We Happy Restaurant Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

We Happy Restaurant is an idle management type game for mobile by ChillyRoom. Check out We Happy Restaurant guide, tips, cheats & strategy

ChillyRoom’s casual Idle game We Happy Restaurant features plenty of things to do; build, upgrade, recruiting customers, service management, and more. In this game, you will manage a restaurant and grow it by building, upgrading machines, attracting more customers, and fulfilling their needs. If you have just started playing it, then a handy guide with loads of tips & tricks would be useful to start strong and play for free for a long time. Today’s post is all about We Happy Restaurant guide and We Happy Restaurant tips, cheats & strategies.


We Happy Restaurant1.) The Basics – Customers first visit the service counter and get their desired food. If the desired food items are not available, then you will see an angry emoji on them. Tap the customer to check his/her favorite items. If the items are available, then the worker at the service counter will prepare the dish for him/her. You can speed up the preparation by tapping the speed up button(tap the service counter -> speed up). After getting the food items, the customer will pay you cash/money and enter the restaurant seating/dining area.

Tap the customer and hit the digest button to make him digest fast. So this is the cycle.

2.) Recruiting New Customers -> You can recruit new customers through the booth. Tap it and hit the refresh button. After it, tap the persuade button. In some of the mini-tasks, you will be challenged to recruit a specific type of customers. At the bottom-left corner of the screen, tap the customer bar and there you can see the type of customers.

3.) Customer Level Up -> After consuming a certain number of meals at the restaurant, the level of a customer will increase. Tap the customer roaming in the restaurant -> just below the desired food items, you can check the number of meals to reach the next level. You can use resell feature to force him/her.

When the customer’s level increases, his/her desired food items will change. And, you will earn more money.

4.) New Food Items and The Customer’s Preferences – As the time passes or customer’s level increase, their preference will change and they will demand new food items. You can unlock new food items by upgrading the machines. Tap the machine -> upgrade. It will cost you cash. By tapping the customer, you can check their preference.

5.) Angry Customers and How To Deal With Them? – That’s pretty weird mechanics in We Happy Restaurant game. You will often see the customers in the angry mood; try to resell the food or let them go. After roaming for a few minutes, they will disappear automatically. You will have to recruit customers every now and then to make more sales.

6.) Customer Happiness – In We Happy Restaurant game, at the bottom, there is a happiness bar. When its gauge reaches the maximum point, you will be able to activate the joy mode in which you earn loads of money in a few seconds.

Sell the food to customers to increase the happiness bar’s gauge. Additionally, you can use radioactive gravy to generate more happiness. Radioactive Gravy is produced in gravy machine.

We Happy Restaurant7.) Sauce Machine Series – If you swipe a bit or head to the left side of the road(swipe from left to right), you will find another restaurant base. That’s your HQ. There you can build the warehouse and other buildings to produce these items –

  • Deep Dark Fantamaker – Produces deep dark fantasauce. This sauce lets you earn more EXP from each meal served to the customer
  • Szechuan Sauce Machine – Produces Szechuan sauce. This sauce lets the customer move fast.
  • Air Sauce – This sauce lets you make more money from each meal served.
  • Radioactive Gravy Machine – Produces gravy sauce which helps you generate more happiness
  • Plastic Chocolate Maker – Produces chocolate which helps the customers in the digestion

We Happy Restaurant8.) How To Use Sauce – Tap the service counter -> then tap the + button and choose the sauce. The worker at the service counter will automatically serve the sauce with the food items.

So that’s all for now as We Happy Restaurant guide. Let’s take a look at our top We Happy Restaurant tips, cheats & strategies!

We Happy Restaurant Tips & Tricks⇓

1.) Complete The HQ Tasks For Green Essence

The green essence is one of the in-game items in We Happy Restaurant. You can not produce it in the machines or earn from the customers. But it’s very useful; you can use it to speed-up sauce production, instant upgrades, and more.

To earn green essence, complete the main character tasks. Go to the HQ side(Sauce machines, warehouse side). There you will see the main character who guides you throughout the game. Tap him and note the task. Complete it as soon as possible and get the green essence reward.

2.) Persuade Often, But Wisely

Angry customers will leave the restaurant over time. Sometimes, when you resell them, they ignore it. That’s the game mechanics. So to earn money continuously, you will have to recruit customers over time. Tap the booth and follow on-screen instructions. On the persuade screen, you can manually select the customers. Tap the details button to check the level and next level details.

Pay attention to their desired food items; if you have all the items available, then recruit that customer. On the other hand, if the item is not yet available(you can unlock new items by upgrading the machines), then ignore him/her.

3.) Take Care Of The Customers

You can help the customers in a number of ways;

  • Customer eating the food – Tap the customer -> tap to digest
  • Customer buying the food – Tap the service counter -> speed up
  • Add sauce; read the sauce guide above
  • Upgrade machines to unlock new items for the customer
  • Enhance the restaurant with new decoration

4.) Upgrade The Restaurant, Expand!

To build more machines and service counter in the restaurant, you will have to expand. Tap the pig statue and hit the upgrade button. After the upgrade, you will be able to install a new service counter and machines at the restaurant. Additionally, the design will also change.

5.) Watch The TV Programs

You can earn green essence for free by watching the video ad. Outside the restaurant, there would be a cool character with the TV. Tap the character and watch the video ad for free green essence.

6.) Upgrade Instantly, For Free

We Happy RestaurantMost of the time, the game offers the player to complete the upgrade instantly by spending green essence. But you can do it for free by watching the video ad. All you need to keep an eye on that machine. A small bubble message will appear. Tap it watch the video ad to complete the upgrade instantly.

7.) Complete The Mini-Tasks

You can earn loads of cash by completing the daily mini-tasks. At the top-left corner of the screen, tap the character icon -> check the tasks. Since customers pay a small reward for food, these mini-tasks will help you in earning more.

So these are the top We Happy Restaurant tips for the beginners. If you have more tips to share with fellow players, comment below!

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