Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad Guide: Cheats, Tips & Tricks

New to the Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad game? Master all of its core concepts with this Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad guide available with tips, cheats, and tricks

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad guide, tips, cheats & strategies: –

This Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad guide covers “how to play” basics, about soldiers, weapons, equipment, and other things such as tips to level up fast, get stronger, game modes, best team set-up, and much more. So, let’s get straight to Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad guide and tips: –

Getting Started With The Elite Squad Basics

Tom Clancy's Elite Squad guide tips cheatsIn Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, you play as a commander and lead the team of soldiers to fight enemies in plenty of challenging game modes; starting with the campaign mode, then events, arena, daily ops, guild war, underworld, and more to earn rewards such as crafting material, training tokens, XP, auto-win token, intel, and more. Read the in-game currencies guide below for more info. 

For the battle, you can deploy up to five soldiers and two tactics(combat orders) of your choice. The soldiers use their basic skills, active skills, and passive skills on their own to fight the opposition. Tactics should be interjected manually, by you, during the battle. As you gain XP and level up, the new content; game modes, functions, etc. will be accessible. 

Guide To Soldiers In Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad

Tom Clancy's Elite Squad guide tips cheatsThere are two types of soldiers; heroes and villains. Both these types of heroes are classified into three main roles; attacker, defender, and specialist. Attacker role soldiers excel in inflicting high damage to the opposition fighters. Defender role soldiers lead from the front and use shield + defensive skills to protect comrades. Specialist role soldiers possess abilities such as healing(to restore health), granting buffs to comrades, making enemies stun for a few turns, etc. At the upper-left corner of their profile card, you can check the role icon. 

All of them have a unique set of abilities. Go to the main lobby -> tap the soldier button on the lower-left -> tap on the soldier to check his profile -> on the profile page, you can check his abilities.

Getting New Characters In Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad

To unlock or get new soldier characters in Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, you will need their “intel”. For example – to get “ASH”, you will need x160 Ash intel. You can check the best characters in this Elite Squad tier list.  The higher the star level of a soldier, the more intel you will need to unlock him/her. 

  • 1-Star Soldier – x15 intel
  • 2-Star Soldier – x35 intel
  • 3-Star Soldier – x60 intel
  • 4-Star Soldier – x100 intel
  • 5-Star Soldier – x160 intel

Go to the soldier menu -> check the complete list of soldiers and their star level – also, you will see how many intel/shards are required to unlock a particular character. Tap on the “find” option to check how to get a specific soldier’s intel. Usually, you get intel from the O.R.B. Depot. (Main lobby -> O.R.B. depot -> spend the gold bars or cash or other currency to get the boxes containing intel). Or some characters’ intel can be farmed by playing the campaign and event modes. 

Tips To Get Stronger In Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad

You must improve the soldier’s skill rating if you want him/her to perform well in combat. Let’s check out all the ways to get stronger in Time Clancy’s Elite Squad: –

Have a balanced team set-up – go with two defender role characters, two attacker role characters, and one supporter role character with healing skill. Or, adjust according to the stage; go with more attacker role soldiers if you need more firepower, more defenders to be defensive, and specialist with CC skills that can stun or control the enemies with the abilities. It would be good if you read the soldiers’ abilities details – having great knowledge of their skills help you to build the team based on the requirement. 

Train the soldiers – training tokens are required to train the soldiers. You can get them by doing the campaign missions. Do note that the soldier’s training level can not exceed the commander/account level. For example – if you/commander is at level 5, then soldiers can not reach level 6. 

Star-Up/Rank-Up – this is another way to make soldiers develop further and raise the stats. To star-up/rank-up, you will need the same soldier intel. Go to the soldier’s profile page -> on the lower-right, above the train button, tap the find option to check the source of getting intel for that particular soldier. 

Gear-Up: – gears improve the damage, armor, and ability power stats of the soldiers. From the campaign missions, you will get the “gear crafting material items” that are used in crafting the gears. Do note that soldiers equip specific gears and each one requires different crafting material items. Go to the soldier profile page -> in the lower-left corner, tap the gear slot -> equip. Tap on the crafting material item to know the acquisition method. 

Fill all the gear slots and increase the gear grade level. Powerful gears are unlocked at higher-grades. 

Unlock weapon/gun: – all the soldiers in Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad carry a specific weapon available in multiple grades; common, rare, epic, and legendary. On the soldier profile page, tap the switch icon on the weapon/gun -> on the next page, you can craft high-grade weapons once you have enough material items; you will need blueprints to craft these weapons. Obtain blueprints from the campaign missions and events. 

Tips To Level Up Fast In Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad

To raise the commander/account/player level in Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, you need to acquire the XP. On the main lobby, at the top-left, below the name, you can check how much XP amount is required to reach the next level. Here are a couple of tips to grind XP and level up fast: –

  • Do the objectives: – daily objectives give you an enormous amount of XP
  • Campaign missions – do the campaign missions
  • Repeat the campaign missions; you can use “auto-win token” to repeat a campaign stage instantly for the lucrative rewards

In-Game Currencies Info

Gold Bars – you get gold bars for free by completing the chapters in the campaign mode missions. Go to campaign mode menu -> choose the mission -> chapter -> at the top-right, tap the crate icon to check the chapter completion reward. You can earn x75 gold bars from each chapter. Other than this, complete the daily objectives to earn free gold bars without cheats, participate in the Faction War.  

XP – obtain from the campaign mode missions and objectives.

Gear crafting material – obtain from campaign mode chapters. 

Blueprints – obtain from campaign mode chapters’ stages, objectives, and events.

Training Token – obtain from campaign mode chapters’ stages. 

Raid Tokens – obtain from Allies Raid event. Use in the Raid store. 

Cash – almost all the game modes. 

Auto-token – almost all game modes. 

Participate In The Events

Special rewards or in-game items can be obtained from the TLEs; time-limited events. Go to the main lobby -> events -> there are lots of event modes to play – each one gives you special rewards. Do participate in all of them if you are a f2p player. 

Join An Active Guild

You can participate in the guild wars, get donations from the guild members, and obtain guild rank rewards by joining an active guild. 

Progression Guide & Tips For Beginner

  • Follow the campaign mode chapters first
  • Do the objectives
  • Make the soldiers stronger by training, equipping gears, star-up, crafting a high-grade weapon
  • Repeat the chapters’ stages to grind currencies; XP, crafting material, training tokens, cash, etc. 
  • Do participate in the events
  • Join a guild
  • Join the game’s community on Reddit, Facebook, and Discord

Also, see – Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad Tier List

So this would be all in this post on Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad guide and tips for beginners. Got more tips? Comment below. 

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