Horse Legends Epic Ride Game Cheats: Guide, Tips & Tricks

Horse Legends Epic Ride Game is a new title from Crazy Labs by TabTale. Read on for Horse Legends Epic Ride Game cheats, guide, tips & tricks

Crazy Labs by TabTale, well-known mobile game publishers, recently released a new title called Horse Legends Epic Ride Game on mobile app stores. In the game, as a player, you manage and build the horse empire – you will have stables where you can keep the horses, training centers where you can train the horses and raise their stats so that they can perform better in the horse races. If you are new to the game, then you are on the right page. This Horse Legends Epic Ride Game guide covers the basic concepts that you should be aware of now as a beginner. Also, we have listed a bunch of Horse Legends Epic Ride Game cheats, tips & tricks. So, let’s not waste any time and read the main walkthrough guide – 

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Horse Legends Epic Ride Game Guide, Tips & Cheats: –

First things first – you should use the rubies wisely. Red rubies are hard to get – and, you should not spend it recklessly; for example – rushing things like training, building construction, etc. Also, in the beginning, you should focus on completing the quests and campaign mode so that you can level up quickly and expand the land further and build more facilities to grow the horse empire. Now, let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Horse Legends Epic Ride Game tips & tricks: –

Get Familiar With Horses’ Strength

Horse Legends Epic Ride GameAll the horses excel in one or two attributes. The three main attributes are; jump, running, endurance, and agility. Tap the horse icon on the upper-right or move to the training ring – there you can check the horse’s score in different-different attributes: –

  • Jumping(Orange) – excels in jumping
  • Running(Blue) – excels in running(runner horse)
  • Endurance(Red heart) – the more endurance a horse has, the more time he can spend on the race(endurance reduces as you continue to race – when reaches 0, the horse falls)
  • Agility((green) – the horse with great agility stats

Pick The Horse Wisely

Horse Legends Epic Ride GameEach race in the campaign mode is different – in different-different stages, to increase the chances of getting the top-score and #1 position, you will need to choose the horse wisely. After selecting the stage, check the recommended strength and its score. For example – if the stage recommends using an endurance type score with a 70+ score, you should pick the horse with the matching stats. 

Raise The Base Stats In Horse Legends Epic Ride Game

Training the horses is important – if you don’t train, you would not be able to beat rivals in competitive stages. Go to the training ring ->select the horse that you want to train – you will need training food and coins to train the horses. You can produce training food in a greenhouse or food mill. 

Getting More Horses

Horses are classified into three tiers; common, special, and rare. The higher the tier, the best the horse is. Rare> Special > Common. You will need keys and coins(keys are; bronze, silver, and gold) – tap the bus icon in the bottom-right -> you can spend the keys and coins and get the random horses. The drop rate for the gold tier horse is quite low. 

Build And Upgrade Facilities

Horse Legends Epic Ride GameEach facility has a purpose. For example – silo to store the items, stable to keep the horses, horse market to shop horses, greenhouse to produce food, food mill to produce food, water pump to draw water, etc. Tap on the facility -> upgrade -> you will need wooden tools or other items for upgrades(play stages, level up, complete quests to get). Upgrading improves the facilities; for example – by upgrading stable, you can increase the coin storage capacity – the more the capacity, the more coins you can collect from the stable. 

Get Free Rubies

You can get rubies by completing the campaign stages or as a level-up reward or from the gift packs. 

Get Free Packs

Go to the shop/store by tapping the bucket icon in lower-right corner -> gift pack section -> watch the video ad to get free packs; coins, energy, and other items. 

Complete The Quests

Tap on the quest board -> complete the missions and claim free rewards; do the missions to level up fast. 

Repeat The Stages In Horse Legends Epic Ride Game

You can repeat the stages that you have already completed. Repeat them to earn rewards. 

So this would be all in this post on Horse Legends Epic Ride game guide and tips for beginners. If you have more tips or cheats to share, do share with others in the comments. 

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  1. what are the rewards(amount of keys) if you do a competition again, is it normal you get just 1 key? or is 3 keys normal

    • If you replay a level then you will only receive one key, but when play a new level then you will receive 2-3 keys.