The Game is Bugged Tier List: Coupon Code & Guide

The Game is Bugged is an idle RPG by mafgames. Read on for The Game is Bugged tips, guide, cheats, and strategy for the beginners

The Game is Bugged Tier List, Coupon Code, Guide & Tips⇓

This post covers “how to play The Game is Bugged”, about units, building the deck, progression, tier info, and other aspects such as dungeons, looting, equipment, crafting, exploration, and more. So, let’s not waste any time and get straight to the main content: – 

The Game is Bugged Coupons

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Go to menu by tapping in the top-right corner -> settings -> enter coupon -> enter the code. Check the gift box to claim the coupon code rewards. Follow – Dev’s Twitter Handle for new code updates! iOS users can redeem coupon codes here:

The Game is Bugged Guide

(1) In The Game is Bugged, you are challenged to build a deck of units to fight monsters and their bosses in the dungeon and complete the main quests. You clear the dungeons, grind the loot, make units stronger, and continue progressing through the main quests, which get challenging every quest. Without a proper deck, you would not be able to defeat the bosses and their minions. 

(2) The world map is huge; there are many areas/regions to clear; each region has many dungeons, loot points, and event locations. You can access the world map by tapping the mini-map in the upper-left corner or tap the “location mark” on the home screen. 

⇒On the world map screen, you will find the dungeon spots, chest(auto-hunt loot), event, and towns(castle type icon), etc. Dungeon – in the dungeons, you fight the monsters and their bosses. You can earn EXP potions(to level up heroes), equipment crafting materials, enhancement scrolls, and high tier equipment. 

⇒Chest spots: you can go on auto-hunt; defeat the monsters and earn free gold, EXP, and other rewards such as crafting material items, equipment chests, etc. 

⇒Town: in each area, you will find a town where you can visit. In the town, you get to access equipment storage, shop NPC(you can buy hero cards, equipment, material items, developer material items, tickets, chests, EXP potions, etc. in exchange for gold and rubies).The Game Is Bugged Cheats Tips Guide

Trade NPC: you can trade cards with trade NPC.

Arena NPC; play the arena mode, rank up, and earn rubies!

Quest NPC: this NPC gives you normal quests that give you EXP, unit cards, quest coins, etc.

Store NPC: here you can exchange the currencies earned by playing the game. For example; exchange arena medals in the medal shop, quest coins in the quest coin shop, dungeon coins in dungeon coin shop, thumbs up coins in thumbs up coin shop, company cards in the company card shop. 

Building The Best Deck In The Game Is Bugged

(1) Tier List: – First of all, not all the units in the game are great. And, it would be better to avoid the ones that are useless. Do not invest the resources in the units that are not worthy. In the “units” tab, look at the top-left of the unit’s card -> the game displays its tier ratings(provided by users who have obtained that unit); 0 to 5. The higher tier ratings are better.The Game Is Bugged Cheats Tips Guide

(2) As of now, you can build a deck of x5 units. We would recommend you to go with at least x1 tank, x3 damage dealers, x1 healer. Tank units are good damage absorbers, damage dealers are of two types; melee, range. Healer: healer units have skills that restore the health of allies. To check the class/role of a unit, navigate to the units menu -> tap the unit -> info -> tap the (i) icon in the top-right of the unit’s profile and you will get its details; stats, race effect, role; ranged DPS, tank, healer, melee damage dealer, etc. 

(3) Make sure to get familiar with the units’ skills. Go to unit -> info -> skill tab -> there you can check the skill details. Heroes/units in The Game is Bugged have active and passive skills. 

(4) If you are confused about what team combination would be the best, head to the arena screen -> tap the trophy button in the lower-left corner -> tap the magnifying glass/search icon next to the player profile -> check the deck composition. 

Guide To Progression In The Game is Bugged

(1) Main Quests: follow the main quests to progress in The Game is Bugged. Proceeding through main quests unlock new content; like pets, monster, etc. 

(2) NPC Quests: navigate to the town -> talk to the Quest NPC -> accept the quests and get free rewards. 

(3) Dungeons: clear the dungeons and grind material items. 

(4) Join a company and do the company tasks for more rewards. 

(5) Craft Gears: you will need high tier gears; weapon, armor, ring, accessory to equip heroes so that they can beat the powerful monsters. Head to the craft menu -> there you can craft the gears. For crafting materials, grind in the dungeons. 

Claim The Freebies In The Shop

A bunch of items like stats booster, free rubies, gold, runestone, and more can be acquired from the shop. Shop -> free tab. 

Guide To In-Game Currencies

Gold: used in upgrades. Rubies: use to get chests containing character cards(pick me card chest), monster cards, artifact, high-tier equipment, etc. You can earn rubies by completing the quests, watching video ads, complete today’s tasks.

Get The Idle Loot

In the home tab, in the lower-left corner, tap the chest; claim the idle loot. 

Time Lapse Cheat In The Game is Bugged

This cheat does not work in The Game is Bugged.

Getting Powerful In The Game

Have a great team set up; make sure to have a decent team composition – DPS, Tank, and Healer. Make heroes stronger; level them up, evolve, equip high tier equipment. 

Activate Deck Set Effects

Deck Set Effects are activated if you add a certain number of heroes belong to a certain class or race. In the units menu, tap on the “deck set effect” button to check all the set effects. The Game Is Bugged Cheats Tips Guide

So that’s all we got in this post on The Game is Bugged tips, guide for beginners. 

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