Undead Nation Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Undead Nation: Last Shelter is a base building strategy game by DoubleU Games. Check out Undead Nation guide, tips, cheats & strategy

DoubleU Games’ strategy title, named as Undead Nation: Last Shelter lets you build a team of survivors to raid and defend against other players for the precious resources and medals. In the game, the player builds lots of rooms in the base camp to train survivors, produce material/food/medicines/tactics, and battle against zombies in urban warfare, enemies in raid/campaign mode. If you are having the trouble understanding its mechanics or looking for the tips, then our Undead Nation guide and Undead Nation tips, cheats & strategy will help you.

Undead Nation Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

Undead Nation

1.) The Basics -> In this game, you have to develop the base camp by building and upgrading rooms. The HQ is the main room as it unlocks new features, upgrades for the player. All the rooms provide different facility to the player. Here’s the list: –

  • HQ – The core of the shelter. Upgrade it to unlock new features, room upgrades
  • Diner – This room produces food
  • Food depot – This is where the food is stored. Upgrade it to store more food
  • Recycle Center – This produce material
  • Material Depot – This is where the material is stored
  • Living Room – It helps you in getting more survivors – recruit survivors
  • Fitness Center – Here you can train the survivors or level up characters
  • Infirmary/Medical Center – Get medicines from this room. Spend food to produce medicines for the survivors(heal)
  • Garage – Unlock and upgrade cars in the garage
  • Empty Rooms – Clean these rooms to build new ones
  • Workshop – Crafting
  • Operation – Here you can unlock/upgrade tactics

Building & upgrading will cost loads of food, material and the amount will increase as you upgrade. To get more food, material, play the raid mode, campaign mode, and urban warfare. To destroy the base with good defense, you will need to upgrade the survivors; training, grading up.

2.) Game Modes -> There are three game modes; campaign, raid, and urban warfare. From the campaign mode, you can earn material, food, items(scrap, books). From the raid mode, you can earn supply boxes(contain books, resource, scraps), loot. You will get the loot if you destroy the 50% of the enemy base. And, you will get the supply box along with loot if you destroy the enemy’s base completely. And at last, from the urban warfare game mode, you can earn gold, medals.Undead Nation

3.) Undead Nation Survivors/Characters -> Survivors help you in defending the own base and attacking the enemy’s base in all the game modes. Undead Nation game features lots of characters; on the base camp screen -> on the right side, tap the avatar icon -> then tap the book icon -> here you can check the complete list of survivors featured in the game.Undead Nation

4.) Battle -> For the battle, you deploy the survivors on the basis of battle points. On the battle screen, at the bottom-left corner, you can check how many battle points you have. All the characters consume these points when they are assigned. For example; You have 25 BP. And the survivor needs 6 BP. So now you are left with only 19 BP.

After setting up the squad, hit the attack button. The BP rule goes on in the attack too. At the bottom-left corner, you can check the BP. BP regenerates over time. Choose the survivors and they will attack the enemies automatically. Additionally, at the bottom-right corner, you have tactics option. There are lots of tactics in Undead Nation; healing, shielding, dealing damage, and more. Spend the BP to use these tactics. For example; Medical Assistance tactic heals all allies within range over time. You can enable/disable the tactics in the operation room.

5.) Injured Survivors, Healing -> If the survivors have been injured, you will need to heal them using medicine, produced in Infirmary room. Tap the avatar icon on the right side of the main screen -> tap the avatar/characters icon again from the expanded menu -> tap the survivor -> tap the medicine box at the bottom-right corner.

So this is the Undead Nation: Last Shelter basics. Let’s learn step-by-step: –

Undead Nation Survivors Guide: – How To Get, Upgrade, and Their Stats

Get Survivors – There are two ways to obtain characters in Undead Nation; by recruiting and spending gold. Recruiting -> Tap the living room -> recruit -> choose type; basic/advanced/expert -> recruit. Spending Gold – Go to the shop -> survivor -> there you can spend gold to get a high-grade survivor.

Where can I see my survivors?

  • Tap the avatar icon on the right side of the base camp screen
  • Tap the avatar icon again from the expanded list

Hit the book icon to check the complete list of survivors

Upgrade Survivor -> Powering up or upgrading the survivor enhances their stats; HP, DPS, Power, Speed. You can power up a survivor by leveling up and grading up. Leveling up -> Tap the fitness center room -> train -> select the character. Grading up -> Go to the characters menu -> select the character -> at the bottom-right corner, just above the medicine box, tap the grade up icon. You need medals to increase the characters’ grade. Obtain the medals from urban warfare mode.

Tactics – How To Unlock, Upgrade?

As you know, you can also use the tactics in the battle. For example; healing, DPS, Buffing, debuffing, and more.

  • Upgrade the operation room to unlock new tactics
  • You can level up a tactic once you have enough number of books
  • You can get books from the raid mode; supply boxes

Tap the operation room -> choose tactics -> here you can check all the tactics; cost, stats, and grade. Just below the tactic, you can check the number of level up books required to reach next tier.

How To Set Up Defense & Traps?

Undead NationIn the raid mode, players can loot the resources from base camps. To protect the base, you can assign survivors in the rooms. When the enemy team enters the room, assigned characters will defend.

Tap the avatar icon on the right side of the base camp screen -> tap the edit mode icon(?⇒⇓) -> in this mode, you can move rooms, change the room location, and set up traps, survivors. After entering this mode, tap the character icon at the top-right corner -> drag the character and put to one of the rooms. Go to the trap tab(top-right corner, third tab) -> drag & put to one of the rooms.

Urban Warfare In Undead Nation Game

Undead NationUrban Warfare is one of the best game modes in Undead Nation: Last Shelter as it lets you earn medals, resources, and gold. You will be able to play this game mode once you reach the HQ Level 4 and build the garage in the base camp.

Head to urban warfare mode -> there you will see a map -> on the map, you can see your base camp, as well as other players’ base camps. Around your base camp, tap on the houses -> these houses are captured by the zombies. Hit the battle button to send the team of survivors in the car to occupy the house. Once captured, you will earn victory points. Earn more points to rank up(on the right side, tap the player name to check the rank). Depending on the rank, you will get medals, gold.

After a battle, you will have to wait for a few minutes until the car comes back from the attack point. On the map, tap the car icon to check the travel time. You can upgrade/unlock cars in the garage.

So this is the Undead Nation guide for the beginners. Let’s take a look at our top Undead Nation: Last Shelter tips, cheats & strategies!

Undead Nation Tips & Tricks⇓

1.) Clear The Zombies For Gold

On the base camp screen, you will often see loads of zombies roaming freely here and there, some are even crawling. Tapping those zombies will reward gold.

2.) Choose The Survivors Wisely

There are five types of survivors in the game; tank(shield icon), melee(attack icon), ranged fighter(gun icon), splash(burst/splash icon), and support(hand icon). Go to the survivors menu -> near the name, you can check their types.

  1. Tank Type – These type of survivors lead from the front and absorb lots of damage.
  2. Melee – These type of survivors attack from a close range
  3. Ranged fighter – These type of survivors attack from a long range
  4. Splash – These type of survivors’ AOE stats are good. Their attacks impact multiple enemies
  5. Support – These type of survivors activates buffs, debuffs and heal allies

We would recommend you to must include at least two tanks, two fighters, and one support unit. The tank units will defend the attackers from HP loss and the supporter type units will support the allies with their healing skills.

3.) Grade Up To Activate Perks

All the survivors have five types of perks. Go to their profile page -> just above the grade up button, you can check the perks(tap the icon). High-grade survivors provide awesome perks. So grade up the survivors to enjoy more perks in the battle. Most of the support units provide healing buff when you increase their grade.

4.) Fire The Survivors

If you have lots of useless survivors, you can delete them and obtain scraps. Go to the character menu -> tap the character -> tap the delete button to dismiss the survivor from the team.

5.) Raid, But Be Smart

You need loads of amount of resources to build/upgrade, develop base camp. Since the food depot, material depot produces very slow, raid mode is the next option to farm these resources. After hitting the find match button, analyze the enemy’s camp; defense(Survivor level), loot. If the loot is good and the defense is low, then go for it. On the other hand, if loot is bad or defense is strong, then hit the next button to find another base camp.

Additionally, don’t forget to set up the defense, traps in the rooms.

6.) Complete Objectives, Achievements

At the top-left corner, tap the name -> there you can check the achievements. Complete these achievements to get free god. And just below the name, tap the (i) icon to check the objectives. Complete these objectives to earn speed-ups, resources, books, scrap, and more items.

7.) Enroll Yourself As Alliance Member

On the right side of the screen, tap the handshake icon -> join an alliance. Complete the alliance tasks to earn prestige points. You can spend these points in the prestige shop for resources, gold, medal, medicine, tactics books, and more items. Additionally, you also earn alliance points, spend in the buff section to activate buffs.

So these are the top Undead Nation tips from our end. If you have more tips, share with other players in the comment section below 😉

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