Family Island Cheats: Guide, Tips & Tricks

New to the Family Island game? Get to know all about its aspects with these Family Island cheats available with guides, tips, and tricks. (IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION, COMMENT BELOW)

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Family Island cheats, tips, and guide⇓

In the Family Island game, you have to complete the character’s quests that are displayed on the left side of the screen. As you complete them, the game grants you valuable rewards; stars/EXP that you need to level up in the game, energy, rubies, etc. As you level up in the game, new buildings, decorations get unlocked that you can buy from the market. Each building provides a different facility to the family; for example – using the campfire you can cook the recipes. And, serve it in the dinner. In this post, we have shared Family Island cheats, tips, and a guide for beginners! Need help? Comment below!

Family Island Cheats: Level Rewards

As of now, the max level in the Family Island game is 47 something. At each level, new items are unlocked. In this cheat list, we have listed all the items that are unlocked at certain levels. 

  • Level 1: Clover, Tuft of Grass, Stick, Roots, Stone, and Log. 
  • Level 2: Fried Roots, Salt, String
  • Level 3: Shell, Scraper
  • Level 4: Goat Feed, Wattle, Hide
  • Level 5: Stakes
  • Level 6: Gold Pickaxe, Gold Key, Gold Shovel, Gold Saw
  • Level 7: Corn, Feathers, Eggs, Bird Feed, Scrambled Eggs, Nearby Island
  • Level 8: Fir Cones, Boards, Emerald, Stone I, Treasure Island
  • Level 9: Amber, Clay, Claw
  • Level 10: Clay Bowl, Candle
  • Level 11: Broth, Tomato
  • Level 12: Acid, AXE, Sun Island
  • Level 13: Meat, Roasted Meat
  • Level 14: Needle, Gold Ore, Lilac Island, Bouncy Island
  • Level 15: Gloves, Rope
  • Level 16: Pepper, Knife, Salad
  • Level 17: Resin
  • Level 18: Clay pot, Milk,  Mashed Potatoes
  • Level 19: Torch, Soap, Fortune Telling Ball, Brick
  • Level 20: Finished Boards, Ladder, Skull, Red Island
  • Level 21.) Porridge, Wheat, Butter
  • Level 22: Gold, Coal
  • Level 23: Copper Ore, Ochre, Forest Island
  • Level 24: Leather
  • Level 25: Cheese, Creamy Cheese Soup
  • Level 26: Cotton, Comb, Sack Cloth
  • Level 27: Palm Log, Jug, Palm Leaves, Lost Island
  • Level 28: Blue Ore, Blue Paint, Lapis Lazuli
  • Level 29.) Stool, Buttons
  • Level 30: Stone Block
  • Level 31: Chimney, Ash, Palette, Sponge, Island of Trees
  • Level 32: Roof Tile
  • Level 33: Limestock Block, Flour, Bread, Sandwich
  • Level 34: Beam
  • Level 35: Nails, Baked Brick, Meteor Key, Meteor Mould/Block/Ore/Egg(Mysterious Island)
  • Level 36: Parchment
  • Level 37: Palm Beam
  • Level 38: Cloth
  • Level 39: Amphora, Ta-Bourine
  • Level 40: Barrel
  • Level 41: Sun Flower
  • Level 42: Necklace
  • Level 43: Millstone, Lever, Magical Stone, Cactus Juice, and Rusty Gear(Invention Island)
  • Level 44: Sunflower Oil, White Paint
  • Level 45: Metal Ore, Metal Inglot, Iron Key, Blueprint Fragment, Pulling Rock(Iron Island)
  • Level 46: Wood Beam, Frost Island
  • Level 47: Iron Pipe, Map Island

Use The Storehouse To Know The Item SourceFamily Island - farm game adventure

Since there are so many items in the game, it’s hard to remember the source of all of them For example – salt, roots, goat feed, corn, etc. If you don’t know how to get a particular item, then the storehouse can help you. On the bottom-right side, tap the storage box(near the market option). This will open the storehouse where you can check all the unlocked items; basic, food, rare, etc.

Tap on an item to check its source. For example – if you tap the salt, the game will show you where you can get it. You can get salt from starfish, stones, merchants, or can be found in the gift packs.

After that, tap the blue color magnifying glass icon and the game will take you to its source. For example – in the case of clover, it will navigate to the grass.

Get Free Energy In Family Island 

Family Island Game

One of the best ways to obtain free energy in the Family Island game without cheats or hacks is by serving the dinner to the family. First, you need to cook the recipe at the campfire. Tap the campfire and drag the recipe to the production slot. Once it’s cooked, claim it from the campfire. After that, head to the dining table and drag the dish to the serving slot.

And, at last, tap the plate/fork/spoon icon. This will ring a bell for the family members and they will start gathering near the dining table for the dinner. So if you are low on energy, serve them dinner.

Tips & Guide To Level Up Fast In Family Island

To level up, you need stars, which can be obtained by clearing objects such as bushes, grass, trees, stones, etc. or completing the quests. We would recommend focussing on the quests – completing the quests give you a massive amount of stars/EXP that help you level up quickly.

On top of that, quest helps you learn things quickly. Also, Leveling up unlocks new Islands.

Trade With Merchant For Key, Free Energy

Once you reach level 7, the Merchant function will get unlocked. Tap the merchant’s ship at the dock to check the orders. Complete the orders and grab the special rewards when you complete a certain number of orders. These rewards include animal feed, free energy, key, items. For gold keys, check out the rare resource cheat list below. 

Expand The Territory And Progress In Family Island

Make sure to keep clearing the fog by clearing the objects on its way and expand the territory. Level up to unlock new islands. You will need travel points to travel to these islands. Complete the tasks there and earn rewards.

Claim Free Energy From The Totem

During the tutorial, you will build a totem on the island. It gives you free energy after every few certain hours. So make sure to claim the free energy.

So this would be all in this post on top Family Island cheats, tips & strategies. Let’s have a look at our Family Island game guide for beginners and the cheat lists: –

How To Move Buildings or Facilities In Family Island Game?Family Island - farm game adventure

To move a building or facility in the Family Island game, you need to hold down your finger on it for a few seconds. A green color ⇑ pops out when you do this – and, after that, you can drag and place the building wherever you like.

How To Remove Fog or What To Do If It Says Can’t Reach Resource Or Out Of Reach?

You can not explore beyond the restricted area until you clear the objects such as trees, bushes, rocks, etc. As you can see in the video above that fog disappears as soon as we remove the bush and tree. In other words, first, clear the visible objects and make your way to the object which is hidden in the fog. If it says location unavailable, then it could be possible that you are at a low level.

How To Get Rubies In Family Island Game?

The ruby is the valuable and premium in-game currency that you can use for recovering energy or buying facilities from the market. You can get rubies from the gift packs that are scattered across all the islands. As you clear the fog and discover new locations, you will find a ton of gift packs. Open these gift packs just like you do to clear objects and you may get free rubies. Also, from the events. 

How To Get Key To Open The Chests?Family Island - farm game adventure

At the edge of the sea, you may find a chest. From this chest, you may get valuable rewards such as resources, in-game currency, etc. But to open it, you will need a key. And, how do you get the key? You can get the key from the merchant’s medium gift that you can claim by completing the orders. Use the key to open the chest.

Family Island – Farm Game Adventure List Of Basic Items: –

  • Tuft of Grass
  • Log
  • Stick
  • Stone
  • Clover
  • Seashell
  • Hide
  • Feather
  • Clay
  • Claw
  • Acid
  • Gold Ore
  • Fir Cones
  • Copper Ore
  • Cotton
  • Blue Ore
  • Palm Ore
  • Palm Leaves

List of Storehouse Items That You May Need For Building Upgrades: –

  • String
  • Scraper
  • Stakes
  • Wattle
  • Boards
  • Clay Bowl
  • Ax
  • Needle
  • Rope
  • Knife
  • Resin
  • Clay Pot
  • Soap
  • Brick
  • Finished Boards
  • Ladder
  • Coal
  • Ocher
  • Leather
  • Comb
  • Sackcloth
  • Juc
  • Blue Paint
  • Stool
  • Stone Block
  • Palette
  • Roof Tile
  • Beam
  • Pipe
  • Baked Brick
  • Nails
  • Parchment
  • Palm Beam
  • Cloth
  • Tambourine
  • Barrel

Food Items List: –

  • Roots
  • Salt
  • Goat Feed
  • Corn
  • Bird Feed
  • Eggs
  • Tomato
  • Meat
  • Pepper
  • Milk
  • Wheat
  • Butter
  • Cheese Flour

Level up to unlock new items. 

Family Island Cheats: Island Cheat List⇓

Nearby Island: unlocks at level 8. Last task: restore the second hut and build a fire. Serendipity Island; unlocks at level 10. Last task: build the bridge to the left part of the island. Sun Island: unlocks at level 12. Last task: take the statue to the home island and place it. Lilac Island: unlocks at level 14. Last task: cut down all of the flowering trees, place a magnolia from decorations on the home island. Bouncy Island: unlocks at level 17. The last quest: take the statue and place it on the homeland.

Red Island: unlocks at level 20. Forest Island: unlocks at level 23. Lost Island: level 23. The last quest: take the pyramid home. Island of Trees: level 31. The last quest: take the fountain and place it on the home island. Storm Island: unlocks at level 33. The last quest: take the totem and place it on the home island. Mysterious Island: level 35, build the pyramid on the home island. Invention Island: level 43, tear down the old hut, and take the lever. Iron Island: level 45, gather iron ore, and visit back to the home island. 

Family Island Cheats: Premium Resource Cheat List⇓

  • Ash – obtain from Shaman through trade
  • Button – trade with Shaman
  • Lapis Lazuli – trade with the merchant, cut down bluestone rocks, blue ore rock
  • Candle – trade with Shaman, chests, huts, fire pits
  • Torch – trade with shaman, foundations, chests, huts, 3-saw trees
  • Feathers – hens and roasters, the chicken statue
  • Amber & Emerald – cut down the rocks; stone, clay, trade with the merchant
  • Skull: foundations, chests, fire pots, or trade with the shaman
  • iStone; foundations, chests, fire pots, or trade with the shaman

Family Island Cheats: Rare Resource Cheat List⇓

  • How to get claws: gifts from Shaman when you complete a chain of orders or from thorns on islands
  • How to get gold keys: complete merchant orders.
  • How to get candles: complete orders for Shaman, from the chests, gifts
  • How to get grass: replenish on islands often, plant roots or corn; chances to get grass
  • How to get seashells: from the gift by completing the orders for the merchant, from chests and starfish, and sandbox, available at level 13
  • How to get salt: complete orders for Shaman, from chests or starfish(low chances), gift packs
  • How to get fir cones: grow on fir trees
  • How to get clay: replenish on the home island every now and then
  • Acid: from poisonous plants – sun island
  • How to get magic 8 ball: complete orders for Shaman, from an abandoned hut
  • How to get resin: produce in the foundry

Family Island Cheats Or Hacks For Android & iOS⇓

There are no cheat codes or hacks available for Family Island Android & iOS. There is no way to hack into this game and there is no cheat code input. We have seen some websites on the internet claiming to provide hacks and cheat codes. We would recommend you to stay away from these websites. Check out the tips above to earn free energy and get all the resources. Got a question, comment below. 

Also, see – 

So these are some basic Family Island cheats, tips, and tricks with a guide for beginners. Do you have more cheats or tips to share? Comment below.

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  1. I can’t find the Magnolia tree in the shop. I completed Lilac Island and am already on Red Island. I collected all the flowering trees and got told to set up a Magnolia Tree from the shop but never found it and it is annoying to have the task permanently up without being able to complete it. Has anyone got anything for me on this?

  2. I can’t find the ‘helm’ for Pirate Island. Every time I press the magnifying glass on the helm icon, it indicates the item is on another island. I checked each island and it is not on any of the islands that are currently listed in the game map. I suspect the item is on a previous island that has been deleted by the game. I’m wondering if I can get it some how? If anyone knows, please let me know.
    I also don’t have the island that makes the blue opals for the toilet that gives energy. I only have a few left & want to be able to upgrade.

    • They will add the orb island every few weeks find the crystal generator to put together shards for a new orbs to power it up

  3. Γεια σας,
    Θα ήθελα να μου πείτε πως μπορώ να αλλάξω λογαριασμό στο παιχνίδι. Γιατί έχω 2 παιχνίδια, το ένα το έχω στο κινητό και το άλλο στο τάμπλετ. Όμως κάπως μου χάθηκε στο τάμπλετ το ένα παιχνίδι που το είχα φτάσει στο επίπεδο 53 και μου μπήκε το άλλο που το έχω στο κινητό. Για αυτό θα ήθελα να μου πείτε πως μπορώ να το βάλω πάλι το παιχνίδι που έχω στο επίπεδο 53. Ξέρω τον κωδικό του.
    Παρακαλώ πολύ θα ήθελα να μου απαντήσετε όσο πιο γρήγορα μπορείτε!!
    Ευχαριστώ πολύ!!

  4. I’m at lvl45 but still haven’t opened up the upper parts of the bottom islands. Got all the totems. Got the magnolia tree and cut them all down on the island. I’m still trying to get a touch that the last quest

    • The magic carpet is on the small island just above (north of) the island with the well and factory. Of course, you must go all the way around the southeast side of the screen to get there!

  5. Hi, I really loves playing the game. However, I have 2 suggestions for your consideration to improvise it. It seems that there is no incentives in joining as a member in a team. It would be good if there are options to share resources amongst team members or accumulate team points for events to attain rewards. Lastly, thank you very much for creating such as fun game.

    • You can trade extra items you don’t need or want in the storage for stars. Stars help with leveling up.
      To trade, you click on the item in the storage and press the arrow.

  6. I love this game I’ve been playing it almost daily for about seven months now. The only thing I would change if possible is how long it takes to he able to send out orders with the boat and how difficult some things can be, when you cant afford to pay for energy or rubies.

  7. I didn’t see anywhere where I find the rare flower. I would appreciate to know where I find it. I have looked and looked. I can’t find it. Please tell me where it is. Or ss it so people can find it. Thank you.

  8. I’m on lever 32 and have completed balancer island but it doesn’t disappear. Does that island just stay there permanently? I have completed all tasks on that island so no reason for it to be there.

    • Why Balancer Island is still open?
      Dear players,

      Balancer Island is the last island in its story. There’s no new islands to close it with yet. That’s why it will be opened for a while. You may just use it for collecting some valuable resources for your home island or for some other quests.

      Good luck in the game!

      Admin said

  9. I cannot find the last picnic basket on crystal island to save my life!!!! Anyone? We need a map with the spots marked lol

  10. Hello! Thank you for posting all of this great information! Quetion-it says I need to find the bed of chanterelles on Balancer Island, but I cannot find it anywhere!! Any tips to finding it? I am Level 33 if that makes a difference.
    Thank you again!

  11. Gold ingots/bars used for anything other than space upgrading? I saved the initial 300 given in case there was.

  12. This may be an odd question. Is it more beneficial to open the 1key chests or try to save up for the 3 key chests? There is no list of what you get from them so I’m trying to figure out what the best strategy would be?

    • Best thing is to get rid of them from the shaman. Even if you can’t make the whole shaman order. That’s what I do. Hope this helps.

    • The 1 key chest will give you x1 gold saw most of the time. While 3 key chest’s rewards vary; you may get a jackpot or the same worth of reward that a small chest gives. I don’t bother with the big chest. The small chest is what I open most of the time.

  13. There are some items that build up taking needed room from storage. I can’t get rid of them. Fish from old island, 100’s of amber, etc…. how and why can’t I just trade for stars or trash? HELP

  14. I’m on divination island I have pressed all the markers to get the Fortune telling book and in the left corner it says to collect the fortune telling book but when I click on it all I get is text abolitionist font of wisdom it won’t let me collect the book

    • To collect the item in the game, you need to hold your finger on it for several seconds. After that you will see the necessary option. — Just long press the Fortune Telling Book and then you’ll get an option a store icon, a green check mark, or a red X. Just select the store icon

    • Tap on the book and hold your finger down on it then a box will pop up. Tap the box to collect. Then go to home island to place it on your island.

    • Make sure he is not blocked by any objects like the flower, facility, or any other item. You need to remove those items so that Bruce can move freely.

  15. help, i have a task that i cant complete, it ask me to collect the gems, but when i touch in the place that the task says to collect, it reads “unreachable resource”. Someone know what the problem is, and how to solve it please?

    • That probably means there is a barrier close to the item you are going to collect. That’s why it’s saying unreachable. Take a closer look, find the barrier, remove it, and then try collecting it.

  16. I can’t find the broken machine in order to make millstones. Where is it? I’ve seen the question asked multiple times on various websites, but no one has posted an answer.

    • I think i got it upon completing an island like hippo island? If not, it wad just unlocked from a quest after levelling up. Make sure you click on all the ( … ) thought bubbles from the characters on the quest must on the left side of screen. Follow the dialogue and stories. It may have been after torch island. I’m on level 30 and i just got it a couple of quests ago.

  17. How do we open the upper level of home island? I keep getting told to get things from there but there’s no access up.

    • First, you have to upgrade totem of happiness. After the first upgrade, the shaman will ask you to (1)upgrade it again and (2)fix the stairs. Fixing the stairs will open the upper ground, and the upper ground is where you can get some materials you need for the 2nd upgrade of the totem of happiness.

  18. I’m on level 27. I finished all the task on Forest Island but it won’t open up the next island. What do I do?

    • Finish the Mysterious Island to move on to Pearl Island. Pearl Island will unlock the Jewelry Maker/Set-Up Dialogues. You shall see these missions/dialogues on the left side of the screen once you complete the Mysterious Island and unlock Pearl Island. You will then talk to Bruce and then to Eva. When you talk to Eva, you will get/unlock a jewelry workshop. Perhaps, the level requirement is 37. I am not sure though(about level requirement).

  19. How do I finish Sun island? I’ve been trying to get the gift up in the hill but I can’t find the pathway, I’ve also clicked on the “messy wood storage” or what ever that is at the end of that path but it doesn’t disappear and it becomes more expensive… any help?

  20. For storage you can upgrade the main storage (the chest) or individual storage (food, wood, stone, storehouse). What is the point of upgrading the individual storages? So far all mine are at different levels but my storage limit seems to follow the chest as the individual ones all show the same storage limit. Confused.

    • Yes. The chest icon shows combined storage total. So it does not matter which type of storage building you upgrade, it will increase your total.

  21. Hi. How do I get the rooster? Need meat! I’m at level 23 so I should have gotten it already, right? Or is it an assignment I have not performed yet?

    • Yeah you should’ve had it a while ago. I’m guessing you’re not done worth some of the quistes or islands. Make sure you click all the dialogue bubbles after you’re done and follow all the conversations to the end.

  22. Hi. How do I get the rooster? Need meat! I’m at level 23 so I should have gotten it already, right? Or is it an assignment I have not performed yet?

  23. What’s the best way to get lots of salt? Also how to get more than a couple rubies? What’s the best way to get 3 golden keys for chests as the require them frequently???

  24. I am currently stuck on level 5, have no salt and no energy. I cannot even upgrade my house as it needs me to go to the saw mill, which is out of range. Help!

  25. Help please I’m stuck on gift island after I clear 2 gates and the big snowpile… I can’t go anywhere and I don’t have enough energy to find a way out blocked by a tree or something… Does anyone know?

  26. How do I get rid of the rare items as amber, candles or emerald? My storages are always full and i just want to exchange it for experience but I can’t.

  27. Which provides better value when spending Keys to open chests on Spooky Island.. the 1 key chest or the 3 key chest? Do you get 3 times as many rare resources with the 3 key chest?

    • The 1 key chest will give you x1 gold saw most of the time. While 3 key chest’s rewards vary; you may get a jackpot or the same worth of reward that a small chest gives. I don’t bother with the big chest. The small chest is what I open most of the time.

  28. What are shells for? I have like 60 of them and no use for them that I can see. I think I’d rather have the space for logs and rocks UNLESS they are actually useful to keep. I’m at level 11. Keep or toss?

    • Shells become important when you open the pottery to make clay bowls and pots. And they are harder to get than basic items like rocks, wood, etc.If you are having storage issues, either upgrade a storage or trade other items to the boat merchant. I reccomend focus on upgrading storage whenever possible. It is a constant thing in this game. Always never enough space.

  29. I am in a love/hate relationship with this game! I love playing it but hate the waiting for energy! When one item takes 124 energy to get rid of it and all you have is 72 original and you can’t find any gifts that will give you anymore and you have watched every video there is, what do you do next???

    • puedes sobre pasar tu nivel de energía, alimentando a la familia, viendo los videos, completando los pedidos del chaman y/o el comerciante, comiendo vallas, hongos rojos.

    • That’s weird.

      1- cook and eat. Meals range from 6 energy to 60 as of level 30.
      2- bathroom and shower each give 5x 4 energy per few hours
      3- time fountain gives 3-5 energy and when you feed it 8 times spheres it gives you 40
      4- non pine trees will give you gifts after chopping down
      5- shells will give one energy each
      6- time chests give 30 energy each for a video. Usually refreshed 2x a day. Exit and close game after getting yours.
      7- energy level bar will occasionally also offer 30 energy for a video. These are timed and will go away after a couple hours.
      8- look for special pop up energy timers on top left of screen. Will pop up while you are playing evert so often. Sometimes 3x per hour! Tap on them for a video for 20 energy.

      So many ways to get energy.

    • And! I forgot

      9- the merchant shop. Trace items for 20, 40, or 60 energy & a gold key
      10- the shaman – trade for 20 energy
      11- the totem find on an island quest and upgrade for 4-6 energy per tap 2x per day

  30. On red island, Is the second pit all the way to the left worth doing? I’ve already taken the totem home. I don’t want to waist resources unless it’s worth while.

  31. I am at level 29 and for the last few levels the merchant wants palm leaves and palm logs yet I have no palm trees to get to.

  32. Does anyone know how to complete the explore nearby island quest? I am at level 12 , found all my chests and it still says I need to complete the quest.

    • That quest will only be completed once you have completed ALL the tasks designed for the ‘nearby island’. These tasks will keep on appearing as you explore this island further. So just keep exploring!

  33. I thought I had completed the mission on trasure island and brought all the time orbs but after returning to main island and trasure island disappeared the time orbs was only 4. I think this was a developer error

    • It comes and goes. It will pop up for a few days and then gone again. If you want to maintain the time Totem, focus on exploring it when it comes up. But don’t get too attached to the extra energy from it. Charging it with time spheres only gives so many uses and then it turns off again.

  34. Tip that works well…when you start up after a long wait eat first then get the extra energy…there’s a limit on food once you are over charged on energy

  35. Hi! Does anyone know how or where treasure island is? it says its available after level 10 and I’m at level 25. I want to get the spheres to update the time fountain.

  36. Can anyone help me please.
    I can’t find the knife fork icon to ring the bell and feed the family.
    Thank you

    • Which level are you? The quests only popped up for me when I reached the level that unlocks wheat (26/27-ish). In the garden bed, click on an empty garden bed, scroll down the wheel lower towards your bottom right, after yellow pepper it should show wheat – but youøve probably already figured this out by now lol 🙂 Good luck!

  37. Hi, is snowy and volcano area on home island available? Do I have to unlock it somehow? I’m max lvl, did all possible missions and kind of bored with the game now. Any ideas?

  38. Hi! I am at level 16 and i am stuck at the task dismantle the foundation. i already dismantle the first one and when i tap the task with the magnifying glass it doesnt show where the other foundation is. please help. Thanks

  39. How do you use or select the items in your storage to use for a quest? ex. need feathers but already have the amount needed in storage. how to choose those items instead of creating more?

    • Hi! I am at level 16 and i am stuck at the task dismantle the foundation. i already dismantle the first one and when i tap the task with the magnifying glass it doesnt show where the other foundation is. please help. Thanks

  40. Salut…moi j’ai un problème,je suis au niveau 28 je crois et depuis quelques jours mon jeu ne s’ouvre plus,je ne sais pas quoi faire… Dois-je désinstaller et réinstaller ???
    I am Lost!!!😟😟

  41. I’m at level 29, love island and bird islands accessible with forest island.
    I still havnt got that bloody mixer. How and what damn quest to be done i wonder. ..

  42. I can’t seem to get anymore keys to open chests. Level 29 cruising right along building, doing quests. Just can’t open the chests to get shovels and picks anymore.
    Thank you.

    • I thought I had completed the mission on trasure island and brought all the time orbs but after returning to main island and trasure island disappeared the time orbs was only 4. I think this was a developer error

  43. I thought I could get resin (and I am sure I got resin before) from cutting down a pine tree on the main island, but now no matter which tree or how big, I do not get any resin! Any ideas? Is it a game bug?

  44. On sun island how do u get to the present on the ledge after cleaning the sun statue? It’s on the side of a cliff, and on the other side of the wall

  45. Hi everyone! i have no idea which way i should choose to able to reach the christmas tree upper the rocks. an image would help me so much.Thanks in advance

  46. What quests do I have to do to get to bouncy island. I’m running out of resources and I technically have several islands unlocked however it says complete quest first.

  47. Hi, how can I get gold shovel to open the package from the merchant? And other gold tools to cut torn big tree too? Any tips to get lots of energy ?

    • Go to Storage (tap the wooden chest in the bottom-right corner – near the shop button) -> Basic -> tap stick card -> tap the star button. For example – if it’s 1/49 – that means you have 49 sticks in the storage box and you are going to exchange for 1 experience point aka star.

    • Hi, there’s a new polar island in which it keeps asking me to complete quest to destroy resources. The only quest is to find the holiday tree and to get to that tree I need to destroy resources. What do I do?

      • I’m stuck in the same spot. It says to start the bonfire but it doesn’t do anything when I touch it. I’ve made fireworks & tried everything but it’s not letting me do anything else.

        • I’ve just finished with all three fire pits. For each fire pit I needed a certain amount of fireworks, penguins and candles. Ones I collected each for one fire pit penguins appeared around the fire and I was able to move forward

        • You need to level up, or complete a prior qiest, or reach a certain amount of event points. All meaningless at this point because the event is over.

    • It gives you energy over time, until it breaks. Then you fix it and it resumes. If you let it cap at 5, you’re wasting time, as it won’t accumulate beyond 5.

    • Whenever I try to chop a tree or anything tgat is accessible to me, it says, “dad is stuck and he needs your help” and I am unable to chop the tree or whatsoever. What do I do? Why does it keep saying so?

      • I guess when Dad has a lot of unfinished quests to do, he will be stuck. I have ignored Dad’s tasks listed in the left side of my screen for I’ve been busy with Rudy’s quest. I am not really sure, but so far this is what I thought so. 😊

      • I guess when Dad has a lot of unfinished quests to do, he will be stuck. I have ignored Dad’s tasks listed in the left side of my screen for I’ve been busy with Rudy’s quest. I am not really sure, but so far this is what I thought so. 😊

    • Unfortunately, the shaman gives out A LOT of different items that can mostly be obtained from him. The higher you lvl, the more he gives, so getting Candles & Claws & other low-lvl items can be challenging.

      If you haven’t completed the quests on Sun Island yet, there are thorn plants there that ALSO give Claws.

      I recommend never finishing the questlines on islands, unless you have cleared ALL of the resources.