Wil Knight Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Wil KnightWil Knight is a simple yet challenging game for mobile by 111%. Check out our Wil Knight guide, tips, cheats & strategy to master the game

111%, well-known for BBTAN and Wild Tamer games, has just released a brand new simple game, named as Wil Knight, In the game, you play as a knight and progress level by level by defeating the enemies, stage boss. Wil Knight features a wide range of pets, gears, and challenging levels. The concept is also pretty simple. If you are having the trouble understanding its mechanics or looking for tips, then this post on Wil Knight guide and Wil Knight tips, cheats & strategy will help you.


When you defeat a wave of enemies, you could get a random level gear. You can merge the two same level gears to discover a new one; high-level. For example; merging two level 5 weapons bring you to level 6 weapon. You can equip a weapon, helmet, armor, and a horse. Clearing the stages will reward a random level item which you can merge with the same level item to get an upper-level item.

To progress to a new stage, you must defeat the stage boss who comes in the light when you clear all the waves of enemies. The knight has limited HP. When you attack the enemy, HP gets reduced. And, when you clear a wave, Knight’s HP gets recovered. Additionally, when you defeat the wave, you will see a shop(marked with sword icon). Tap the sword board to enter the shop. There you can sell, merge gears. Selling the gears will give you free coins.

If you get defeat, the knight will return to the town.


There are five shops in the town: –

  1. Blacksmith – Here you can merge, sell gears. Symbol – Sword
  2. Hatching – Here you can hatch the egg and get a random pet. Symbol – Paw
  3. In-Game Shop – In-app purchases and free gold coins offer. Symbol – Bag of coins
  4. Merchant Shop – Here you can buy chests by spending the coins. Symbol –

Merging And Selling

Head to the blacksmith shop for both the features; tap the gear and choose to sell for coins. Hold down and drag a gear over another one to merge. Keep in mind that not all the time you get a high-level item. Sometimes, it fails.

Hatching Eggs

Wil KnightIn Wil Knight game, sometimes you get eggs by defeating the enemies; from a particular wave. You can hatch the egg at the hatchery. Go to the town; tap the paw icon -> tap the hammer icon to break/hatch that egg. You will have to watch the video ad. From this egg, you can obtain a pet; normal, unique/legendary/rare.

All the pets or animals in Wil Knight provide different stats boosts to the knight; HP, attack, critical hit, speed, defense, and more.

You can further upgrade these pets and add more stats boost to compete in elite stages. Tap the animal or pet -> hit the upgrade button. It will cost you coins. The cost will increase as you upgrade the pet/animal.

You can earn coins by defeating the enemies. So that’s all for now as Wil Knight guide. Let’s take a look at our top Wil Knight tips, cheats & strategy.

Wil Knight Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Step Back, Gather, And Merge To Progress

The difficulty level rises up as you progress to the next stages. To clear the hard stages in Wil Knight, you will need a good set of equipment. If you are stuck, then repeat the old stages -> gather low-level gear -> merge and get the higher level equipment. Additionally, if you are low on coins, the repeating the old stages will also help you.

3.) Upgrade The Pets 

Pets or animals provide a variety of stat boost to the knight; increase in attack, defense, critical hit, speed, and more. Make sure to upgrade the equipped animal to improve further.

4.) Pay Attention To The Gear’s Stats

Like pets, all the gears have different attributes. For example; some weapons also increase the HP, defense as well as attack. Whereas, some weapons increase the critical hit, speed stats. So make sure to equip the best one. Go the gear menu -> select a gear to check the stats.

5.) Buy The Chests

Wil KnightFrom the merchant shop in the town, you can purchase three types of chests in Wil Knight game; normal, unique, and random. We would recommend you to save coins and buy unique chest to get high-level equipment.

6.) Watch The Video Ads For Coins

Wil KnightIn the shop section, under the gold offers, you can grab the 2000 gold offer by watching the video ad. If you are just short on buying a unique chest, then go for it.

So that’s all for now as Wil Knight guide and Wil Knight tips & tricks. You can share your tips in the comment section below!

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  1. What is the best gear after stage 3 and 4?
    I got superior gears but it’s quite difficult to upgrade the gear after a certain level. Is there any hint or tip to go further? Thx.