Arcana Tactics Tier List: Reroll Guide, Battle Tips

Arcana Tactics English Global version is now out on Android & iOS. Read on for the Arcana Tactics tier list: reroll guide, battle tips; best heroes, arcana to reroll!

Arcana Tactics Tier List Reroll Guide

Article Contents⇓

Arcana Tactics Tier List & Reroll Guide⇓

This post is divided into two parts; Arcana Tactics Tier list for heroes – the best heroes in the game. And, Arcana Tactics reroll guide & reroll tier list; how to reroll, what to reroll, should you reroll, etc. So let’s not waste any time and get to the main content!

Arcana Tactics Tier List: Heroes Tier List⇓

This Arcana Tactics tier list: heroes tier list is based on the Korean server(Tier 1> Tier 2> Tier 3> Tier 4). The English global version has just been out, so its tier list is yet to be made. Here’s the KR version tier list(scroll down to check heroes details): –

  • Soul Bow – Tier 1
  • Vampire – Tier 1
  • Trainer – Tier 1
  • Warlords – Tier 1
  • Dragoon – Tier 2
  • Knight – Tier 2
  • Bounty Hunter – Tier 2
  • Moonlight Knife – Tier 2
  • Archangel – Tier 2
  • Durendal – Tier 2
  • Ifrit – Tier 2
  • Elime – Tier 2
  • Swordmaster – Tier 3
  • Dark Lord – Tier 3
  • Fist – Tier 3
  • Dark Wanderer – Tier 3
  • Falcon – Tier 3
  • Ascetic – Tier 3
  • Puppet – Tier 3
  • Wind Spirit – Tier 3
  • Valkyrie Black – Tier 4
  • Dream Painter – Tier 4
  • Hellbringer – Tier 4
  • GodHand – Tier 4

Soul Bow

  • Class: Archer
  • Tier List Rank: Tier 1
  • Basic Attack inflicts chain P. DMG to x2 enemies
  • Others: P. DMG and Silence Effect

Vampire, Trainer, Warlord

  • Tier List Rank: 1
  • Skills Info: N/A


  • Class: Swordsman
  • Tier List Rank: Tier 2
  • Bikini Armor: Increases P. DEF and M. DEF by 500 when HP is over 50%(Aura)
  • Phase Destruction: Every 6 attacks, deals Physical damage equal to 210% of your Physical attack to the enemy and x2 enemies within 1.5 space and stuns them
  • Others: Reduces enemy’s P. DEF


  • Tier List Rank: Tier 2
  • Skills Info: N/A

Bounty Hunter

  • Class: Rogue Class
  • Tier List Rank: Tier 2
  • Buffs: Healing, Reduces Damage Taken
  • CC: Restrain Enemies
  • Others: Physical Damage

Moonlight Knife

  • Tier List Rank: Tier 2
  • Skills Info: N/A


  • Tier List Rank: Tier 2
  • Class: Cleric Class
  • Skills: Heal Allies, Increases Movement Speed for all allies


  • Tier List Rank: Tier 2
  • Class: Lancer Class
  • Skills: Physical DMG to enemies, stun the enemies, knockback enemies


  • Tier List Rank: Tier 2
  • Class: Spirit
  • Skills: Chain Magic Damage to enemies, taunt enemies


  • Tier List Rank: Tier 2
  • Class: Spirit
  • Skills: Slows down enemies, freezes enemies, magic attack, increases Physical defense and magical defense for you/allies within 3 space of yourself(aura)


  • Tier List Rank: Tier 3
  • Class: Swordsman Class
  • Skills: Bleed DMG, PHY DMG

Dark Lord

  • Arcana Tactics Tier List Rank: Tier 3
  • Class: Cleric Class
  • Skills: Magical DMG, Restrains enemies


  • Tier List Rank: Tier 3
  • Skills: N/A

Dark Wanderer

  • Tier List Rank: Tier 3
  • Class: Archer Class
  • Skills: Reduces PHY DEF of enemies, PHY DMG, Self Healing

Falcon, Ascetic, Puppet, 

  • Tier List Rank: Tier 3
  • Skills: N/A

Wind Spirit

  • Tier List Rank: Tier 3
  • Skills: For every nature type ally on the field, increase self P.ATK. P DMG, Airborne ATK on enemies

Black Valkyrie

  • Tier List Rank: Tier 4
  • Class: Swordsmand Class
  • Buff: Reduces magic damage taken
  • Debuff: Slow down the enemy
  • Others: Increases healing received, gains a barrier that absorbs damage

Dream Painter

  • Tier List Rank: Tier 4
  • Class: Warrior
  • Skills: Heals HP, Dispels buffs from enemies, Debfuff enemies
  • Others: Summons a hero for battle


  • Tier List Rank: Tier 4
  • Class: Warrior
  • Buff: increases HP(for every ice type ally, star of the battle)
  • CC: Knocks back enemies
  • Heals allies
  • Magic DMG


  • Tier List Rank: Tier 4
  • Class: Warrior
  • Info: AoE P. DMG
  • Aura: When x1 or more Godhand exists on the field within 2.5 space of yourself, increases your attack speed and reduces damage taken, and becomes immune to stun/restrain effects

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Arcana Tactics Reroll Guide⇓

(0) First things first – In Arcana Tactics, you should reroll for arcana aka cards or tarots. We don’t recommend rerolling for heroes; you can’t get a 5-star hero by rerolling(as you combine the heroes to make them reach this grade), but you can get a 5* tarot or card or arcana by rerolling. To reroll in Arcana Tactics, you need to follow these instructions: –

(1) The very first step is to complete the first two chapters. The arcana summon function is locked when you start the game. To unlock it, you will need to clear the first two chapters in the campaign adventure mode. When you do that, the arcana summon tutorial will start and give you a free pull; you will have to select one out of two arcana cards or tarot. Also, see – Arcana Tactics Promo Code

(2) After the arcana summon tutorial is done, check your mailbox and claim arcana tickets. Spend those tickets on arcana gacha! You may have to watch a video ad before you can spend those arcana tickets. What are the top-tier arcana cards or tarot that you should aim for while rerolling? Check the reroll tier list below to find out. 

(3) If you get the top-tier arcana cards, continue playing the game. If you don’t get the top-tier arcana cards and willing to start over, you can do it by going to the game’s settings. In the upper-right corner, tap the gear/setting icon. On the setting page, you will find a bunch of tabs on the left, tap on the “account” tab -> tap on the reset button to confirm data reset. Alternatively, you can logout from the current account and start over with a new account. If you didn’t link the game in the start with GameCenter or Google Play Games, you can reinstall the game; delete the game data on Android, reinstall if you are on iOS. So this would be all in this Arcana Tactics reroll guide. Now, check out the reroll tier list!

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Arcana Tactics Reroll Tier List⇓

This Arcana Tactics reroll tier list showcase a list of top-tier arcana or tarot that you should reroll for. We don’t recommend rerolling for heroes, so you would not find any hero unit in this reroll tier list. Let’s check out the Arcana Tactics reroll tier list: –

  • The Devil Arcana – Top Tier
  • Judgement Arcana – Top Tier
  • The World Arcana – Top Tier
  • The Fool Arcana – Top Tier
  • The Tower Arcana – Top Tier
  • Justice Arcana – Top Tier

Details of the above reroll tier list: These six are the top-tier arcana that we recommend aiming for if you are going for rerolling. The Devil Arcana increases the CRIT DMG for all heroes. Judgement Arcana increases HP for all heroes. The World Arcana increases ATK Speed for all heroes. And, the Fool arcana increases the CRIT rate for all heroes. Tower arcana increases the Physical Defense and Magica Defense of all heroes in the front row. Justice arcana can help you by dodging basic attacks coming from the enemy. 

You can check the details of all arcana in the in-game arcana index; go to the main screen of the game -> tap the arcana option in the lower-left -> arcana index. Tap on an arcana or card to check its details.

Or, these 5-star tarots or arcana are also good: –

  • Strength Arcana
  • The Hermit Arcana
  • Wheel of Fortune Arcana
  • The Hanged Man Arcana
  • Star Arcana
  • The Sun Arcana
  • Death Arcana

Strength Arcana effect trigger when 2/4/6 swordsman heroes are on the field, all the swordsman nits have 20/30/45% chances to guard against the basic strikes. Hermit Arcana reduces the damage received from monsters(for all heroes). Wheel of Fortune effect triggers when 2/4/6/ archer heroes are on the battlefield, all archer heroes have 30/40/80% increased Physical Attack. Hanged Man Arcana effect; star of battle; when 2/4 rogue units are on the battlefield, all rogue heroes have 55/80% chances to activate backstep effect after a few seconds. 

Star Arcana increases physical attack and magical attack for all heroes in the back row by 25%. The Sun arcana effect; when 2/4/6 warrior heroes are on the battlefield, all warrior heroes have 40/65/100% chances to activate unbending will effect. Death arcana increases all damage dealt to monsters by 20%.

Go to main screen -> arcana option in lower-left -> arcana index -> tap the card to see the details. 

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Arcana Tactics Guide: Tips & Strategies For Beginners⇓

In this Arcana Tactics guide, you will learn about the heroes, combining system, battle tips, classes, and other aspects such as progression, getting stronger, and much more. So let’s not waste any time and check out the Arcana Tactics Guide⇓

Arcana Tactics Battle Guide & Tips⇓

Arcana Tactics Tier List Guide

(1) Merging Concept: When the battle starts, you will have 1-star heroes to fight the enemies. You can merge these 1-star heroes and get a higher-grade hero. Each hero has a specific combination tree, so you can not just merge him/her with any random hero. For instance; you can get Spell Sword(a 2-star hero unit) only if you merge swordsman and lancer. 

  • Navigate to the hero menu of the Arcana Tactics game -> tap on a 2-star or higher grade hero -> go to the story tab -> there you will see the combination that can summon that hero. To summon a 3-star hero, you will need to merge two 2-star heroes. And, for 4-star hero, two 3-star heroes, for the 5-star hero, two 4-star heroes. 

One more thing; if you don’t own a hero, you would not be able to summon him/her in the battle even if you have his/her merging combination. 

(2) Gems & Cubes: These two are the main currencies in the battle; with gems, you can shop heroes. And, with cubes, you can expand the field and deploy more heroes on the battlefield. You get gems and cubes as you clear the waves. 

Tip: expand the field asap and put more heroes on the field. Don’t waste cubes on useless items. Arcana Tactics Tier List Guide

In the top-left corner, you can check the hearts(you lose hearts if a wave of enemy defeats your party), cubes, gems, and the number of heroes that you can deploy on the field. 

(3) Balanced Party: Make sure to have a balanced party of heroes on the field; as we mentioned above, each hero has unique strengths; some heroes do well in causing enormous damage to the enemies, some heroes are good at defense, while some support the allies with their healing skills, buff effects, etc. We would recommend you to have at least one healer on the field and enough damage dealers, tank(defense) units – based on the field limit. 

Arcana Tactics Tier List Guide

(4) Changing Party: At the end of the stage(after you clear all the waves and defeat the boss), a reward screen will appear with three options at the bottom; tap on “Save Party” -> change -> check the new party that the game offers and compare it with the current; check the power. If the new party is stronger, you can pick it, and in the next stage, you will be able to get the combinations that can summon those heroes. 

Arcana Tactics Tier List Guide

Get Familiar With Heroes⇓

In Arcana Tactics, heroes are classified into three roles; defense, attack, and support. Each role defines its strength; attack role heroes are good in dealing damage, defense role heroes are good frontline units, and support units are good in healing/buff effects. To build a balanced party of heroes during the battle, you must get familiar with all the heroes that you have. Check out their roles, strengths, classes, combination, etc. 

Heroes in Arcana Tactics belong to these eight classes; swordsman(melee attackers), archer(ranged attackers), rogue(high agile, attackers), wizard(magic damage, CC skills), cleric (supporters), warrior(melee attackers), Lancer class, and spirit class. 

Know The Combinations⇓

Knowing combination is really important, otherwise, you will have a hard time picking up heroes from the gem shop. Blindly picking up the heroes from the gem shop would be a bad idea as you might be stuck at later waves where you will be needing at least 3-5 star heroes. So before diving into the battle, get to know about the 3-star or 4-star, or 5-star heroes’ combinations that you want to have on the battlefield and combine heroes accordingly from the very beginning of the battle. For instance, 

Black Valkyrie is a 5-star hero in Arcana Tactics.

To get Black Valkyrie, you will need to merge Death knight and Eldritch.

Death Knight and Eldritch are 4-star heroes.

To get Death Knight, you will need to merge Rune Knight and Berserker. And, to get Eldritch, you will need to merge Warlock and Esper

  • Rune Knight: Spell Sword + Paladin
  • Berserker: Barbarian + Druid
  • Warlock: Sorcerer + Assassin
  • Esper: Shaman + Chaser

Next Tree: –

  • Spell Sword: Swordsman + Lancer
  • Paladin: Swordsman + Swordsman
  • Barbarian: Warrior + Warrior
  • Druid: Cleric + Wizard
  • Sorcerer: Wizard + Wizard
  • Assassin: Rogue + Rogue
  • Shaman: Wizard + Warrior
  • Chaser: Archer + Rogue

While in the battle, tap on the F. Index button in the top-left to check the combination; select a hero and you will see his/her combination. 

Level Up Heroes To Increase Resonance Level⇓

You can level up heroes with soul stones. Soul Stones can be obtained from the story mode or through gacha summon. The total sum of the levels of all heroes is calculated as Resonance Level. When you hit a certain milestone level, you get special bonuses; for instance, at level 60, you gain X100 gems at the start of the battle, at level 100, you gain +25 more gems after clearing a wave, etc. Navigate to hero menu -> tap on resonance level to check bonuses.

Arcana Tactics Arcana Guide⇓

In Arcana Tactics, Arcana are cards divided into three groups; major arcana, high minor arcana, and low minor arcana. We would recommend you to read the reroll guide and reroll tier list above and fetch top-tier arcana at the beginning. 

You can equip these arcana in the arcana menu and get special effects like more HP, Crit damage, attack speed, etc. You can enhance these arcana with material items(use arcana upgrade material or other arcana) and boost their effects. 

Complete The Missions For Freebies⇓

In Arcana Tactics, there are daily missions, weekly missions, and monthly missions that players can complete and earn valuable rewards such as arcana upgrade material, gacha currency, and much more. Tap on the menu button on the top-right side, then choose mission -> complete ’em all and get the free rewards. 

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So this would be all in this post on Arcana Tactics Tier List & Arcana Tactics Reroll Guide. 

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