Dragon Quest Tact Guide & Battle Tips: Equipment, Awakening, More

Read on for DQ Tact Guide A.K.A. Dragon Quest Tact guide featuring monsters guide, equipment, currency farming, medals, battle guide, and more!

Dragon Quest Tact Guide

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Dragon Quest Tact Guide & Tips For Beginners⇓

(1) Getting Started Guide: – Dragon Quest Tact is a gacha RPG – as of now, it only features PvE mode. PvP arena mode may unlock in the future. In the PvE, you have plenty of game modes to play; the story mode where you can farm gold, gems(first-clear), and resources. Event mode; to earn jewels and special rewards like scout vouchers.  Training Quests to farm rank-up material items, equipment, gold, EXP, etc. 

(2) Progression Guide: If you are new, we would recommend you to complete the beginner missions(top-left corner of the main screen) -> you will get an S-rank scout voucher. Also, make sure to reroll and get at least x2 top-tier S-rank monsters. The reroll guide and tier list is available on this page

Play the store mode; you can repeat and level up the monsters in the team, earn gold. As you clear the chapters, new content will be accessible; farm resources in training quests and develop your monster team. 

Dragon Quest Tact Guide: Monsters Guide⇓

Monsters in the Dragon Quest Tact game belong to one of these ranks; F-Rank, E-Rank, D-Rank, C-Rank, B-Rank, A-Rank, and S-Rank. S/A/B rank monsters are good(mostly). Check the tier list here for more info. You can get the monsters from certain stages or through scout feature of the game. Save jewels and spend on banners that feature your favorite monster unit. These monsters belong to one of these families: –

  • Slime Family
  • Dragon Family
  • Nature Family
  • Beast Family
  • Inorganic Family
  • Demon Family
  • Undead Family
  • Family
  • Hero Family

All the monsters have one of these unqiue roles: –

  • Defend – Tanky
  • Attack – High DMG
  • Magic – Spell, DMG, CC
  • Support – Provide Buffs or Healing or Take DMG
  • Debuff – Apply debuffs on the foes

Monsters Element: –

  • Frizz
  • Sizz
  • Crack
  • Woosh
  • Bang
  • ZAp
  • Zam
  • Typeless

Go to the party menu of the game and tap on the list option. Then tap on a monster card, there you will see its info; rank, species, awakening, rank, skills, etc. In the top-left of its profile, you can check its role and family. Make sure to get familiar with its abilities, perk, and resistance. Tap the training menu button to see how you can train it further and make it stronger. 

Dragon Quest Tact Tips To Get Stronger⇓

You can make monsters stronger by leveling them up(use EXP item or play battles), rank-up(like B rank to B1 rank, B1 to B2, and so on – you can farm rank-up materials in the adventure mode) Awakening; you will need awakening crystals(specific for each character) to awaken the monster. You can grind awakening crystals in the “daily” adventure mode or exchange medals in swap shop for fragments and then exchange those fragments for awakening crystals. Abilities; you can upgrade the monsters’ abilities with tomes. High-level stages drop tomes. And, use ability scrolls to learn new abilities/skills. Ability scrolls are rare. 

Dragon Quest Tact Tips To Win Battles⇓

(1) First, build a balanced team based on the enemy weakness; on the stage info page, you can check the effective abilities; tap the enemy info button and you will see the enemy weakness. Get familiar with the monsters’ abilities to use them effectively in the battle; some monsters have damage abilities while some have support abilities like healing, buff, etc. Build a balanced team; add damage dealers, tank units, and support/CC. You can check the monster’s role in its profile. 

(2) Leader: choose the leader wisely(check the leader perk of monsters). 

(3) Auto- avoid playing auto mode in hard stages and move monsters tactically. 

(4) Level up, rank-up, awaken and upgrade the abilities of monsters so that they can perform well against powerful enemies. 

Dragon Quest Tact Equipment Guide⇓

You can equip gears to the monsters and boost their stats; players can get the equipment from gold shop, tact points shop, and adventure mode quests. “CHECK THE EQUIPMENT STATS AND SPECIAL EFFECT”. Choosing the right type of equipment for a monster; based on its strength and weakness is important. Alchemy feature helps you change the equipment stats or effects.

Dragon Quest Tact Guide & Tips To Get Jewels⇓

Free jewels and paid jewels are different – you can get free jewels in Dragon Quest A.K.A. DQ Tact by playing the game; (1) login bonus; login daily (2) special login bonus(valid until February 28, 2021) (3) story mode quests; first time clear (4) play event daily (5) complete the missions; daily, weekly, feats, etc. 

Uses: stamina recovery(recommended), gacha(recommended), items(not recommended). 

How To Get Skip Tickets?

You can get skip tickets by completing the missions, doing the training quests(some of these quests give skip tickets). You can use the skip tickets on the stages that you have completed with x3-stars. With skip tickets, players can yield instant rewards. Although, it would still cost stamina. 

How To Get Stamina?

Stamina in DQ Tact is recovered gradually or you can spend jewels or stamina herb item. Players can earn stamina herb item by completing the beginner missions and weekly missions. Also, when the player level increases, the game refills stamina. 

Tips To Increase Player Level Rank Quickly⇓

Complete the feats missions(mission -> feats) to level up quickly; make sure to claim the player EXP or level up when you have already consumed all the stamina. Leveling up will refill the stamina for free. 

How To Get EXP Codex?

EXP Codex is one of the in-game items that you will need to grant EXP or level up a monster. In Dragon Quest Tact, you can earn EXP codex by completing the daily missions, weekly missions, feats, and the EXP quest, which is the main source. Also, the EXP codex is available in the shop.

How To Get And Use Gold?

The best way to farm gold in DQ Tact is by completing the gold quest daily. Also, from the story mode stages, missions, and events. You can use the gold in monster development or in the gold shop to buy various items.

How To Earn And Use Tact Points?

Tact Point is one of the in-game currencies in the Dragon Quest Tact game that players can spend in the Tact Shop. To earn tact points, you will need to complete certain quests; leveling monsters, alchemy, upgrade ability, recruiting members, and bounties. On the main screen of the game, tap the tact points option on the lower-right -> there you can check owned tact points, tact points source, etc. If you have purchased the metal card, you will earn more points. Metal Card is not free; it costs paid gems to get the metal card. 

How To Get And Use Ability Scrolls In DQ Tact?

Dragon Quest Tact Ability Scrolls Guide: – Ability Scrolls are pretty rare – with these scrolls, monsters can learn new special abilities. To learn them, you will need specific ability scrolls. Ability scrolls are dropped on some stages in chapter/story mode or can be obtained from the shop in exchange for special currencies. Go to the party menu -> learn ability -> select a character -> select ability scroll(make sure to check the ability scroll details as each one unlocks unqiue special skill). Spend coins and learn the ability. You will not be able to undo it or remove it; it can only be replaced by another ability(overwrite). Check out the JP Wiki to learn how to get ability scrolls and what are the best special skills for specific monsters: –

How To Get Upgrade Tomes?

To upgrade the abilities of monsters, you will need upgrade tomes. Obtain from training quest; called upgrade ability. 

Dragon Quest Tact Guide: How To Get Medals?

There are many types of medals in Dragon Quest Tact Global; mini medals (obtain from adventure mode stages; first time clear, treasure chest). Master Medal(Daily training quests give you master medals). Mindini Medals; there are types of mindini medals; Rainbow Mindini Medal, Gold Mindini Medal, and Silver Mindini Medal. If you get a B – C Rank dupe from gacha, the game gives you X1 Silver Mindini Medal. A-Rank dupe from gacha gives you X1 Gold Mindini Medal. And, S-Rank dupe gives you X1 Rainbow Mindini Medal. You can exchange Rainbow Minidini Medal for S-Rank Party Member Ticket, Iridescent Orb, and A-Rank Upgrade Tome. Gold Mindini Medal; A-Rank Party Member Ticket, Illustrious Iris, Upgrade Tomes. Silver Mindini Medal; A-Rank Ticket, Illustrious Iris, Tome, and EXP Codex M. 

Go to swap shop -> special -> there you can spend mindini medals. 

Dragon Quest Tact Awakening Guide⇓

In Dragon Quest Tact, awakening skills are unlocked when you awaken the monster. The game automatically awakens the monster when you get it again from the gacha(dupe/duplicate). Or, you can use the specific awakening crystals to awaken the character. You may get awakening material or crystal from the “daily master quests” or go to the swap shop -> there you can exchange master medals for fragments of monster families and then exchange those fragments in the awakening material swap shop for specific awakening crystals. 

To check what boosts or awakening skills that they have got, go to the party menu -> list of party members -> tap on the monster card -> scroll down to see the awakening skill section. Also, awakened monsters have a special icon on the bottom-left of their card. 

Also, see – DQ Tact Tier List

So this would be all in this post on Dragon Quest Tact guide & tips for beginners covering all the basic concepts of the game that one must get familiar with to progress quickly and wisely. 

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