Anime Last Stand Status Effects Guide

Read on for the Anime Last Stand Status Effects Guide and learn about the Status Effects.

Anime Last Stand Status Effects Guide

Anime Last Stand Status Effects Guide

In ALS(Anime Last Stand), Status Effects applied through skills and moves have unique purposes. In this status effect guide, we have shared all the status effects and what they do. If you are new to the game, make sure to redeem these ALS Codes[Anime Last Stand] for free gems and rewards. And don’t forget to check the ALS Trello and ALS Tier list. Also, the Elements guide.

Anime Last Stand Status Effects List

  • Burn
  • Freeze
  • Bleed
  • Slow
  • Stun
  • Electrified
  • Weakened
  • Black Flames
  • Crippled
  • Dismantled


  • 2.7x Units Damage Over 4 Ticks Lasting 4 Seconds

The Burn status inflicts 2.7 times the unit’s damage over 4 ticks, persisting for 4 seconds. This fiery effect steadily wears down the target, causing sustained damage over a short duration.


  • 4-second stop (doesn’t stack with stun or time stop)

The Freeze status imposes a 4-second halt on the affected unit, temporarily immobilizing it. Notably, Freeze does not stack with Stun or Timestop effects, ensuring a distinct form of control.


  • 2.5x damage over 5 Ticks lasting 6 seconds

The Bleed status inflicts 2.5 times the unit’s damage over 5 ticks, extending its impact over 6 seconds. This persistent bleeding effect gradually weakens the target, causing additional damage throughout its duration.


  • Movement speed reduced by 33%, lasting 10 Seconds

The Slow status diminishes a unit’s movement speed by 33%, persisting for 10 seconds. This gradual reduction in mobility hinders the affected unit’s ability to navigate the battlefield effectively temporarily.


  • 2.5 Second stun (doesn’t stack with Frozen or Timestop)

The Stun status induces a 2.5-second stun on the target, rendering it temporarily incapacitated. Notably, Stun does not stack with Frozen or Timestop effects, providing a distinctive form of brief immobilization.


  • Stuns an enemy 3 times for 1.5 seconds each and deals 2x units damage lasting 9 seconds

The Electrified status delivers a sequence of three 1.5-second stuns to the enemy, accompanied by a 2x damage factor. This electrifying effect persists for 9 seconds, combining stunning and increased damage over the duration.


  • Deal 15% more damage for 10 Seconds

The Weakened status empowers the unit, causing it to deal 15% more damage for a duration of 10 seconds. This temporary boost enhances the offensive capabilities of the affected entity during the specified timeframe.

Black Flames

  • Deals 14.25x of units damage across 20 ticks lasting 10 seconds

The Black Flames status engulfs the target, dealing a substantial 14.25 times the unit’s damage over 20 ticks. This intense and sustained effect persists for 10 seconds, causing significant damage throughout its duration.


  • 10% speed reduction (stacks with slow), 15% more damage taken

The Crippled status imposes a 10% reduction in speed (which stacks with Slow) and increases damage taken by 15%. This double impact weakens the unit’s mobility while making it more vulnerable to incoming attacks.


  • Deals 4.7x Damage over 6 Ticks and Slows by 5% Lasting 9 seconds

The Dismantled status inflicts 4.7 times the unit’s damage over 6 ticks, coupled with a 5% reduction in speed. This dual effect persists for 9 seconds, combining significant damage with a slight slowing impact.

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