EVE Echoes guide for beginners: tips, cheats and strategies

New to Eve Echoes game and have not idea how to play it? Read this Eve Echoes guide for beginners where we have explained the basic progression with tips and tricks.

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EVE Echoes guide and tips⇓

This article covers how to play Eve Echoes game, get or manufacture ships, skill points, tech level, and other things like grinding ISK, stations, etc. Now, let’s get straight to the Eve Echoes guide and tips – 

Eve Echoes Beginner’s Guide⇓

(1) If you have not played Eve Online on PC – playing Eve Echoes for the first time as a beginner will be a challenge. The first thing is to do is finish all the tutorials of the game(beginner and advanced) and learn the basics.  It teaches you the 10 basic things; (1)operating the camera(zoom in/out), (2) how to use the overview feature and dock in the station,(3) combat practice, (4) purchase a ship, (5) train a skill, (6) upgrade tech level, (7) activate a ship, (8) eliminates Pirates, (9) fit a ship, (10) set sail.

(2) After the tutorial, you will end up in the space. You can always check the tutorial in the game(tap the character avatar in the upper-left corner -> encounters -> tutorials). Or tap the AI icon on the left to learn further in advance tutorials. 

(3) What to do after completing the tutorials –

  • Mine the resources (read this mining guide)
  • See the resources to earn ISK(read the selling guide here)
  • Get the ship blueprints and manufacture it(read the manufacturing guide below)
  • Start doing Encounter missions to earn ISK(Read the guide below)
  • Get the best ships(read the best ships guide here)
  • Upgrade the tech level; buy skills with ISK and start training; using SP. Read the guide below to learn how to get SP for free
  • Eve Echoes is a sandbox game – you are free to do what you want. You can explore the space maps, grind resources, and sell them to get rich, manufacture the ships, upgrade skills, tech level, and sell the ships, fight other players. Use the eye button on the right side to check nearby environment details). 

EVE Echoes

How To Get SP In Eve Echoes⇓

SP – Skill Points are required to train/level up the skills. How to get SP for free? 

  • Join a corporation – you will get 500K SP for free
  • Stop training – you will gain free SP when the training queue is empty. In other words, the game gives you free SP every second if you have no skill in the skill queue that is being trained/leveled-up

Go to the menu -> skills -> tap the skill queue menu bar(three horizontal bars at the bottom) -> there you can check the skill queue. You can remove a skill from the skill queue at any time – but, you would not get the skill points back. 

How To Customize The Ship⇓

Go to the menu by tapping the character icon in the upper-left corner -> fitting -> there you can customize the ship with weaponry and other ship modules. Read the stats first; long press to check the details. 

How To Repair The Damaged Ship In Eve Echoes⇓

First, dock in the station – read the guide below if you don’t know how to dock. While you are in a station, tap the character icon in the upper-left -> character -> combat logs -> tap the damaged ship -> repair. 

Start Doing The Encounters Missions⇓

In EVE Echoes, ISK is the basic in-game currency that you can obtain by doing these encounters missions. You can use ISK in the market to purchase ships, ship equipment, manufacturing materials; minerals, Ores, resources, etc. So we would recommend start doing the encounters missions and earn loads of ISK so that you can buy the best ships available in the market. Let’s learn about the Encounter Missions.

Encounter(s) Missions are of three types; combat, transport, and investigation. It’s always advised to read the instructions of the mission carefully to understand the whole concept or the idea of what to do next. You will start with the basic level missions; as you increase the tech level – advanced and expert tier missions will get unlocked. How to access Encounter(s) Missions in EVE Echoes?

Tap the pilot avatar in the upper-left corner of the main interface. A menu list appears – from there, select “Encounters”. On the next screen, tap the News banner to expand the mission list. Tap on the mission to read its detail; mission details, reward, etc. Tap the accept button to begin the mission. After you accept the mission, a countdown timer will start – you have to complete the mission within this given time. Also, it shows the message; “Mission Accepted”. Tap the begin button to start doing the mission or tap the abandon button to abandon the mission. Once you complete the mission, the game will send you the rewards.

In EVE Echoes, there are also story missions that you can complete for valuable rewards like ship weaponry or equipment. These missions are unlocked by completing the News Missions. In other words; complete the News Missions to unlock new storyline; Caldari, Minmatar, Amarr, and Gallente.

Start The Planetary Production And Get Resources⇓

In EVE Echoes, there are lots of materials that you will need to manufacture the ship. Planetary Resources are among them. After completing the tutorial, we would recommend you to start the Planetary Production in EVE Echoes and keep mining the resources so that you can quickly manufacture the best ships. Starting Mining in Planet is quite easy. Let’s learn how to do that.EVE Echoes

Tap the pilot avatar in the upper-left corner of the main interface to open the menu. From the menu list, tap the Planetary Production option. On the next screen, you will see all the planets in the current system. We will learn about the System/Moving/Dock later in this EVE Echoes guide. So once you are on the Planetary Production screen, select the planet where you want to mine the resources. Each planet offers different resources.

After selecting the planet from the planet list on the left side, tap the button; Place a Development Array. After tapping this button, you need to configure the Mining Settings; tap the + button next to a resource to adjust the mining setting or set up factory -> once done, tap the confirm button. Now the mining has started. Tap the + button ton the top-right side to increase the mining duration. Mining Yields status will also be shown there.

Collecting The Loot(Mining Yields): –

If the resources are available to collect, tap the launch button, and then hit the set destination button. After that, start the auto-pilot mode to undock or reach the destination. (Tap the arrow icon on the top-left side of the screen to set on auto-pilot mode – it pops out when you set the destination).EVE Echoes

Your ship then automatically reaches the destination and then you loot the resources. Or if you are in the same region, tap the overview button nearby tab -> exploit container – loot all.

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Moving The Mining Items To Item Hangar⇓

If you have collected or looted the items from the planet, then they will be stored on the ship. You need to move it to the item hangar to use it for manufacturing. Go to the inventory from the menu. Select the ship to check stored items -> select the item that you just collected -> move to -> item hangar. Keep in mind that you should be in the space station. And, you can store these items to multiple space stations – check the personal assets in the inventory to see all the space stations where your items are stored. And, then at the bottom of the same screen, tap the space station location – set destination -> move there. Let’s learn how to dock or undock ship in this EVE Echoes guide.

How To Dock Or Undock Ship In EVE Echoes⇓

Tap the overview button on the right side on the main interface of the game (eye button) -> go to the third tab(after tapping the eye button, a small tab on the right side will open; at the top of it, tap the drop-down button to filter result by the station, loot, stargate, ship, etc.); station -> select the station -> dock. This will dock your ship at this station. Wait until the ship enters the ship station. Once it’s in the space station, tap the undock button on the top-right side.

Guide To Manufacturing The Ships In Eve Echoes Mobile⇓

To manufacture a ship, you need its blueprint and must have enough material items required to manufacture it. The Ships Blueprint(s) in EVE Echoes can be obtained from the market, the market function can be accessed from the menu.

In the market menu, scroll down under the available items section until you see the ship blueprints. Choose the ship type or class; Frigate/Destroyer/Cruiser/Battlecruiser/Industrial/Battleship blueprints. These blueprints cost ISK that you can earn by trading or completing the missions. The next step to manufacture ship in EVE Echoes is completing the resources requirement. First, head to the Industry menu from the menu list or space station.

Select the ship that you want to manufacture -> check the planetary materials and minerals. You can mine these minerals and planetary materials from space or if you are lazy to do it, then buy them from the market.

Check Out The Minerals in EVE Echoes⇓

  • Tritanium
  • Pyerite
  • Mexaloon
  • Isogen
  • Noczium
  • Zydrine
  • Megacyte
  • Morphite

Check Out The Rare Ores in EVE Echoes⇓

  • Veldspar, Compressed Veldspar
  • Scordite, Compressed Scordite
  • Pyroxeres, Compressed Pyroxeres
  • Plagioclase, Compressed Plagioclase
  • Omber, Compressed Omber
  • Kernite, Compressed Kernite
  • Jaspet, Compressed Jaspet
  • Hermorphite
  • Hedbergite
  • Spodumain
  • Dark Ochre
  • Gneiss
  • Crokite
  • Bistot
  • Arkonor
  • Mercoxit

Check Out The Planetary Resources⇓

  • Lustering Allow
  • Sheen Compound
  • Gleaming Alloy
  • Condensed Allow
  • Precious Alloy
  • Motley Compound
  • Fiber Composite
  • Lucent Compound
  • Opulent Compound

-> Glossy, Crystal, Dark Compound, Reactive Gas, Noble Gas, Base Metals, Heavy Metals, Noble Metals, Reactive Metals, Toxic Metals, Industrial Fibers, Supertensile Plastics, Polyaramids, Coolant, Condensates, Construction Blocks|Nanites|Silicate Glass|Smartfab Units|Heavy Water|Suspended Plasma|Liquid Ozone| Ionic Solutions|Oxygen Isotopes|Plasmoids|

Others; Salvaged Materials, Vessel Debris.EVE Echoes

Get Familiar With The Star Map⇓

From the star map, you can move to new systems and explore them + find more resources. At the top-left corner of the main interface – tap the star-nodes icon next to the pilot avatar(update – now, it’s the location mark). This will open the star map where you can check other systems. Tap on a system where you want to move and set it as a destination. Turn on the autopilot mode to reach that system.

Join The Eve Echoes Community⇓

You might have more questions – we advise you to join the Eve Echoes community; Reddit, Facebook Group, Discord. There you can chat with other players and get help from them. (Tap the character avatar in the upper-left corner -> settings -> customer service -> at the bottom, you will find the link to join Eve Echoes Discord). 

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So that’s all we got in this post on Eve Echoes guide and tips for beginners. Do you have more questions? Comment below.

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