Soulite Monsters Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Soulite Monsters is a brand new RPG for mobile where you build the team of monsters and fight enemies in expedition and arena mode

Soulite MonstersSeven Elements Interactive Ltd has just released a new mobile game called Soulite Monsters on Google Play Store. The game lets you build a team of monsters who fight the enemies that encounter the heroes during the expedition exploration. If you have just started playing it, then you are on the right page. This Soulite Monsters guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Soulite Monsters tips, cheats & strategies that you may love. So without any further ado, let’s head to the main content!

Soulite Monsters Guide, Tips & Tricks: –

Your goal is to progress through the expedition mode, build the team of best monsters, and dominate in the arena mode. You can merge monsters and get better quality monsters. In higher-grade expedition, you will encounter powerful monsters having better stats than your monsters team; if you get defeat, you will be sent back to the village without looting the whole map – you would not want that, right? Let’s learn everything in detail and check out all the Soulite Monsters tips & tricks: –

Learn About The Heroes In Soulite Monsters

In an expedition, you can send up to three heroes. These heroes help you bring the monsters to the expedition. Players can get the heroes from the store. Tap the store -> headhunter -> there you can spend the blue color soul shards for getting the heroes. 

Hero Skill – all the heroes in Soulite Monsters game have unqiue skills. For example – Fiona increases the health of equipped monsters and heals at the start of the combat. You can unlock their new skills by leveling them up. Go to the inventory -> her tab -> select the hero -> inspect hero -> there you can level up the hero and check the skills. 

Also, you can change the monsters equipped by the hero. 

Inspect The Monster Units

As you know that heroes can hold a certain number of monsters at a time. If you have lots of monsters, you might want to pick the best ones. Head to the inventory -> monster tab -> tap the monster -> inspect the units. Check their stats and abilities. Audit all the monsters’ stats and compare them with each other to figure out the best ones. 

Leveling Up Monsters – monsters gain EXP from the battles. Head to the expedition, fight the enemies and let them gain EXP by crushing the enemies. As their level goes up, they get stronger. High-star monsters are the best – the higher the star level of a monster, the more abilities he has. 

Learn About The Expedition

Soulite MonstersThe rewards and difficulty of the expedition are based on the scroll that you use in the portal. If you use the high-quality/grade/star scroll in the portal, you will get better rewards; although, the difficulty would be higher, which means you will face powerful enemies. 

During the expedition, you have to make sure that you explore the whole map fully. There would be lots of treasure chests that you can take from the map and grab a lot of rewards such as gold coins for free. 

To end the expedition, you need to find the exit portal tile. Heading over this tile prompts the message asking you to return to the village. Completing the expedition gives you chest, soul shards, coins, and other in-game items. 

Portal – tap the portal button. Long press on the scroll to check its info. Different scrolls take you to different locations. Also, check the star level of the scroll. Drag the scroll and drop it over the portal selection screen and open it. Edit the team if you want and then start the expedition. 

Open The Chest To Get Monster

Completing the expedition in Soulite Monsters gives you a chest. Head to the inventory and open this chest – you can claim one of the rewards; choose monster or gold coins – based on the requirement. 

Collect The Rewards From Buildings

On the village screen, several buildings give you rewards from time to time; you can upgrade them to get more benefits. Let’s check out all: –

  • Portal Hut – gives you scroll
  • Market – gives you fancy coins, the premium in-game currency
  • Errand Dispensary – gives you sied-quests
  • Arena – PvP mode
  • Monster Hut – unlocks monster merging and gives you chests
  • Tavern – gives you gold coins
  • Arena Hut – gives you arena tokens to play arena

Upgrade the portal hut to increase the level of scrolls obtained from the scroll merchant, monster hut to increase the max possible level of a monster that is the result of a monster merge and choice boxes, the tavern to increase the number of coins collected, market to get additional items, errand dispensary to increase the number of errands, arena hut to increase the number of arena tokens reward, market to get more fancy coins. 

Merge Monsters In Soulite Monsters

For better results, upgrade the monster hut. Head to the monster hut -> select two monsters that you want to merge -> check the drop rate; 1-star, 2-star, etc. You can get high-star level monsters by merging the monsters based on the star level. For example – merge two 2-star monsters and you might get a 3-star monster. 

Keep in mind that monsters used in merging disappear after the results show up. Sometimes, they gain extra skills; you will have to forge them if that’s the case. For more information, tap the (i) symbol on the top-left corner of the merging menu. 

Watch Video Ads For Extra Rewards

Sometimes, the game gives free gold coins and soul shards – you will see an ad offer on your screen. Make sure to grab it if it’s soul shards because this in-game currency is hard to get. 

So this would be all in this post on Soulite Monsters guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. 

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