Tour of Neverland Guide: Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Tour of Neverland is a farming game for mobile by Mars Game Network. Read on for  Tour of Neverland guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners

Tour of Neverland Guide Tips CheatsMars Game Network, well-known for the Calibria: Crystal Guardians game, recently released the English/Global version of Tour of Neverland on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. It’s a 3D modern farming game where you will be running a farm on a tropical island – there will be lots of crops to plant and harvest, facilities to build and design, quests to complete, animals to raise, pets as a companion, and much more. If you are new to the game, then you are on the right page. This Tour of Neverland guide covers the core concepts of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Tour of Neverland cheats, tips & tricks that you would love to read and use to steer in the right direction. So, let’s not waste any time and check out this Tour of Neverland walkthrough guide!

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First things first – do not use “pearl” recklessly – like buying pet slots, speeding-up things, etc. – save as much as you can in the early game. Pearl is the most precious currency in Tour of Neverland that you can’t earn easily. So, the first tip here is to use/spend it wisely. The next main currency in the game is called coins that you earn by selling the crops or trading the crops or from the quests – you can use coins to build the facilities, buy the seeds, shop various items at NPCs shop, and more. Do not spend “coins” recklessly – you will need a lot of coins later in the game to repair the broken facilities. Avoid wasting coins in buying the things that you can produce yourself – for example – crops, fruits, dairy products, etc. Now, let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Tour of Neverland tips & tricks featured in this walkthrough guide –

1.) Tips To Level Up Fast In Tour of Neverland

To be honest, the game does not offer many ways to earn EXP – so leveling up is quite slow. To progress at the max rate and level up fast, the best way to earn EXP in Tour of Neverland game is by doing the daily tasks. By completing these daily tasks, you will earn a decent amount of EXP. Tap the daily tasks button in the top-right menu or tap the quest/achievements button below the player avatar in the upper-left corner. 

Grind – look around the farmland and you will find a lot of trees, stones, and grass that you can collect with the hands and tools. Collecting the grass, chopping the trees, and collecting the grass gives you a little EXP. 

Quests – do the side quests or main quests – you might earn EXP from these quests. If you have done all the things, then better open the game next day as the daily quest refresh every 24 hours. Or keep planting/producing the crops and items and sell for gold coins. 

Leveling up is important if you want to unlock the locked content. Most of the buildings/facilities/functions are locked behind the level requirements. Also, some main quests require a certain player level limit. 

2.) Learn To Raise NPCs Affinity Level

Tour of Neverland Guide Tips CheatsTour of Neverland has lots of NPCs with whom you can interact and get the side quests. When you raise the affinity level of the NPCs, you will be eligible to give them gifts – also, at certain affinity level, you will get the rewards like chief’s certificates.

The best way to raise the affinity level of the NPCs is by completing the deliveries. Tap the delivery button on the top-right corner -> there you will find the orders from specific NPCs – when you send them gifts, they will give you coins + gain affinity points. 

To check the affinity level or progress, expand the top-right menu -> go-to handbook option -> navigate to NPC tab and there you will see the list of NPCs featured in Tour of Neverland game. Tap on the NPC and check its affinity level. Some of the NPCs in the game are Skipper, Pickle, Pecan, Otis – you met these NPCs in the early game. More NPCs get unlocked as you level up and proceed through the quests. 

3.) Give Gifts To The NPCs

When NPCs reach a certain affinity level, you will be able to give them gifts. In return, you will get the premium and rare items – for example – chief’s certificate item is pretty rare – with this chief’s certificate, you can buy the furniture items at Otis’s shop and decorate/design the cabin. 

To give the gift to the NPC, go close to it and there will be a gift option over its head -> tap it and give the gift. Head to the handbook menu of the game -> NPCs -> check the affinity level and gift unlock condition. 

So that covers the Tour of Neverland guide to NPCs’ affinity and gift – for beginners.

4.) Improve Island Ratings For Great Perks

Based on the island ratings, you get daily rating rewards and perks. By improving the island ratings, players can greatly increase the number of rewards to be received and have more perks active in the account. 

On the top-left corner, below the level bar, you can see the island rating bar. Tap it to check more info. There you will see the requirements that you must fulfill to reach the next island rating. For example – NPC affinity, level of buildings, decorations/environments, total earnings, etc. 

You can claim the daily rating reward from the player profile menu -> tap character icon in the upper-left corner -> island info -> claim daily rating reward. 

5.) Expertise In Crops

Tour of Neverland Guide Tips CheatsYou can have the expertise for all the crops – all you need to do is harvest them repeatedly. You can check the progress in the handbook -> tap the crop and the game will show you the number of points required to reach the next expertise level. Each harvest gives you little points. 

6.) Earn Coins In Tour of Neverland

There are so many ways to earn coins in the Tour of Neverland game.

  • Quests – do the main quests and side quests 
  • Delivery – deliver the items 
  • Fresh Bot Delivery – interact with Fresh Bot and sell the items
  • Trading – head to the airship market and put the items on sale to earn coins
  • Daily tasks give you coins
  • Earn from the events

These are the main ways to earn coins. If you know more, please share in the comments.

7.) Get Free Pearls In Tour of Neverland

The best way to earn free pearls in the early game is by inviting friends. On the right side of the screen, tap the event button -> invite friends -> there you can enter the invite code and verify the refer earnings. On the same screen, you can find the invite code. Tap the share button and copy it. Then send it to your friend and tell him/her to enter the code in the box(event -> invite friends -> enter the code -> verify). You can share the invite codes in the comment below. 

Other than inviting friends, you can earn pearls by completing the achievements, leveling up, daily tasks, quests, events, etc. 

8.) Master The Farming 

When standing on the garden bed, you can plant or harvest or water the crops by tapping the tool button on the bottom-right corner. Tap and hold down that button and you will be able to plant/harvest crops on multiple garden beds at the same time. This saves you the time. 

Additionally, if you water the crops after planting them on the farm, you can reduce the time taken to grow the crops. 

Keep plating and harvesting the crops all the time and sell in the market; trading market at the airship, fresh bot delivery, delivery, etc. to earn a massive number of coins. 

9.) Progression Guide For Newbies

  • Follow the side quests and main quests in the early game
  • Do the daily tasks
  • Keep an eye on the events to earn precious rewards
  • Expand your farm – buy more plots, build more facilities, raise pets, etc. 
  • Plant the crops 
  • Do the deliveries of orders
  • Raise pets such as cows, chicken, sheep, OX, etc. 
  • Do fishing – you can sell fish for coins
  • Do trading at the airship market

10.) Add Friends In The Game

Expand the top-right side menu -> friend -> search friends -> send request. You will be able to visit the friends’ cabins – that’s one of the daily quests. 

11.) Learn To Build A Great Farm

In Tour of Neverland, you should always be focusing on how to expand the farmland to maximize the earnings and activities. By expansion, we mean to buy/unlock the new land plots (look around the farmland and you will find them), buy new facilities(tap the build button -> there you will find the facilities such as laboratory, forge, cabin, garden, workshop, garden, pier, and more. 

Other than these things, design your cabin – you can get the furniture items from Otis shop, manage the animals; give them feed so that they can produce the dairy products – eggs, milk, wool, etc. Tip – check out the handbook and there you will find a lot of locked stuff that you would want to be unlocked. 

12.) Selling Items To Other Players

Tour of Neverland Guide Tips CheatsTap the map option -> tap on the airship icon -> enter airship -> interact with Anna, market manager -> go to the “my shop” tab -> select the items that you want to sell to other players for gold coins. You can use the coupon and the game will show the items in the market at the top.

13.) Walk Around The Beach

Near the beach, you will find the items or creatures like crab, coconut, conch, and more. Collect and sell them for coins. 

So this would be all in this Tour of Neverland guide and tips for beginners. If you know more tips or tricks, share in the comments. Also, the friend code. 

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