Tera Endless War Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Tera Endless War is a new strategy game title from Joycity Corp. Read on for Tera Endless War guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners

Tera Endless War Guide Tips Cheats Strategies

Tera Endless War Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy⇓

This article covers “how to play Tera Endless War game”, a guide to basic concepts, gameplay, and other aspects such as the best way to progression, combats, offense/defense tactics, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and get straight to the Tera Endless War guide and tips for newbies: –

Step Into The Game With Basics

(1) Dominion: – Tera Endless War lets you play as a commander of the base/castle that would be under your control; all its activities related to economy, offense, and defense will be under your possession. That being said, your goal is to make it prosperous and raise the “might” – the total power of yours as a player. In the upper-left corner, next to the commander avatar, you will see the current might. The top ways to raise the commander’s might in Tera Endless War is by leveling up the buildings/facilities on Dominion, training the troops, upgrade the heroes, and researching the military and economy buffs in the academy. Additionally, gear up the commander with top-tier equipment and upgrade the talents to raise the might by a massive figure!

(2) Your base location in Tera Endless War: – this game has many “world locations” -> each world has “continent” -> each continent has many cities. You get a random place(random co-ordinates) in the city at the beginning of the game. While in the dominion, tap the map icon in the lower-right corner -> this will take you to the continent map -> pinch in with your fingers on the map to visit the world map. When you are on the world map, tap on the “globe” icon to check all the “worlds”. You can migrate to another world if your account is new; less than x3 days in the game and HQ level is under 9. 

(3) Crystals: – Tera Endless War game has a premium currency called Crystal. You can earn crystals for free by doing the daily missions(complete ’em all), finish achievements, log in daily, and through events. Where to spend crystals? If you want permanent perks, then we would advise you to spend crystals on raising the VIP level. With crystals, you can purchase the VIP points that increase the current VIP Level. The higher the VIP level, the more benefits you get permanently. Or, there is a crystal shop in the game where you can spend crystals on special items, treasure items, resources, speed-ups, and barriers. We like the “barriers” – when the barrier is on, no one can scout and attack your base. But, it’s quite expensive. Only use it when you are in a war. 

(4) PvP/PvE: – Tera Endless War is packed with PvP as well as PvE content. While in our opinion, it’s mainly focused on PvP. PvP: players can attack each other castles by building the troop armies followed by heroes. If you visit the continent map, you will find other players’ castles that you can invade with your army of troops and heroes – with an aim to loot that castle’s resources. Can other players invade your base? Well, yes! If your castle’s barrier has been removed, then other players can definitely invade your castle and cause damage to it whether it’s related to the resources or armies. You should focus on offense as well as defense. 

(5) Progression: first of all, join a guild and relocate to its territory. Avoid dead guilds – only active guilds with active players base can benefit you. Second, if you are new, focus on the main quests, must do the dailies, claim free VIP points daily, keep training the troops, get free summons daily, and grind resources on the continent map; food, iron, gold, and wood. Defeat the monsters, archdevan, rally argonian camps, and get free items. Third, make upgrades to facilities at the base, keep researching. 

So this would be all in this post on Tera Endless War guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. Note: this guide is in development. 

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