Wild West Heroes Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Wild West Heroes is a new Idle AFK RPG for mobile by GOAT Games. Read on for Wild West Heroes guide packed with tips, cheats & strategies

Wild West Heroes Guide Tips Cheats

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Wild West Heroes Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

In this post, you will learn “how to play the Wild West Heroes game”, about the characters, tips for progression, and other aspects such as buildings, upgrades, events, and much more. Beginning with the basics and then moving forward to the core concepts! Let’s get started: Wild West Heroes guide, tips, cheats & strategies: –

Grasping The Basic Concepts First

(1) This game is quite grindy: a lot of resources will be needed to develop the heroes so that you can beat the powerful enemies at higher stages. Thankfully, the game generates resources while you are AFK or not playing the game. But that does not mean you should waste these resources in developing all the heroes. 

(2) The PvE battles are automatic; all you have to do is build up a strong team of heroes keeping the formation/faction set-ups in mind and you are good to go. During the battle, your heroes in the team will unleash their abilities to beat the opponent team and will continue to move forward. 

Wild West Heroes Faction Guide

Wild West Heroes Guide Tips Cheats

The characters in the Wild West Heroes belong to one of these six factions: Green Thumbs, Smooth Talkers, Duelists, Peacemakers, Regulators, and Ramblers. At the top-left of the character’s icon, you can check the faction icon. Just like the hero characters, the enemy characters also belong to one of these six factions. 

Now that you have learned about the factions – it’s time to learn about the faction advantage. 

The faction Advantage concept is similar to the rock-paper-scissor mechanism. In Wild West Heroes, each faction has an advantage or disadvantage against the other. For instance, the Duelist faction is strong against Smooth Talkers but weak against Peacewalker. Here’s the complete list: –

  • Regulator and Rambler faction is strong against each other
  • Duelist > Smooth Talkers
  • Smooth Talkers > Green Thumbs
  • Green Thumbs > Peacemakers

How to take advantage: – 

Check the enemy’s faction and bring the hero character from the faction that has an advantage. 

NOTE: if you add a certain number of heroes from a particular faction in the Wild West Heroes, you will receive bonuses in the combat. 

Wild West Heroes Guide Tips Cheats

Learn How To Build The Best Team In Wild West Heroes

There are three types of characters in the Wild West Heroes game: front role(tank), mid role(DPS), and back role(support). Front role or tank-type characters in the Wild West Heroes game possess great DEF/HP stats and protective skills. Mid role or DPS characters excel in inflicting damage; with abilities that do massive damage on the enemies. And, the back role or support characters excel in supporting the rest of the team members with their supportive knacks such as healing or buff. 

While building the team, make sure to include the tank role heroes as they can protect the back/mid row allies, mid role characters to cause damage, and back role characters to heal or provide buffs to the allies. For more DPS, you can go with more mid role DPS characters and skip the support role characters. As of now, we don’t have a hero tier list that showcases the best heroes. 

Wild West Heroes Guide To Make Characters Stronger

  • Level Up: use the rations or cash to level up the characters
  • Promote: use the gold dust or cash to promote the characters
  • Gear Up – equip powerful gears to the heroes
  • Equip and upgrade the horse
  • Assign them to the buildings in the town

Wild West Heroes Guide To In-Game Currencies

  • Diamonds: obtain from the diamond shop, saloon quest, from the people in the town, daily login, quests, and events
  • Cash: obtain from the cash, interrogation, fishing shop, campaign, quests, battles, events, etc.
  • Rations: obtain from the AFK chest, interrogation, shopping, fishing shop, campaign battles, calamity canyon, frontier adventure, criminal escort
  • Gold Dust: obtain from the AFK Chest, shopping, campaign battles, calamity canyon, criminal escort, or events
  • Gears: obtain from the campaign battles, fishing shop, gear fusion, and posse shop
  • Get Gun Oil: obtain from the AFK Chest, shopping, fishing shop, frontier adventure, criminal escort
  • Carrot: obtain from the events, interrogation, and shop

Wild West Heroes Tips For Beginners

  • Assign the heroes to boost the stats
  • Don’t develop low-tier gears
  • You don’t need to develop all the heroes
  • Progress through the campaign missions as that’s the only way to unlock the rest of the content
  • Build and upgrade the buildings in the team
  • Claim the AFK chest often and use the free speed-up AFK option daily
  • Keep an eye on the events and get the rewards
  • Add friends and you can exchange hearts/friendship points. Use the friendship points to summon the characters
  • Power-up the heroes
  • Complete the daily quests and get a free advanced card for advanced recruitment, warrant EXP, and event points

List of Buildings In The Game

  • Horse Ranch: tame and get new horses
  • Mercantile: shop to buy items
  • Sheriff Station: interrogate the criminals and get the rewards
  • Stagecoach – recruit heroes here
  • Train Station – passenger quests
  • Hotel – upgrade it to increase hero limit
  • Saloon – saloon quests
  • Town Hall – produces resources like diamonds
  • Warehouse – produces the rations
  • Gambling Hall – recruit or exchange heroes
  • Bank – gives cash
  • Livery – gears
  • Dance Hall – recruit or exchange heroes
  • Smithy – produce gears and trinkets
  • Pig Pen – gives ration
  • Church 
  • House – yields cash
  • Stable – horse development
  • Carrot Patch – yields carrot
  • Registry – promote or dismiss heroes

Tap On The Message Bubbles

Wild West Heroes Guide Tips Cheats

Keep an eye on the town screen -> you will often see the people chatting; tap on the message bubble to initiate the chat and get rewards. 

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