Ahoy Island Coupon Code & Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies!

Ahoy Island is a new mobile game by Neowiz. Read on for Ahoy Island coupon code, guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners!Ahoy Island

Ahoy Island Coupon Code, Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies For Starters⇓

In this Ahoy Island post, we will cover the coupon codes, game guide, characters aka heroes, tier list, gear guide, team building, and other aspects such as tips on progression, getting stronger, and much more. So let’s not waste any time and get to the main content: –

Ahoy Island Coupon Code 2021⇓

As of February 2021, no new coupon code has been released so far for the Ahoy Island game. Since the game is new and in soft launch, devs may release a new coupon code soon. We will update this page if a new coupon code comes up. If you have a unqiue coupon code, you can redeem it by going to the game settings -> coupon button at the bottom of the setting page -> enter the coupon code and get rewards. Got a code? Share it in the comments. 

Ahoy Island Guide For Beginners⇓

(1) Introduction to game modes: Ahoy Island features PvE mode as well as PvP mode. You will start from the PvE campaign mode and as you clear its stages, new content or game modes will be accessible. In the campaign mode or PvP arena mode, you will have to build a team of heroes to beat the enemies. The campaign stages start getting difficult as you make progress. And, as you win battles in PvP, your rank will improve and the game will give you better rewards. You will need to continue to improve your team if you want to beat the powerful bosses in PvE and players in the PvP arena. Other PvE game modes include the tower mode, dungeon mode, exploration, and guild. 

Ahoy Island Heroes Guide For Beginners⇓

(1) Grades: In Ahoy Island, heroes are ranked in five grades; S+ grade, S grade, A grade, B grade, and C grade. The higher the grade, the more difficult it would be to obtain and transcend that hero. A higher grade also means better stats and performance. We don’t have any tier list yet – but it would be better to focus on high grade heroes; S+, S, and A. 

(2) Skills: Heroes in Ahoy Island have two types of abilities or skills; active skill and passive skill. They will unleash the active skill during the battle once they have enough mana/energy to cast the active skill. Passive skills, on the other hand, triggers automatically. To check the skills of all heroes, navigate to the hero menu screen -> guidebook -> tap on a hero card -> skill preview -> the game will display the hero’s active skill. S+ grade heroes have two passive skills. 

TIPS: make sure to check out the passive skills of all the heroes that you have; all of them have unqiue skills such as healing, shield, recovery, stun, silence, etc. It would help you build a balanced team.

(3) Elements: In Ahoy Island game, all the heroes belong to one of these elements: Water, Fire, Dark, and Light. Each element has an advantage over another one. For instance, water element heroes inflict 10% additional DMG to the fire-element enemies/characters/units. 

Ahoy Island Team Building & Battle Tips⇓

(1) CC/Crowd Control passive skills of heroes can help you win difficult stages: In some of the stages, especially the boss stages, you may want to block the enemy or the boss from unleashing the attacks. There are plenty of heroes in the game with CC passive skills such as silence, blind, slow, bleed, stun, etc. For instance, Wolf is an S-grade hero with stun effect as a passive skill. While building the team, make sure to add the heroes with CC and supportive skills; healing, stun, bleed/DoT, etc. 

(2) If you add x3 or more of the same element heroes to the team, the attack and defense stats will be increased by 10%. For instance, x3 water element heroes. You can check the element of heroes on the top-right of their icons/portraits in the hero menu; light, water/blue, fire/red, skull/dark, etc. 

(3) Check out the stats of the heroes and include the ones with high stats such as HP, ATK, Defense.

Ahoy Island

(4) Get the elemental advantages; just like heroes in Ahoy Island have elements, enemies also have these elements. And as we said above, each element has an advantage over another one. If you build the team of heroes with elemental advantage, heroes will inflict a 10% additional DMG buff. Which element is strong against which element?

  • The water element is strong against the Fire element
  • Fire element is strong against dark element
  • Dark element is strong against light element
  • Light element is strong against a water element

(5) Collect the potions and boosters while in the battle: keep an eye on the battle screen. You will often find the crates; tap those wooden boxes or crates and you may get health potions or other boosters to recover the health of heroes or charge up their skills. If you want to win stages with high difficulty, you should definitely grab these boosters. 

Ahoy Island

Ahoy Island Guide To Make Heroes Stronger⇓

Ahoy Island

  • Level them up using the elixir and gold. You can farm elixir and gold in PvE game modes
  • Promote the hero to raise the max level cap
  • Transcend the heroes; you will need to sacrifice dupes or other heroes of the same grade to transcend the hero. Transcend increases max level and improve stats
  • Destiny Effect triggers additional bonuses. Go to the hero profile -> go to the third tab -> there you can check the hero’s destiny chain featuring the three heroes that can provide additional bonuses to the selected hero. If you enhance the hero by enhancing the destiny hero
  • Equip gears; higher quality gears provide more stats
  • Enhance the equipped gears

Merge & Unmerge Guide⇓

Unmerge: sacrifice the hero and obtain material items; elixir and promotion stones. Merge: merge x5 heroes of the same grade into one hero. You can get an S+ grade hero by merging the S grade heroes. S+ grade heroes have two passive skills. NOTE: Merging can also fail. 

Airship & Stat Points⇓

Ahoy Island

You get stat points when you level up; you can spend those stat points to enhance the elements; fire, light, water, and dark. Go to the airship menu -> there you can spend the stats. 

Ahoy Island Gears Guide⇓

Gears in Ahoy Island game are ranked in multiple grades; Luxury Grade > S> A > B> C. These gears are; weapon, armor, helmet, and accessory. How to get gears? You can craft gears with the gear material obtained from the campaign mode stages or other PvE modes. Go to the gear menu by tapping the gear option on the main screen -> craft -> select the gear piece -> craft. 

Merge: merge x5 gears of the same grade to get a new one with higher quality/rank/grade. NOTE: merging may fail. 

Gear enhancement: navigate to gear -> select a gear -> tap the gear enhancement option -> select the gears that you want to sacrifice to level up or enhance the selected gear. 

So this would be all in this post on Ahoy Island guide, tips, and coupon code info for beginners. Got more tips or coupon codes? Comment below. 

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