Virtual Families 3 Walkthrough Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

New to the Virtual Families 3 Our Country Home game? Find out the Virtual Families 3 walkthrough guide packed with tips, cheats & strategies. 

Virtual Families 3 Walkthrough Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies: –

This article covers “how to play Virtual Families 3”, about getting married, having kids, career jobs, career professions, sending kids to school, and other aspects such as family growth, management, home improvements, tips to get coins, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and get straight to the Virtual Families 2 walkthrough guide, tips, cheats & strategies: – 

Get Started With Virtual Families 2 Basic Walkthrough

(1) You will start by creating a character of your choice and move into the house. At first, the house is in bad condition and it’s up to you to make the improvements. Controlling the character: In Virtual Families 2, you can command the characters by dragging and dropping them over the objects or places. For example: if the character is starving, you drag it(tap on the character and hold it) and then drop over the refrigerator. 

Virtual Families 3 Walkthrough Guide Tips Cheats

(2) Taking care of characters: make sure to provide them food, command them to take a shower daily, and do career activities to get the promotion. Drag and drop! Also, take care of them when they get sick. 

(3) Keep the house clean: you will notice that the house gets dirty quickly. There would be socks, garbage, and other items on the floor. Drag the character to over these garbage items; after that, the character will pick the items and move it to the trash. Also, fix the malfunctions. 

(4) Keep an eye on the character: tap on the character and you will get its info; name, age, career, action(current activity), status(happy, itchy, depressed, sad, etc.), and bank balance. 

(5) Age – every few certain hours, your characters age. We noticed they age by 1 year in 2-4 hours(Real-Time).

(6) Ghosts – In Virtual Families 3 Our Country Home, you will often see ghosts around the house or in the house. As far as we know, these ghosts are the spirits of people that die in that house – before you move in. It’s creepy! We don’t have info on the ghosts yet! We will update this article after gathering the information. If you have any sort of info regarding the ghosts, do let us know in the comments below. 

(7) Progression: – what to do in Virtual Families 3? How to progress? (1) save coins and work on home improvements. (2) upgrade the characters. (3) have kids and send them to school (4) buy furniture and make the house good looking (7) collect items; bugs, minerals, feathers, lost toys, photo pieces; look around the yard. (8) check out the goals in the menu and complete them. (9) grow your family tree. 

Virtual Families 3 Walkthrough Guide Tips Cheats

Getting Married In Virtual Families 3

Right after creating the character in Virtual Families 3, you can find your partner online and get married. (an email icon appears in the top-right corner) All you need to do is drag the character to the computer table(tap + hold the character and take it to the computer table). Then, the character will use the computer, go online, and look for the partner; you can help the character in selecting a perfect partner. After that, the partner will move into the house and they will start celebrating the wedding!

Have Kids In Virtual Families 3

How to have kids in Virtual Families 3 Our Country Home? It’s pretty easy; all you need to do is drag an adult character onto an opposite gender character(adult male -> adult female or vice versa). If both characters are willing to have babies, they will try making the babies by going to the bedroom(you should buy a nice couch or bed before you take this action).


If they are against procreation, you can adopt a baby. Tap the store button in the bottom-center -> upgrades -> adoption services. How many kids can you have in the game? Max 12(approx.). Comment if you have crossed this figure!

Guide To Careers In Virtual Families 3

Characters in Virtual Families 3 work in the kitchen, office, and workshop. Based on the career, you can drag them onto the station; keep sending them and they will work on their career. Tap on the character and at the bottom, check its career. For example – if it’s a kitchen-related job(like mustard bottler, personal cook), send the character to the kitchen. 

Career Progress Of Characters

To check the progress of characters; first select the character, at the bottom, tap its icon(appears when you select a character) -> this will open its profile where you can check the career progress; career level – beginner, novice, apprentice, licensed, practiced, accomplished, exceptional, and master. The higher the level, the higher the pay. 

How Long Does It Take To Receive Salary

Every 24 hours(daily, real-time), the salary is credited to the character’s bank account. Even if the character does not go to work, he/she will get the salary. Note: characters are also paid after each work cycle – so make sure to encourage them to do the career work(drag them to the appropriate station; based on the career – keep pushing them until they start doing it). This way you can earn more coins for free without any sort of cheats! 

Increasing Character’s Income

As said above, the characters in the game get their salary even if they don’t work! That does not mean there is no need to encourage them to go to work. If you want them to drive more income, encourage them to do the work, praise them while they are doing work, give them candies and fruit, and get them promotion – this will help you earn more coins! 

Characters Would Not Work Much

Most times, characters don’t go to work and refuse to work when they are sick, hungry, suffering from any sort of depression or there is a distraction like fixing things, cleaning home, etc. Try working on these aspects if the characters refuse to visit the work. 

My Characters Would Not Get Promotion

The characters only get the promotion when they focus on their career work. Make sure to encourage them to work, praise them while they work, give them fruits and candies – this way you can promote them quickly. 

“Fixing Things” Virtual Families 3 Walkthrough Guide⇓

House Malufuntions are common in Virtual Families 3. You can either use the toolbox and fix the things with the characters’ help or call the guy(use the phone). In this part, we have listed the walkthrough to common house malfunctions: –

Fix Leak Sink

Walkthrough: all you have do is get a household tool set from the furniture shop menu(accessories tab). It would cost 175 coins to get this tool set. If you have it, command any character older than 14 years and he/she will do the job. Drag him/her and drop to the household tool set. Alternatively, drop them in the workroom. 

Fix Clogged Shower And toilet

Walkthrough: all you have do is get a household tool set from the furniture shop menu(accessories tab). It would cost 175 coins to get this tool set. If you have it, command any character older than 14 years and he/she will do the job. Drag him/her and drop to the household tool set. Alternatively, drop them in the workroom. 

Fix Burst Pipe

Walkthough: call the plumber. Drag an adult character to the phone and call plumber. 

Fix Dryer & Oven Fire

Walkthrough: go to the store menu -> furniture -> accessories -> buy the extinguisher. Put it in the house and then drag an adult character -> drop on the extinguisher. 

Fix Internet

Walkthrough: call the internet repair service center and they will send a person to fix the internet. Drag and drop an adult character on the phone. 

Fix Cable TV

Walkthrough: call cable TV repair. Drag and drop an adult character on the phone. 

Fix Computer

Walkthrough: call “computer repair”. Drag and drop an adult character on the phone. 

Fix Appliance

Walkthrough: call appliance repair. Drag and drop an adult character on the phone. 

Get Rid of Bugs In Virtual Families 3

Walkthough: call an exterminator. Drag and drop an adult character on the phone. 

Fix Flowers & Lawn

Walkthrough: you need to turn on the sprinkler. Drag and drop a character on the spigot. 

Upgrading The Characters IN VF 3

Why should you upgrade the characters in virtual families 3: – 

  • To get a career promotion
  • If the character does not have any likes
  • Change career or get a new career

How to upgrade: tap the character, then tap its icon on the profile at the bottom. On the profile page, at the top-left corner, tap the “upgrade me” button. There you will find a bunch of options: – 

  • High Learning Classes: –  make this upgrade to produce get new interests, likes
  • Advanced Career Training: – get a career promotion
  • Career Change: – get a new career

Getting Coins In VF 3

(1) Your characters work and earn coins. Tap the “bank” option in the bottom-right to check the daily income. Promote the characters in their career for a raise in daily income. 

(2) Get free coins by watching the video ad. From time to time, in the top-right corner, you will see the “free coins” offer. Tap it, watch an ad, and get the rewards. 

(3) Complete the goals. 

Note: this article/guide is in development. New information will be added later 🙂 Got questions? Ask in the comment section below. 

Check Out The Flee Market Regularly For Certificates

Tip: make sure to check the flee market in the Virtual Family 3 game now and then. You may get a good deal on certificates that allow you to access special functions in the game. For example: to collect special collectibles from the dirt mound, you will need a rockhound certificate. 

How Do You Get Rid Of The Items That You Don’t Need In Virtual Families 3

Many players replace their old furniture items with new expensive ones to make the house beautiful. To get rid of the old furniture items or any item that you don’t need, tap on the inventory option at the top of the screen(food inventory, furniture inventory, clothing inventory, etc.). Then tap on that item and hold it -> drag it to the game’s entrance and drop over the garbage bins. This way you can sell items and get free coins. 

Walkthrough To Cure Sickness Of Characters

Virtual Families 3 game not only simulates the real-life career, tasks but also ailments. As a player, you need to make sure that every family member is happy – not in the ailment status. You can check it by tapping the character and then look at the “status” at the lower-right. In this walkthrough guide, we have shared a cheat list to cure all sorts of sickness. If none of these work, you can consult an in-game doctor by navigating to the store -> food & medicine -> look for “Doctor Consultation“. Doctor Consultation costs 495 in-game coins. 

My Character Is Tired

If the family characters are exhausted or tired, you need to let them rest. Don’t push them to do activities like work, cleaning, fixing, etc. You can drag them to the couch or bed when they are tired and let them sleep. Since the game simulates real-life, your characters would need to sleep at least 6-8 hours. Close the game for 6-8 hours to do so. 

My Character In The Game Is Depressed

If a family member is suffering from depression, then it could be because of these things; did someone die? Are you praising that character? Do you give candies and fruits? Let’s say if someone from the in-game family dies, then other members/characters might get depressed for some time. In this case, you can wait a bit and they will get out of depression automatically(or use the method mentioned below). Other reasons could be not having babies; go to the characters’ profile and see if they want kids or not. If yes, then go for it. Read the “kids” part above for more details. 

How to cure depression: –

  • Professional Counseling: select a character, tap its profile icon -> then tap on “upgrade me” on its photo -> use the arrow keys to check upgrades; look for “Psychotherapy”. Use this upgrade to cure depression
  • Praise: praise the characters now and then. Also, give them fruits and candies
  • Make home improvements
  • Have kids

My In-Game Character Has Cough

Walkthough: In Virtual Families 3, if someone has a cough, you can give them Antitussive Syrup, which you can buy from the store – food & medicine -> spend 65 coins. 

My In-Game Character Has Headache

Walkthough: give that character Analgesic. It’s a medicine that you can buy from the in-game store -> food & medicine. 

My Character Has Hiccups

Walkthrough: tap on that character + hold it -> drag & drop over the sink -> keep doing this until they drink the water. 

My Character’s Status Shows Itchy

Walkthrough: go to the store menu -> food & medicine -> look for “Cortisone cream” – it costs 40 gold coins. Buy it and use it on the character that’s feeling itchy. 

My Character’s Status Shows Sore Thorat

Walkthough: In Virtual Families 3, you can get Thorat Lizenges from the store -> food & medicine. Use it on the character that has a sore throat. 

My Character’s Status Shows Sneezing

Walkthrough: – turn to the store menu -> food & medicine -> look for “Antihistamine” – buy it with 50 coins. Use it on the character that’s sneezing. 

My Character’s Status Shows Upset Stomach

Walkthrough: – turn to the store menu -> food & medicine -> look for “Peptic Syrup” – buy it with 35 coins. Use it on the character that has upset stomach. 

Walkthrough To Garden Beds, Lawn

(1) You can buy lawn and garden beds from the store -> home improvements. You can have a variety of garden beds in different-different locations outside the home; northeast cactus garden, flower bed, lawn, west cactus garden, west flower bed, lawn, etc.

(2) Lawn and flowers require watering; make sure to sprinkle water 3-4 times a day. Otherwise, the grass would not grow and flowers will be in poor condition. 

(3) You can buy an automatic sprinkler by spending 1000 coins. Go to upgrades -> buy automatic sprinkler. In Virtual Families 3, automatic sprinkler helps you keep the flower beds and lawn in good condition – you would not need to water them manually. 

(4) Gardener – The gardener is one of the service workers just like the maid who helps by pulling weeds for you. You can hire a gardener by spending 1000 coins/day. The service workers leave once the task is completed. 

(5) In the store -> furniture -> outdoors -> you can buy a riding lawnmower to mow the lawn. 

It’s Dark In Night

Most people play Virtual Families 3 in the night and in the night, everything gets dark around the house. What you can do is use the reverse day/night function. Go to menu -> settings -> toggle the “reverse day/night” and turn it on. This will reverse the day into night and night into day. This way you can enjoy the game at night. 

Ghost Girl In Virtual Families 3

A ghost girl often appears inside the house or sometimes outside the house; the light will start flickering upon her appearance. To make this ghost girl disappear, you will need a doll toy. 

The Doll Toy

Virtual Families 3 Walkthrough Guide Tips Cheats

It’s a random event/discovery in the game when an adult character finds the doll: X has been thinking about the footprints that have been appearing in the yard and decides that they must lead somewhere important. He decides to do a little investigation in that corner of the yard. After nearly an hour of poking around, he is about to give up when he catches a glimpse into the opening, he finds an abandoned doll and races back to the house with it. The family decides that the best place for it is on the toy shelf. Maybe the girl will find it there?

In this random event, the character finds the doll and puts it on the toy shelf. After that, that ghost girl would not appear. 

Photo Pieces In Virtual Families 3

Virtual Families 3 Photo Pieces
Virtual Families 3 Photo Pieces

You can find photo pieces around the yard. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Virtual Families 3 walkthrough guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. 

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    • tap store -> home improvement-> tap the yellow color spanner tool icon adjacent to the kitchen. If you are using any sort of mod or hack version, then you would not see it.

  1. I was setting up the dating profile for my person and my game crashed. I loaded it back up and it never popped up again and I’ve had no emails and it’s been almost two days since that happened. How is my person supposed to get married if they get no proposal emails. My character is 35 so I really don’t think waiting is going to solve the problem. Please help, thank you! 🙂

  2. Hi, so I’m trying to get all of the encourage task things, and one of them is dusting furnature, how do u get ur characters to do that? And also, how do u dig up the dirt things on the ground? Plz respond

    • In Virtual Families 2 you had to wait until the digging certificate randomly popped up in the flea market. It might be the same for this one, I’m not sure yet. Just installed the game today and trying to learn it too

  3. Does anybody know how to dig when outside? I keep finding patched of ground that have something in but when I put character over it says something else is needed!

  4. This is silly, but I can’t figure out how to get rid of furniture I don’t want anymore. I know it said in the beginning, but I kind of skimmed through and missed it. I put it in the top bar, but now I’ve just got a junky couch and dresser hanging out in my top bar and I don’t know how to get rid of it lol. It’s driving me nuts!

    • You need to enter the decorate mode first. Tap the “furniture” icon at the top of the screen to open the furniture inventory and enter the decorate mode -> then you can select the furniture item by tapping; drag & drop to the inventory area(at the top).

    • There is a garbage bin near the entrance; to get rid of the furniture that you don’t want; open the furniture bar at the top -> select and hold the furniture item -> drag & drop it over the trash bin(near the entrance). You will get a few coins

    • Make sure you’re in decorate mode grab the furniture you don’t want and bring it to the fence once you get over the fence it’ll ask you if you want to sell it

  5. Hello, so I was trying an experiment..

    I bought bottled fog and deployed it at night time, now I don’t know if it’s coincidence but shortly after, a rare picture piece appeared along with other picture pieces that I’ve previously found. Also another uncommon item was around that time too from digging. So assuming depending on weather conditions and time of day you get certain items, sometimes more frequently it seems. Also to note too, when I changed the weather and found the rare picture piece the little ghost girl appeared to the collectible shelf so I don’t know, again just a thought! 🙂

  6. Does anyone know why my praise button won’t work? I click on the “hand” icon and then click on one of my little people and it does nothing. I also tried dragging it. I wanted to praise for working on their career. Thanks!

  7. I got a letter saying we heard about what happened to your daughter and it was sent to the previous owner so I think the girl is the previous owners daughter that died

    • I got 2 calls and a letter, one from the grandma of the little girl, wanting to know if a toy had been left behind, the letter said the same as yours, addressed to the previous owners, and a second phone call from the realtor who explain she believe the little girl died in an accident at the pond a few winters back. The picture pieces found I belive once put together Will show the girl and her family and possibly explain the ghost girl more.

  8. There’s a little ghost girl that appears around my house. At first she would just appear in random places but then i bought a children’s toy and she started appearing at it. It always says she’s looking for something. I think the little girl is looking for a particular toy. Who knows though? Any ideas?

      • I was thinking that too. But maybe it’s one of the collectibles from the toy section? When my resin first moved into the house they got an email about some ‘stories’ they could tell about the house. And then one of the things to collect is some family portrait. Maybe the little ghost girl used to live there and is just looking for her doll?

        • So i finished the toy collection, and what happened was the doll item was found in a random event AFTER the foot print one- kid decides to check out where the prints were leading and he finds a doll… after that the ghost has stopped appearing, and nothing else has happened yet

  9. How do I get the adult to use the green lawn mower? Also why do they take so long so move around. They walk so slow. Now, I know in VF2 you praise them multiple times when working so they can get money until you get back on. I did that is VF3 and the money in my bank is the same when I get back on to play. Lastly, how can I get them to advance in their career? It takes forever and they never get a promotion unless I pay for the advancement. Please help, thank you.

    • Put them to work daily and praise them while they are working – that’s what I have been doing for career promotion. Keep patience, they eventually get promoted if you keep doing this

    • store -> flee market -> starter tool box(175 coins) big red tool box(475). As far as I know, level means career progression; beginner(level 1), novice(level 2), apprentice(level 3), licensed(level 4), practiced(lvl 5), accomplished(lvl6), exceptional(level 7), and master(level 8). When the character gets promotion, it’s raised by 1 level. Tap on it, then tap on its icon in the lower-left corner -> there you will see the level info.

  10. Hi, I jsut got the game in my country and i have two people who have 3 young kids. They have very little money so i bought the dad a Workshop magazine but it says he’s confused?? I spent 300 coins on it and he won’t even use it it!!! Help!

    • You bought him a magazine that’s not related to his career. If he worked in the workshop it would make sense, but you need to get him something that helps him progress HIS CURRENT career, not a random one.

  11. Dude, I’ve loved these games since they came out. Shame the AI for the characters has remained the same. I’ve been having trouble on one part. The bathroom sink burt’s, so they’re constantly screaming about the burst pipe. Alright, easy. I already had the toolbox so I thought I could drag them there and they would fix it. Well, they won’t fix the sink/pipe at all. I even dragged them to the toolbox and they just shake their head but don’t say anything. I’m stumped. I don’t have the workshop yet and don’t have enough money to get it. They won’t do anything except scream about the pipe and they’re already hungry. I’m pretty sure that they’ll probs die of hunger if I don’t fix the pipe

    • You character gets their “salary” once an hour, whether they work or not, However, when you make them work they only get “Extra” cokns

  12. I can’t get my people with kitchen based careers to work no matter where in the kitchen I drop them. They’ll start looking for a snack or preparing a meal or getting a drink of water, but they will never work. Do you know the secret?

    • It happened to me too. I just kept dropping him over the kitchen stoves 😂 but he would not work. Then I started dropping him over the sink area in the kitchen and he started working on the career eventually. I don’t what causes this problem, but you just keep continuing this and the character eventually starts working

    • Hold them near the kitchen counter next to the refrigerator. Don’t drop till you see ‘character sees the kitchen counter’ then drop them but make sure that dialogue is still on the text box (or whatever it is where you get information). See if it works?! 🙂


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