Stone Park Tycoon Guide: Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Stone Park Tycoon is a mobile idle game by MegaFox where you build rides in the stone age and ice age. Read on for Stone Park Tycoon guide, cheats, tips & tricks

Stone Park TycoonMegaFox has recently released Stone Park Prehistoric Tycoon game on mobile app stores. In the game, the player builds attractive rides in the stone age and ice age to attract the visitors and make money. You will be managing and improving the park by making it more attractive and fun for the people so that they can enjoy more and you can earn more. It features simple idle gameplay where all you need to do is focus on the top-upgrades and watch your park tycoon grow bigger. If you have just started playing it, then you are on the right page. This Stone Park Tycoon guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Stone Park Tycoon cheats, tips & strategies that you may love. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content featuring the walkthrough with tips & tricks. 

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First, you need to learn the business model and activities so that you can grow faster in the game. You need visitors to get money. By default, they come often and automatically – but, you can launch a marketing campaign for the stone park and increase their numbers. The more visitors you have, the more money you make. But, to handle a large crowd, you must improve the facilities in the stone park. They will park their vehicle in the parking lots and head towards the entrance. At the entrance, they buy the tickets. That would be the entrance ticket. For each ride, they will pay separately. So the more rides you have, the more money you can generate from the visitors. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Stone Park Tycoon tips & tricks walkthrough guide – 

Collect & Sell Fish In Stone Park Tycoon

Stone Park TycoonThe gold coin is the most valuable currency in Stone Park Tycoon. Unlike green bucks, you can’t get them from rides. You can use gold coins in the shop; pet shop and get the pets. One of the best ways to get gold coins in the game is by collecting and selling the fish. On the upper-right side of the Carousel ride, there is a fish point. If you tap it, an NPC will come out and head to the river. He will catch the fish and you will get the gold coins. 

Getting Familiar With The Pets

Pets grant passive buffs to the player. For example; increasing the speed, profit of the ride. Reducing the upgrade/improve cost. In the bottom-right corner, tap the pet button and it will take you to the Mascot Upgrades where you can check all the pets. Tap the get mascots button and on the next screen, you can get the pet eggs by spending gold coins. 

Tap The Blue Shell Clam

Stone Park TycoonOn the right side of the entrance gate, there is a shell. That shell gives you a load of money by watching the video ads. When it opens, there would be a green buck symbol – tap it and watch the video ad for lots of green bucks. You can use the cash in improving the stone park rides. 

Don’t Make Visitors Angry

Visitors might get angry if they would not get the chance to enjoy the ride in the park. They don’t like waiting in the queue. If the ride is full and the queue is full, they might get angry and leave the park. If you don’t want to make them angry, it’s better to improve the rides; seating and queue. Also, the entrance. 

Improvements In Stone Park Tycoon Game

You can improve each ride and earn more. Tap on any ride -> there are three main upgrades; ticket price, seating, and queue. Price – increase the price and earn more from each visitor. Seating – increase the seatings in the ride so that more visitors can enjoy it at a time. Queue – increase it to increase the queue size. 

Parking – upgrade it to increase price, parking space. The more slots you have, the more visitors can enter the stone park. 

Entrance – upgrade it to increase the entrance ticket price and checking time. Unlock new ticket entrances to check-in more visitors at a time. If the queue is too long, they might get angry. 

Head To New Island To Unlock New Rides

In Stone Park Tycoon, you start from the stone age island where you can build rides such as a roller coaster, carousel. To unlock new rides, you must move to the new island and discover more hidden islands. Every new island unlocks new rides. 

  • Stone Age – Roller Coaster
  • Stone Age – Carousel
  • Ferris Wheel – Ice Age
  • Cloud – Dino Sky
  • Water Island – Water Park
  • Sea – Water Dino
  • Wild Island – Cinema

Check Which Part Needs Improvement

Tap the horn button in the bottom-right corner; above the gear icon -> head to the statistics tab. There you can check which part needs improvement; rides, entrance, parking, etc. Improve it by making upgrades. 

Complete The Tasks

You can get gold coins and loads of green bucks by completing the tasks. Tap the (i) tasks button in the top-right corner and check the tasks that you must finish asap for gold coins and the cash. 

Get The Freebies In Stone Park Tycoon

Now and then, video ad often appears on the screen; the best one is x2 revenue offer, which appears at the bottom-center. Tap it and watch the video ad and increase the revenue for a certain amount of time. Other than than, you will see more booster or offers on the top-right side. They are short – but can help you progress faster.

So these are a few Stone Park Tycoon tips, cheats with walkthrough guide for beginners. If you have more tips & tricks to share, comment below. 

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