Raid Shadow Legends guide: tips, cheats & strategies

New to the Raid Shadow Legends game? Understand all of its aspects with this Raid Shadow Legends guide available with tips, cheats & strategies for newbies

Raid Shadow Legends guide and tips: –

This article covers how to play Raid Shadow Legends, about the battles, champions, aura skills, artifacts, and other things such as masteries, getting stronger, upgrades for champions, etc. So, let’s get straight to the Raid Shadow Legends guide and tips: – 

Guide To Raid Shadow Legends Battles

Raid: Shadow Legends⇒The turn-based battle mechanics featured in the Raid: Shadow Legends game is pretty easy to understand. The player creates a party of champions who fight against the opposing team or monsters. If you are playing the campaign mode, then to get 3* in the battle, you will have to strike down the enemy team with 2 or fewer champions + there should not be any casualty. If you are playing other modes such as dungeon, arena, it does not matter. You can go with the four champions. If you are not getting 3* with 2 characters, then go with the full team and progress further. You can always play the old stages anytime. So once your top two best characters have massive power, play the stages where you didn’t get the 3-stars.

⇒When selecting the champions for the battle, you should pay attention to the elemental relationship. At the bottom-left corner of a monster or character, you can check its element. All these creatures belong to one of the five elements; red, green, blue, and purple. Red beats blue, blue beats green, and green beats red. If you select the strong element character, you will get an advantage(increase in damage, reduction in receiving damage(enemy attacks).

Raid: Shadow Legends⇒In the battle, you use the champions’ skills to deal damage, apply buffs, debuffs, and give support. Just above the character’s head, the green bar displays the health of an ally or monster. The yellow bar above the character’s head displays the turn-meter. If it’s full, then your character will get the turn. It fills gradually as you progress in the battle. All the champions in Raid: Shadow Legends have unique skills, role, and stats. So you must read their skill details, role details in the champions menu before you proceed further into the battles. This helps you to use the champions’ skills at the right time and on the right target.

⇒Just above the enemy’s head, the color of the arrow displays the attack effect. The green arrow means the enemy is weak against the champion who is on the turn, the yellow arrow means there is no extra bonus over that enemy. The red arrow indicates the enemy is stronger than your champion in affinity. We have already discussed the affinity mechanics in point number 2(above). If the enemy is weak in affinity, your champion will deal more damage. If it’s the same(yellow arrow), there would not be any bonus. And, if it’s strong(red arrow), your champion will deal less damage. That’s why you should select the champions wisely.

Raid: Shadow Legends⇒Battle Rewards -> On the stage selection screen, on the left side, you can check the reward that you may get on the victory. It could be a champion, shard, a potion, scroll, artifacts, accessory, and more.

So this is the Raid: Shadow Legends Guide to battles. Let’s have a look at Raid: Shadow Legends guide to champions.

Guide To Raid Shadow Legends Champions

You can check the best champions list in this RAID Shadow Legends tier list

Getting Champions In Raid Shadow Legends

On the main screen of the game, tap the portal option. This will take you to the summoning portal where you spend the shards to summon champions. There are a variety of shards; mystery shards, ancient shards, void shard, sacred shard. Depending on the shard quality, you get the champion. For example; You can get legendary or epic rarity champions using Sacred Shard. Use the void shard to get rare, epic, legendary rarity champions. In addition to these shards, you need to spend silver. Silver is the in-game currency that you can obtain from the campaign battles, quests, challenges, dungeons.

Getting All Sorts Of Shards In RAID

Mystery Shard: –

  1. Campaign Battles
  2. Shop
  3. Kaerok Castle
  4. Sewers of Arnoc
  5. Catacombs of Narbuk
  6. Durham Forest
  7. Felwin’s Gate
  8. Palace of Aravia
  9. Tilshire
  10. Valdemar Strait
  11. The Deadlands
  12. Godfrey’s Crossing
  13. Hallowed Halls
  14. Void Keep
  15. Spirit Keep
  16. Magic Keep
  17. Force Keep
  18. Dragon’s Lair
  19. Ice Golem’s Peak
  20. Fire Knight’s Castle

Ancient Shard: –

  1. Complete all the weekly quests
  2. Void Keep
  3. Spirit Keep
  4. Magic Keep
  5. Force Keep
  6. Dragon’s Lair
  7. Ice Golem’s Peak
  8. Fire Knight’s Castle
  9. Free(Once in a week in the shop)

Void Shard: –

  • Monthly Quest
  • Shop

Sacred Shard: –

  • Complete all the monthly quests
  • Shop

Getting Familiar With The Champions’ Roles

Raid: Shadow LegendsIn Raid: Shadow Legends, all the champions have one of these roles; attack, defense, support, and HP. Attackers are good in dealing damage to the enemies. Defenders protect the allies in the battle with their skills. Supporters support the allies with their healing or buff skills. HP type champions have healing skills, defense buffs, and debuff skills. Go to the champions menu -> select a champion -> at the top-right corner, you can check its role.

Guide To Aura Skills

Raid: Shadow LegendsSome champions have a unique aura skill that impacts all the team members. There would be a special aura skill icon at the top-right of the champion’s portrait. For example; Galek has an aura skill, which increases ally HP in all battles by 15%. You can check the champion’s aura skill in the skill tab of the champion menu.

Guide To Raid Shadow Legends Artifacts

Raid: Shadow LegendsThere are five types of artifacts; life, offense, defense, critical rate, and lifesteal. You get these artifcats from the campaign battles and dungeon modes or from the shop or as a login reward. Artifacts or Equipment(weapon, helmet, armor, boots, hand, shield) increases the stats of a champion. If you equip the 2/4 artifacts of the same type, a set effect will get activated. For example; Life type artifact increases HP, offense type artifact increases attack, defense type artifacts increase defense, lifesteal artifact increases healing stats. (BY 15%).

Go to the champion menu -> select a champion -> in the artifacts tab, you can equip these artifacts. Tap a slot -> then select an artifact -> you get three options; sell, equip, upgrade. Sell the artifacts for silver. Equip the artifact to increase stats. Upgrade the artifact to increase stats further.

In the stats table, you can check the changes in the champion’s stats.

Guide To Champions Skills

Go to the champion menu -> select the champion -> go to the skills tab -> tap the skill to get details. To upgrade these skills, you need tomes or duplicate champions. You can get tomes through progression reward, login reward or from the shop/packs.

Guide To RAID Masteries

You can raise the champion’s stats(attack, defense, support) by activating mastery skills. All you need to do is earn scrolls from the dungeon mode -> then use these scrolls to unlock masteries. (champions -> masteries -> tap the + button). For the scrolls, raid the enemies in Minotaur’s Labyrinth dungeon mode.

Level Up The  Champions

There are two ways to raise the level of a champion in Raid: Shadow Legends game; use them in the battles or sacrifice low-grade champions. Tap the tavern option on the main screen. After that, select the champion that you want to level up. After that, select the champions to use as a sacrificial material.

Or add the champions in the team for the battle. They will earn experience upon the victory.

Upgrade The Champion’s Rank

Once a champion reaches the maximum level, he/she will not gain any experience. To increase the level cap of a champion, the player needs to upgrade rank. Tap tavern option -> upgrade rank -> select the champion(to rank up). After that, select the champions of the same rank. The number of champions required to rank-up a champion depends on the star level.

Ascend The Champions

The player can further improve the champion’s stats through ascending. In this process, you need ascend potions, which can be obtained from the dungeon mode.

So this is the Raid: Shadow Legends guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Raid: Shadow Legends tips & tricks.

Build Champions Wisely

As mentioned in the above guide, champions are of four types; attackers, defenders, HP, support. And, if you equip the 2/4 artifacts of the same type, a set effect will get activated. You should do this in the right way. For example; to boost the attackers, you should equip(set-effect) offense type/crit-type artifacts. For defenders, defense artifacts. For HP, life artifacts. Activate the set effect by equipping two or four artifacts of the same type. Lifesteal set is good for all.

Go to the champion menu -> tap the champion -> tap the review button above the level bar -> go to recommended artifacts tab -> here you can check the recommended artifact set for the champion.

Build A Balanced Team

In your team, must add a defender(defenders have skills, which protect allies), healers(to heal allies), attackers, and buffers/debuffers.

Don’t Waste Tomes

Tomes are required to upgrade the champion’s skill. This item is hard to get. Don’t waste it on a useless champion(common or uncommon). You get these tomes as a login reward, progression reward, challenges.

Repeat The Stages, Farm Resources

To make the champions stronger, you can raise their level, equip artifacts, upgrade artifacts, their rank, and there are many more ways. For leveling up, add the champions in the team and repeat the stages to farm EXP. Repeat the stages for artifacts(you can sell useless artifacts for silver). Play the dungeon mode to farm potions, scrolls, shards, artifacts.

Save Gems To Unlock Mine

If you are going to play this game for a long time, then we would recommend you to save gems and unlock the mine. The mine in Raid: Shadow Legends produces gems for free.

Check The Market Deals

You can get a high-grade artifact(epic) from the market. Make sure to check the market deals every day and grab the best artifacts if available.

Complete The Challenges

You can earn tomes and ancient shard by completing the daily challenges.

Complete The Quests

To level up fast or earn shards in Raid: Shadow Legends, complete all the quests; daily, weekly, monthly, achievements.

Link The Account To Save Progress

It’s very important to link the game to FB or Plarium account if you don’t want to lose the progress. If you uninstall the game and install it again, you will not be able to continue with the same account. To link the game to FB or Plarium account -> tap the player avatar icon at the upper-left corner -> connect to Plarium ID or FB.

So these are the basic Raid: Shadow Legends tips for the beginners. If you have more tips to share with other fellow players, comment below!

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