Art of War Legions Guide: Strategy, Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Art of War Legions is a strategy game for Android and iOS where you play as a commander and lead legions of tiny armies. Read on for the Art of War Legions game guide, tips, cheats & strategy
Art of War: Legions

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Art of War Legions⇓

Fastone Games, the publishers behind Hello Stars game, has just added a brand new war game called Art of War Legions to their app portfolio. On Android, the Art of War Legions game is published by 10TP Studio. It has PvE and PvP Arena game mode where you build a legion of tiny armies to strike down the enemy’s army. Also, it has an Idle system – so you earn in-game currency while not playing the game. If you have just started playing this game, then you are on the right page. This Art of War: Legions guide covers all the basic concepts of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Art of War: Legions tips, cheats & strategies that may help you. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Art of War Legions Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

All the players in Art of War Legions start their journey from the campaign mode, which features hundreds of levels. As you complete a certain number of levels, new game modes such as Headhunt or Treasure Hunt, the PvP arena gets unlocked. Also, you discover new troops, get more slots to deploy on the battlefield, and increase the idle reward. From the PvE levels where you fight enemy territories, you earn gold coins. There are two in-game currencies in Art of War Legions – Gold coins and Diamond. And both these currencies can be earned by playing the game; as an Idle reward or battle reward. In your army, you can add troops and a hero – also, you can increase their power through upgrades. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Art of War Legions game strategy, guide, tips & tricks –

Get Familiar With Troops⇓

Art of War Legions game features dozen of troops; each troop has its characteristics. You will find troops with melee attacks, ranged-abilities, mage-skills, etc. Some of the troops have high Defense, while some have high Attack Power. Also, some possess special abilities; for example – Pilgrims can heal the allies during the battle. Troops with high Defense can lead from the front because their high DEF can soak most of the damage dealt by enemies. While the troops with high attack stats usually have low Defense, so place them behind the tanky units.

For example – Iron Guards have high DEF, Archers have high attack stats. So it’s better to get familiar with each troop that you have so that you can assign them based on their strength – defensive units in the front row and followed by attackers like Archers, Bomber, or supporters like Pilgrims in the back rows.

You can learn about the units in the troop(s) menu of the game. In the footer menu, go to the Hero tab; it has two tabs; Hero and Troop. Go to the Troop tab -> tap the troop avatar/card -> this will open the troop’s profile where you can check its stats like Load, DEF, HP, Attack SPD, Characteristics. This menu gives you a comprehensive troop guide; their stats, abilities, etc. So make sure to read all the troops’ details.

Best Troops Tier List In Art of War Legions Game⇓

Art of War tier list 2021 is yet to be updated! This one is a pretty old tier list: –

  1. Demon 
  2. Paladin
  3. Meteor Golem
  4. Undead Soldier
  5. Beast Master
  6. Archers
  7. Harbinger of Fire
  8. Witchcraft Totem
  9. Pilgrims
  10. Ghost Assassins
  11. Priest Mage
  12. Magic Apprentice
  13. Catapult
  14. Ice Mage
  15. Bandits
  16. Soul Hunter
  17. Templar Knight
  18. Yasha
  19. Viking Warrior
  20. Ogre Warrior
  21. Scholar
  22. Fire Mage
  23. Inquisitor
  24. Hell Jailers
  25. Iron Guards
  26. Bomber
  27. Infantry
  28. Necromancer

The top-rank troops such as Demon Paladin, Meteor Golem, etc. are the best troops in Art of War Legions – where the bottom-rank troops such as Necromancer, Infantry, Bomber, Iron Guards are not much worthy. Note – strategically placing the troops is important – otherwise, they would be useless. 

Level Up The Troops In Art of War Legions⇓

By raising the troops’ level, you can increase their combat capabilities or attributes like HP, ATK, DEF, ATK SPD, etc. All you have to do is merge the same level troop units to get an upper-level of the same unit. For example – 1-star Archer with 1-Archer = 2-star Archer. High-Star troops units have better stats. You can get the troops by spending the gold coins or gems. Tap the battle button -> in the bottom-right corner, you can use the gold coins to get a random troop.

Head to the shop -> there you can buy Normal Card Pack, Super Card Pack form normal or rare troop units. It costs you thousands of gold coins or hundreds of gems. You can easily clear the PvE stages because they are not too hard to complete – but in PvP, you will face real players with powerful armies – so make sure to level up the troops.

You can merge or level up the troops on the battle formation screen. All you need to do is drag the same unit to another same unit.Art of War: Legions

Claim The Idle Reward⇓

As we mentioned in the Art of War Legions game overview, there is an Idle System. The troops in the battle formation fight the enemies all time and you earn gold coins gems on an hourly basis. On the home screen of the game, tap the chest and claim the reward every hour. It gives you free gold coins and gems every hour – the amount of reward from this Idle chest depends on the PvE Levels progress. So keep clearing the levels and increase the Idle Rewards amount.Art of War: Legions

Open The Hero Boxes⇓

Every 5 or 10 stages in PvE, the game gives you a special reward; it could be a chest or few gems. From the hero boxes, you can get a hero. If you get the identical hero that you already have, then the game will convert it into shards that you can use to upgrade the hero. Also, the chest takes time to open – you can reduce the time by watching the video Ad. All you need to do is tap the chest box at the top of the screen when it’s locked – then watch the video Ad by tapping offer -> that’s it.

Learn About Art of War Legions Heroes⇓

In Art of War Legions, there are lots of heroes who have active skills that you can unleash during the battle by tapping their portrait -> also, they possess passive skills. All the heroes have unique skills and you can select only one hero for the battle. If you have too many heroes unlocked, then make sure to read their skill details and select the one that suits your team. Go to the Hero tab -> tap the hero portrait -> use the navigation keys to switch between heroes -> tap the skill button to read the skill description. Upgrade the hero to raise his skill effect. Audit all the Art of War Legions heroes that you have obtained so far – read their skills and figure out the best ones. Legendary heroes are the best/top-tier heroes in the game – thanks to their legendary skill. But they are hard to get! 

Also, it does not mean that EPIC, RARE Heroes – all are bad. They can be pretty useful too; some of them have healing skills (Tree of Life hero), while some of them have damage or CC skills. 

  • Some of the best heroes in the Art of War game are; Davison(Legendary), Ainz(Epic), Apollo(Legendary), Hohenheim(for gold farming, his passive skill helps you get more gold – rare). 

Build The Best Formation⇓

Building the best formation in the Art of War Legions game is not an easy task; since there are lots of troops in the game, it would be confusing who to add and who to avoid. The first thing is to choose a great hero(read the heroes’ guide above for more details on which hero is the best). The next thing is to choose the troops and place them strategically on the formation; front, mid and rare. Placing the troop units strategically is one of the important things to do while building the best formation.

We recommend adding the melee and mage units in front(melee troops are the units that attack from a close range; for example – bandits, iron guard, infantry, etc. – all these units use melee weapons). Placing mage units in the front can help you divert the enemy’s front-line troops. And, placing melee units in front help you guard the mid-row troops. In the mid-row, add the ranged-troops; the troops with long-distance attacks. For example; archers. In the rear/back row, add mages and tanks. To deal with ghost assassins, add mages in the back row. 

Here’s the breakdown: –

  • Your ranged troops inflict high damage – they must be protected; you can use melee or tank units or mage units to deal with enemies so that they would not target the ranged-DPS units
  • Tank units in the front or some in the back help you soak the damage from the enemies
  • Melee units help you stall the enemies targeting the troops in the back row
  • Mages can help you divert the enemy troops’ attacks

Share your Art of War Legions best formation tips in the comments. 

Get Coins By Watching Ads⇓

Go to the shop and there you will find a free treasure offer – it gives around 1500 gold coins by watching a video ad. You can claim this offer three times a day – save the coins, buy the troops – merge them, and expand the army.

Avail Sponsored Offers For Free Gems⇓

Go to the Shop and scroll down to the bottom – there you will find sponsor offers – all you need to do is install the apps and claim the reward; gems. Save gems and spend on premium troops/packs.

Play All The Game Modes⇓

Other than the PvE campaign, you can play treasure hunt mode to earn gems or gold coins. From the Arena, based on the rankings, you can earn keys, chests, gold coins, and hero boxes.

Complete The Daily Quest⇓

In the top-right corner, tap the daily quest icon below VIP badge -> complete the quests for gold coins and gems.

Unlock Chapters In Expedition Mode⇓

In the Art of War Legions Expedition mode, you proceed by chapters. In each chapter, you will have a certain number of stages to complete. Once you complete all, you will get to play the next chapter – only if you meet the level requirements. What is level? The number of stages you cleared in the normal battle mode determines the current level. For example – if you have completed 200 stages in the normal battle mode(home screen -> above the battle button, you can check the stages), you will unlock the chapter 2. Here are the level requirements for each chapter(as of now, there are 3 chapters – new chapters will go live in next updates) – 

  • Chapter 1 – Level 70
  • Chapter 2 – Level 200
  • Chapter 3 – Level 400
  • Chapter 4 – Level 700
  • Chapter 5 – Level 1000
  • Chapter 6 – Level 1400
  • Chapter 7 – Level 1800
  • Chapter 8 – Level 2200
  • Chapter 9 – Level 2600
  • Chapter 10 – Level 3000
  • Chapter 11 – Level 3400
  • Chapter 12 – Level 3800
  • Chapter 13 – Level 4200
  • Chapter 14 – Level 4600
  • Chapter 15 – Level 5000

Art of War Legions Cheats⇓

At the moment, there are no Art of War Legions cheats available. If you want free rewards, then make sure to keep an eye on the redeem codes. You can find the codes here

Also, see – 

So this would be all in this Art of War Legions guide, cheats, tips & tricks for beginners. Do you have more tips, troop, or formation strategies to share? Comment below! We would recommend you joining the FB group of the game if you have more questions. 

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91 thoughts on “Art of War Legions Guide: Strategy, Cheats, Tips & Tricks”

  1. I’m new, I like the game. In expedition (using android) chapter 2 level 12 I’m only allowed to attack with half the troops and not all like the game sometimes does. How do I use all my troops at one time?

  2. Once you reach a certain level, you hit a pay wall. It took 3 full weeks to get past level 3826, I think and I have been stuck for 2 weeks now at level 4548.

    • i cleared 8k level without pay the game in 2 months.
      whats the matter is right formation with right hero.

      get seondeok or davison at least lv2 for quick leveling. be sure to disable auto-skill for davi

      basically you should put Magic Apprentices / Ghost assassin in front row. second row is ogres/golems/other tanks

      third fourth five is ranged (seondeok) . last row goblikazes and undead/paladin/tanks
      for davi, put more paladins and cactuses and happy tank and reflect the attacks

    • Use Davison as your Hero at Lvl 7 or above. And Turn off the Auto Button. Should get you th rot 8with no bleep. Make your Army is fairly strong.

    • Use Davison as your Hero at Lvl 7 or above. And Turn off the Auto Button. Should get you through Lvl 8000 with no problem. Make sure your Army is fairly strong.

  3. The game cheats you until you pay money then you’ll win again… game ! That’s goddamn wrong !!!

  4. For the love of god plz implement pvp for guild and for friends (friend list ) il turn it into the best game replacing clash of clans

    • canI ask for a little help in interpreting the game???,

      For the report, there are three icons and I can’t interpret what those icons are
      troop details:
      The sword

      heart with lightning

      gray shield with arrow
      thx: Tom

      • Sword : Damage your troops did
        Heart: Damage your troops took from enemies
        Shield : Damage nullified (because each troops has a defense that deducts a part of the damage dealth to him by enemies

  5. PLEASE HELP!!! I cannot for the life of me figure out what the little clock/person in the lower left is on the battle level screens.

    • That is the counter for your reinforcement troops. While the battle is going, you get one extra troops. I put it on auto (tabs to the right of the counter). The as each reinforcement troop is ready, it will be released.

    • canI ask for a little help in interpreting the game???,

      For the report, there are three icons and I can’t interpret what those icons are
      troop details:
      The sword

      heart with lightning

      gray shield with arrow
      thx: Tom

      • Sorry, I don’t understand the question. Do you mean the troop attributes?
        Sword: attack attribute
        Sword with clock: attack speed attribute
        Heart: health
        Heart with lightning: healing?
        Shield: Defense
        Shield With Arrow/Sword: Melee Attack Type
        Dart With Sword: Distance

  6. I confess I’m addicted to Expeditions only. They are the best part of this game, but just only three chapters???
    I have completed all… and now what?
    I’m depressed of replaying the same boring battles again and again, always winning and growing this dull army that gives me no satisfaction… I’m only at Level 800 now, but very bored without expeditions: the only brilliant challenge of this game.

  7. Balista
    how do we get these…game says coming soon but i see people with some of them

    Sanctuary Swordsman

  8. Thank you for this great guide!

    I miss some troops in your best troops tier list, maybe this troops are new… My app Version is german so i am not sure about the names in english.

    – Ballista (rare)
    – Goblikazes (rare)
    – thugs (epic)
    – holy swordsman (legendary)

    • You have to get to level 2001, I believe from the main “Battle” fights (home screen). The little circle numbers above “Battle” rectangle tell you what level you are currently on. I am working my way to that as well.

      I found out by going into the troops (heros screen, second tab at the top) section and pressing the bottom right arrow (after you click on a troop) to see stats for higher level troops. Once you get to troops that are too “high” for your level, it will tell you what you need to do to get them.

  9. It doesn’t seem to matter if I win or lose on the normal combat levels. I get coins based on the number I killed and move on. Am I missing something? Is there any harm done by completing levels with defeats? This wasn’t an issue until I got to the higher levels. I used to win every time no problem but I am at 1900 now and I win at least half. I’m not sure if I should keep battling and just take the coins I get or wait until I can build up my troops better because it’s not good to pass levels with a defeat.

    • To unlock chapters in Art of War Legions expedition mode, you need to meet the level requirements: –
      Chapter 1 – Level 70
      Chapter 2 – Level 200
      Chapter 3 – Level 400
      Chapter 4 – Level 700
      Chapter 5 – Level 1000
      Chapter 6 – Level 1400
      Chapter 7 – Level 1800
      Chapter 8 – Level 2200
      Chapter 9 – Level 2600
      Chapter 10 – Level 3000
      Chapter 11 – Level 3400
      Chapter 12 – Level 3800
      Chapter 13 – Level 4200
      Chapter 14 – Level 4600
      Chapter 15 – Level 5000
      As per the current version of the game, there are only 3 chapters. To unlock chapter 2 in expedition mode, you must be level 200 or higher/ Hope this helps/.

      • I am at level 4300 but cannot play Chapter 6, but it is said for Chapter 6 I only need level 1400 . So Why i canonit Play chapter 6!?!!

  10. I believe you need all 20 stars to open next expedition. Currently there are 3. Chapter 4 is coming soom and has not been made yet

  11. I have completed expedition chapter 1, but is not allowing me to acces chapter 2 yet. do i need to be a certain level to get to chapter 2?

  12. Van egy jó tippem:
    Ha sok a katonád, kb. 160 (összesítve), és többet akarsz, akkor gyűjtsél
    a “Recruit Campban” a
    “Common or Rare troopsnál
    arra, amiből 30 katonát kapsz
    270K coinért.
    Én gyűjtöttem 1M 80K pénzt, és rohadt sokat kaptam abból.
    (Legalább 4-szer megvettem)

  13. My hero box says 17 but I am buying them up faster then I can claim them. Is there a way to claim more then 1 at a time?

      • The trick to it is being fast, you have to upgrade your bottom two castles , the right one to max and the left one to lvl 3
        ,youll must wait untill you get 30+ troops with your left one and attack the castle with 20 above your left castle, upgrade that one now to 4 and your old lvl 3 to max, then wait untill you have charged all of the castles to 20+ troops and attack the middle 30 one with everything you have, then keep sending troops from your 3 castles to the middle one and keep upgrading the middle one, youll notice the enemy will try and take the middle from you and thats why you keep sending troops ,you cant stop sending them, when you get the middle castle to at least lvl 4, attack the middle castle of the 3 castles in the upper row, just so you can hold the enemy back in growing there numbers, its oke if you lose this one after again cause the enemy has to level it to max again, in that time you atack the right castles ,when you get those to at least lvl 3 , you attack with all your castles the middle one in the upper row , when you get that you go straight to attacking the last remaining enemy castle. Easy right? Thank me later ?

  14. How do I battle an epic hero ??? Its on the daily quest & everytime I tap “go to” it just sends me home ?

      • There are 2 troops that say “Locked” are the locked bc they haven’t come out yet? Or bc you need to do something else to unlock them?

        • Hi everyone, I’ve been playing this game for over a year. I am a free to play player. I will say as soon as you can join a clan and get on discord your new clan will help you with formations and which hero’s to use. I was lost until I did this I’m now over level 6000 and hit conqueror level on arena each season. Best of luck