TWD Survivors Game Wiki Guide & Tips For Beginners

The Walking Dead Survivors, short for TWD Survivors is a mobile game by Elex. Read on for fan-made TWD Survivors Game Wiki Guide & Tips for beginners.

TWD Survivors Game Wiki Guide & Tips For Beginners⇓

In this unofficial and fan-made TWD Survivors Game wiki guide, you will learn the basics, tips to progress and get stronger, and other aspects such as survivors, making upgrades, base buildings/facilities, how to increase power, etc. So let’s not waste any time and check out the TWD Survivors Game wiki guide & tips: –

TWD Survivors Game Guide To Basics⇓

The Walking Dead Survivors is a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game where you will be playing as a survivor and have a town to develop. In the town, you can construct lots of types of facilities such as production buildings, troop training camps, hospitals, a library, and many more. Each building has a unqiue function. For instance, Broadcasting Station is the facility/building in the town where you can recruit the survivors. 

At the top of the game screen, one can see the total power; it’s determined by the building level, troops, survivors, and library researches. So if you want to increase the power in The Walking Dead Survivors game, you need to keep training the troops, upgrade the town buildings, make the researches in the library, and recruit/develop the survivors. 

TWD Survivors Game Tips & Guide To Progression⇓

In The Walking Dead Survivors Game tips & guide part, you will learn how to progress in this game; what would be your main job in this game: – 

(1) Join an active clan and move to its territory

TWD Survivors Wiki Guide & Tips

The very first tip that we would like to put in here is “join an active clan and move to its territory”. You get a lot of perks in TWD Survivors if you join a clan; other members can help you in reducing the construction/upgrade time of buildings, they can assist you with the resources, help you in rally battles, and other things such as free rewards, access to the clan store, and more. 

To join a clan, tap the “hands” icon in the lower-right corner -> create or join(join if you don’t have time in setting up a clan from a scratch; creating a clan is easy, but taking it to the top is very hard. We would recommend joining an active clan). You will get a lot of perks if you manage to join a powerful clan.

Once you join a clan, make sure to actively help other members and donate to improve clan tech for great perks. 

  • On the clan screen, at the top-right of the members section, tap the “teleport” icon to move to the clan’s territory

(2) Focus on the tasks at the beginning of the game

TWD Survivors Wiki Guide & Tips

In the lower-left corner of the game, above the map icon, tap the mission icon button to open the task screen; it has three tabs – the chapter tab, the main tab, and the daily tab. Daily tasks are easy to complete and they give great rewards; so make sure to complete them daily. Chapter and main tasks get difficult as you progress, but it would be good for you to focus on these quests in the beginning. 

(3) Claim elite points daily and increase the elite level for perks

TWD Survivors Wiki Guide & Tips

On the top-left side of the game screen, tap the “elite” option. It will open the “Elite” menu where you can claim the elite chest and elite points on daily basis. Free points are given daily, more can be bought by spending the rubies. As you accumulate enough elite points, your elite level will increase; each next elite level grants more passive perks such as an increase in resource production, training speed, building queue, etc. 

(4) Keep an eye on the idle queue

TWD Survivors Wiki Guide & Tips

On the left side of the screen, below the survivor avatar frame, there is an idle queue bar that showcases the activities such as current construction or upgrades, research in the library, training facilities, squares, exploration camps, and production. You should always keep these things busy all the time for max growth in the game. Always keep the training facilities busy so that you can gain more troops. Make sure that there is always something on research in the library. 

The square tab in the idle queue showcases the formations that you have set up; either they are idle or on the march. If you have free formations available, you can send them to gather the resources on the map or to attack enemies(PvE, PvP). 

The production tab in the idle queue showcases the list of survivors that are assigned or idle. Look around the town buildings and you will find trees, bushes. Tap these trees or bushes to gather resources. You can assign them on the resource tiles on the map to increase resource production; veggie farm, lumber mill, lake, hunting ground, and an army camp. 

(5) Keep an eye on the events

Tap the trophy icon button at the top-right side to open the event menu. Now and then, devs release new events in which players can participate and earn abundant rewards. 

Summary of progression: –

  • Keep training the troops in The Walking Dead Survivors game
  • Keep researching in the library
  • Build and upgrade town buildings; the town hall is the main building and it sets the max level cap for other buildings
  • Focus on the tasks
  • Join a clan
  • Gather resources on the map
  • Login daily to claim elite points
  • Keep an eye on the events

The Walking Dead Survivors Game Characters Guide⇓

There are two types of characters in the TWD Survivors Game , full name The Walking Dead Survivors; combat survivors and the development survivors. Combat Survivors excel in PvE/PvP Fights. Development Survivors or characters excel in speeding up things like the production of resources when assigned to the resource tiles. Tap the map icon button in the lower-left corner to visit the map -> tap binoculars in lower-right on the map -> search of a resource tile; veggie farm, lumber yard, lake, hunting ground, army camp -> assign to increase the production. 

Development type survivors or characters’ have skills that can be used to gain instant rewards like troops or resources. Tap the cowboy hat icon button at the bottom menu -> tap the use skill button -> tap the skill icon. 

Go to the survivor menu -> tap on the survivor portrait and get familiar with its skills to use them according to their strength. To level up combat survivors, you will need combat EXP, which can be obtained from the walkers on the map or the tasks. Development EXP would be needed to level up the development-type characters/survivors in The Walking Dead Survivors. 

How to get more survivors or characters in The Walking Dead Survivors game?

Tap broadcasting station (radio) facility in the town -> recruit -> spend resources. Choose the radio option; free transmission attempts are given daily. Or, you can spend the tickets(long-range transmission, short-range transmission). From this, you may get survivors or their fragments/shards or skill medals. 

The Walking Dead Survivors Game Town Buffs⇓

Tap the (⇑) icon button at the top of the screen, below the ammo/bullet icon ->  to open the “Town Buffs” screen. There you can activate the town buffs: –

  • Peace Shield: when this buff is active, enemies would not be able to invade your town
  • Attack Bonus: when this buff is active, your fighters will inflict more attack damage
  • Defense Bonus: when this buff is active, your fighters defense will increase
  • Gathering Speed: when this buff is active, gathering speed gets an increase
  • Reckless Fury: increases all formations’ attack

How to get buffs?

You can get the buffs in the TWD Survivors game from the in-game shop(tap the backpack icon button at the bottom to open the inventory screen -> shop -> buffs)

  • 8 hours shield: X500 Rubies
  • 3 Days Shield: 2.5K Rubies
  • 24 hours shield: 1K rubies
  • Defense Bonus: 250 rubies for 12-hour defense bonus, 400 rubies for 24-hour defense bonus
  • Attack Bonus: 250 rubies for a 12-hour attack bonus, 400 rubies for a 24-hours attack bonus
  • Gathering Bonus: 1K rubies
  • 25% March Speed Up: X600 Rubies
  • 50% March Speed Up: X1K Rubies

TWD Survivors Game Guide To Troops⇓

There are three types of troops in The Walking Dead Survivors; melee, ranged, and cavalry. Train melee fighters in the fire station facility ranged troops in the police station, and train cavalry units in the stable. By upgrading these training facilities(fire station, police station, and stable), you can unlock high-tier troops. 

Also, see –

NOTE: this wiki guide is in development. More information will be added later. 

So this would be all in this post on TWD Survivors Game Wiki Guide & Tips for beginners(unofficial, fan-made). 

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