TapTap Heroes Gift Code (NEW! December 2020)

Obtain free premium currencies like gems by redeeming the TapTap Heroes gift code. Read on for the list of TapTap Heroes code 2020

TapTap Heroes Codes List of Gift Codes 2020

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TapTap Heroes Codes: List of Gift Codes(December 2020)⇓

(Regular Updates: December 01, 2020. 00:00UTC) TapTap Heroes Gift Code Status: total issued gift codes; over 40. Active codes: x2. Here’s the list that showcases the TapTap Heroes code to redeem gifts: –

TTHTHANKSGG” – Redeem this TapTap Heroes gift code and get x400 green gems. Copy this gift code: –


TH777 – Last tested on November 10, 2020. Redeem this TapTap Heroes gift code for x20 keys. Redeem this gift code for 20 keys. This gift code was discovered on September 2, 2020. Also, it’s displayed on the gift code screen. Once you have claimed the code, check your mailbox(menu -> mail -> get the golden keys). Tap/click the gift code below to copy it. 


As of now, this is the only code that is working. Got any new TapTap Heroes gift code? Share it in the comments! 

Expired Codes(You can try them and see if they work or not): –

VNRECHARGE2” – Redeem this gift code and get x400 free green gems. Last tried on November 19, 2020. Copy this gift code: –


VNRECHARGE” – NEW GIFT CODE! Redeem this code and get rewards. With this TapTap Heroes gift code, you will receive 400 GEMS.  Last tried on November 13, 2020. Copy this gift code: –


TTHalloween” – Redeem this TapTap Heroes code for free gems. Last tried on November 01, 2020. Copy this code: – 


HALLOWEEN01” – redeem this gift code for 500 gems. Last tried on October 28, 2020. Copy this code: – 


SUGGESTION2” – redeem this TapTap Heroes gift code for 300 gems. This code was last tested on October 24, 2020.  Copy this code: –


midautumn6” – Redeem this new TapTap Heroes gift code for gems. You will get around 666 gems. How to redeem: tap the “privilege” option in the upper-right side of the screen -> this will open the event menu that has three tabs at the bottom; events, special, and benefits. Go to the special tab -> gift code -> enter the code midautumn6


Moongift1” – Redeem this new TapTap Heroes gift code for gems.


SUGGESTION1 – Use this TapTap Heroes gift code x300 gems. 


The rest of the codes are removed; they are no more valid! 

List of TapTap Heroes Codes⇓

Gift code list sorted by newest to oldest: –

  • TTHTHANKSGG– claim this gift code(Working Code)
  • TTHalloween – claim this gift code(Working Code)
  • VNRECHARGE2 – claim this gift code(Expired)
  • VNRECHARGE – claim this gift code(Expired)
  • HALLOWEEN01 – claim this gift code for 300 gems(Expired)
  • TH777 – claim x20 keys with this gift code(Expired)
  • SUGGESTION1 – claim 300 gems with this TapTap Heroes code(Expired)
  • SUGGESTION2 – claim this gift code for 300 gems(Expired)
  • Moongift1 – redeem code for in-game gems(Expired)
  • midautumn6 – redeem code to get 666 gems(Expired)

If there is a code that’s displayed as working – but not working for you, please let us know in the comment box. 

Q.) How To Redeem TapTap Heroes Gift Codes?

As per the current version, to redeem the TapTap Heroes gift codes, you need to tap the “privilege option” in the upper-right hand side -> go to the special tab at the bottom -> in this tab, on the left side tap on the “gift code” option. Enter a valid TapTap Heroes gift code and get the reward. 

Older way: – 

If you have been playing this game for a while, you must have discovered this gift input button. If not, then you need to tap the menu button that you see in the top-left corner of the main screen of the game; tap it, and a list of the menu will appear. From that list, you will see the “options” buttons with a cogwheel icon. Tap it. Options mini-window will open where you will see the “gift code” option. Tap the green color input button next to the gift code option – and, on the next screen, enter the code and then tap the OK button to claim it. Now, let’s check out the TapTap Heroes Codes – list of gift codes that you can redeem for the gift packages in September  2020. 

Q.) How To Get TapTap Heroes Codes?

There are several ways to find the new codes; since these are not the cheat codes, you can not get them or find them by yourself; by playing the game. These gift codes are published by the developers of the game now and then on special events. You need to keep an eye on the game’s community pages or group; the best way to keep an eye on these new gift codes is following the FB, Twitter handle of the game, or join their official FB group, subreddit, or Discord. Or keep checking here. We will continue to update this post with new and active codes. If you have more new codes to share, comment below so that other players can get the benefit too. 

Gift Codes Error⇓

If you are getting the error; then it means the code is now expired. If you see the message ” redemption code does meet the condition of use”, then it means either the code is for new players or old players who have passed certain stages in the game. In rare cases, you get this error. In normal cases, when the code is expired, you see only an error message, not this line message. 

Also, see – 

So that’s all for now in TapTap Heroes gift code: codes list to redeem gifts in 2020. If you have any other active code available, please share it in the comments.

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