Small Birds – In the slingshot
  • Sparkler – In the slingshot
  • Mercy Card – Bribe your enemy to withdraw
  • Police Card – Catch the thief and retrieve coins
  • Protection – Protect the friends

Guardian Characters In The Game!

At the bottom-right corner, tap the book icon to see the list of guardians. Collecting the set of guardians will grant you a grand prize. You can obtain guardians(cards) from the chests, conquering the Island, continent, by attacking, stealing. After obtaining a certain number of cards, you will get that guardian.

Chests can be obtained from the adventure, defeating the boss, from the shop -> in exchange for coins.

So that’s all for now as Smash Island guide. Let’s read our top Smash Island tips, cheats & strategies to master the game.

Smash Island Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Tap The Hot Air Balloon For Free Rewards

Smash IslandIf you see a hot air balloon behind the spin wheel screen or on Island screen, make sure to tap it. It could give you a free reward offer; all you need to do is watch the video ad and you will get a random reward; diamonds, torpedos, coins, and much more.

2.) Add Friends For Assist

Sometimes, from the spin wheel, you get assist cards. You can gift them to your friends. Additionally, to defeat the boss, you can ask friends for the help. If you have no friends, then simply create a new account with a new Facebook account(or using family members ID) and assist to the main account. To log out, tap the menu button(compass icon at the bottom-left corner) -> settings -> log out.

More Features – Invite friends to get free pet pieces(tap the notes icon on the right side -> invite), send spins to friends.

3.) Pay Attention To The Super Wheel

Make sure to pay attention to the skull icon and upgrade it to get access to super wheel feature which lets you attack, steal. You should use it as soon as you fill the skull. Read the wheel guide above.

4.) Watch The Video Ads For Free Spins, Torpedos

There would be a free spin option at the bottom-right corner. You can get free spins by watching the video ad. Additionally, on the boss attack screen, you have the option to get free torpedos by watching the video ad.

5.) Complete The Tasks ASAP

On the top-right side, tap the quest/mission/task icon -> complete the main task to get free diamonds, complete the daily tasks for free spins. When you complete all the daily tasks, you get a free special reward box.

6.) Follow To Get Free Gift Code

If you are looking for the free gift codes, then make sure to like the Smash Island Facebook Page. There you can get codes; request them or send the message.

7.) Join A Guild

Once you have 90 stars, you will be able to join a guild. It gives more benefits; guild cake.

8.) Repair The Buildings ASAP

As we mentioned above, if a building gets attacked multiple times back-to-back(without repairing), you will lose it. So make sure to repair it asap. Otherwise, you will need to rebuild it.

So that’s all for now as Smash Island tips & tricks. If you have more tips, then comment below.

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  1. I have so many yellow horns when I go to use them they want me to buy more. Same with arrest I bought 2 how do I try to put someone under arrest? Please. Help me.

  2. How do I get the miners that can make coins that can’t be stolen? I can’t figure out how to get extra miners.

  3. Am I the only one that read this article? Either I have even worse luck than I thought, it this dude is just talkin about nonsense.. has anyone ever spun any type of superwheel that had a “steal” spot you could land? As far as I know there is only 3 super…① -The attack/shield
    ② – The coin Superwheel and ③ – The Spin….Potion…..stuff? ANYWAY… there’s no steal.. you can’t get pet puzzle pieces from it either… And the super wheel doesn’t last for only a “certain amount of spins” it last for 3 spins, and the first superwheel that you earn every 24 hours will have an option to watch an ad to earn one more spin… And what the hell is a “Random Gem Reward”??? You mean…a reward of gems we just get for no reason at all, every one in a while? Like when… The 1st and the 3rd? Do we get an Obama phone with em????

    • When you tap the GO button next to sign in task, it will show you a message at the top; has not started yet. Wait for it(try next day) ?? maybe because of fresh installation or new player