Shopping Mall Billionaire Game Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Shopping Mall Billionaire is a brand new Idle Shopping Mall simulator game by Glimmering Game Limited. Check out Shopping Mall Billionaire game guide, tips, cheats & strategiesShopping Mall Billionaire Game

Ever dream of having your shopping mall in the big cities? In Shopping Mall Billionaire game, you manage and grow a shopping mall to become rich. In your shopping mall, you can add lots of facilities to give more reasons for customers to visit the mall. For example – Shoe Store, Clothing, Grocery, etc. If you have just started playing this game, then you are on the right page. This Shopping Mall Billionaire guide helps you understand all the fundamentals of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Shopping Mall Billionaire game tips, cheats & strategies that you may like. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Shopping Mall Billionaire Guide: –

All the players start their billionaire journey from the rural area; small village. If you go to the map by tapping the location icon in the bottom-right corner, it will take you to the map screen where you can check the current location and the new locations where you can start the shopping mall business. For the first time, In the rural area, you get the land for free where you can add more facilities to the mall. But, later, for those new locations, you will have to put a big amount. For example – you can build the shopping mall in town by paying 1 trillion Idle cash. The benefit is you get more money from high populated areas where consumers have high spendings. The next new area would be better than the previous one – you can’t go back after shifting to the new location.

Now to have such a big amount is the big challenge, right? In the top-left side of the game interface, the game displays the earnings from all the sources; earnings per minute. Your goal is to increase it; it can be done by building more facilities, upgrading them, and by activating the boosters. The second in-game currency is diamond that you can obtain from the tasks and use it for buying epic upgrades; unlike the normal upgrades, epic upgrades are permanent and you would not lose them even if you shift to a new location.

So that would be all in this basics. Let’s have a look at our top Shopping Mall Billionaire tips, cheats & strategies to progress fast.

Shopping Mall Billionaire Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Increase Income By Making Improvements

Each shop in the shopping mall sells different things at different prices. For example – Bakery products at the bakery shop, cloths at the cloth shop, and so on. If you want to earn from all these shops, you need to improve them; upgrade them to increase the price, reduce the training assistance service time so that they spend less time on a customer, and increase the capacity so that more people can enjoy the shop’s services at a time. Tap on the shop that you want to upgrade and spend the Idle cash there; As per the current version of the game, the max level you can reach is 320.

2.) Make The Upgrades Wisely

Since each facility sells a different product at a different price, you can make more money from the one that sells an expensive product. For example – Coffeeshop makes less as compared to the Canteen at the same level. Every new facility that you unlock in the shopping mall would make you more money than the old ones. For example – the Shoe store makes you more money than the Barber or Clothing shop at the same level. So what we recommend is making the upgrades wisely; first, the goal should be unlocking the next locked facility because it will generate more money than the old ones. In other words, don’t just stick to a particular shop – don’t waste all Idle cash on a low-rank shop – instead, unlock the new facility and focus on upgrading it. After a certain level; 50 or 100, unlock the next one and focus on its upgrades. Tap the office building -> shop – there you can check all the shops.

3.) Don’t Make The Customers Angry

Noticed the angry faces of customers who leave the shopping mall? There are a couple of things that may frustrate the customers; no proper facilities like toilet, benches, more waiting lines in the mall. You can upgrade the benches, toilets to get rid of this problem. (Office -> facility -> there you can check all the facilities). Also, in all the shops, make sure to manage the waiting line; level up the duration upgrade to reduce service time, level up the capacity so that more people can enjoy the service.

4.) Complete The Tasks

In the top-right side, tap the quest board -> there you get all the tasks’ details. Complete them for diamonds. Use the diamonds for making epic upgrades. In the footer of the game, tap the diamond symbol button -> there you can buy epic upgrades.

5.) Get The Money From Delivery Trucks

Keep an eye on the road and collect the money from delivery trucks.

6.) Grab The Freebies

At the bottom-center, tap the x2 boost button to activate the Ad campaign. You get free diamonds by watching a certain number of Ads. Also, from time to time, a video Ad offer appears on the screen(the flying one). Tap it to increase income.Shopping Mall Billionaire Game

7.) Check The Report Often

Tap the statistics icon in the top-right to check the report. It gives you info on income per minute, customer capacity, parking lot usage, toilet demand, bench demand, etc. If the color is blue, then everything is right. Orange means the situation could be better and red means that you should take immediate action. For example – if it’s parking lot usage – then upgrade the parking lot. Keep an eye on this report to manage all the things.

So these are some basic Shopping Mall Billionaire game tips for the beginners. Do you have more tips to share? Comment below!

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