Epic Treasure Tier List: Best Heroes In The Game

KBHT, the mobile gaming publisher, recently released Epic Treasure on app stores. Read on for Epic Treasure Tier List: Best Heroes In The Game!Epic Treasure Tier List

Epic Treasure Tier List: Best Heroes⇓

Please do note that this Epic Treasure Tier List is in development and based on the current game version(1.1.0). Devs may nerf or buff heroes in future updates; so make sure to check the update logs. First, let’s talk about the heroes. 

In Epic Treasure, heroes belong to six types; agility, strength, dexterity vitality, intelligence, and psycho. These heroes are classified into multiple grades; SS grade, S grade, A grade, B grade, C, grade, and D grade.

B/C/D grade heroes are mostly trash and not worth upgrading; although, they can help you pass early game stages. In the mid or late game, you will mostly need SS/S grade heroes. 

Higher-grade heroes possess more stats and have powerful abilities as compared to lower-grade heroes. 

SS grade > S grade > A grade > B grade > C grade > D grade. 

The higher the grade, the more difficult it would be to acquire the hero and upgrade further. While lower-grade heroes are easy to obtain and upgrade. But they are not as strong as high-grade heroes. 

Players can get the heroes from the recruit menu of the game. Go to the main screen of the game and tap the recruit button. 

It costs “BEER” and Diamonds to recruit heroes or their shards. If you are low on BEER or Diamonds, make sure to use these Epic Treasure Codes(Gift Codes)

EPIC Treasure Tier List: Best SS Grade Heroes⇓

As per the current version of the game, there are x18 SS grade heroes available in the game(The best SS heroes in our opinion are; ACE, LAW, MAGELLAN, Moria, and Marco). ACE is a fighter role character with skills that reduce enemies’ armor, apply burn effect and cause DoT. Law is a support role character with skills that heal allies. Magellan targets back-line enemies and reduces their armor. Moria can freeze the target(CC) and possess AoE. Marco has CC, AoE, and poison DMG. We like these characters the most; others are useful too, but we recommend prioritizing these characters’ development if you have ’em in the game. NOTE: this is just a suggestion. You are free to try other heroes as well. Here’s the full list of SS grade heroes featured in EPIC TREASURE GAME: – 

  • Sanji N.W
  • Fujitora
  • Ace
  • Franky N.W
  • Law
  • Marco
  • Jinbe
  • Moria
  • Magellan
  • Enel
  • Hancock
  • Sengoku
  • Kizaru
  • Crocodile
  • Akainu
  • Aokiji

Other good characters: Sanji targets random enemies and possesses a burn and frightening effect. Franky is also good; he can apply bleed effect on front-line enemies and inflict additional CRUT DMG to back-line targets. Marco has AoE and he can stun/silence the enemies. Jinbe can heal allies and cause DMG to enemies. 

Fujitora has AoE and Burn(DoT).

Enel can silence warrior role enemies and has AoE. Hancock has AoE and she can steal energy points. Sengoku can increase the DMG of allies. Akainu has AoE and burn DMG. 

Check out the heroes’ skills and build the best team formation; have x2 tanks, x2 or x3 damage dealers, x1 support/healer/CC. 

EPIC Treasure Tier List: Best S Grade Heroes⇓

In this Epic Treasure Tier List part, we have shared our top picks(best S grade heroes). As per the current version of the game, there are around x28 S-grade heroes. The best S-grade heroes in our opinion are KID, Nami, Zoro, Luffy, Vergo, Smoker, and Augur. Some good ones; Caesar, Killer. 

Caesar has AoE, Burn DMG. Killer targets back-line enemies. His basic attack targets the enemy with the lowest HP and steals the attacks by 15% for X3 Rounds. Kid has AoE, Bleed Damage, and he can reduce CRIT of enemies. Nami has AoE, she can reduce the enemies’ attack, and she can grant allies 20% ATK for x3 rounds.  

Zoro can stun mage role enemies. His basic attack targets the enemy with the lowest HP and reducing the target’s armor. 

Luff inflicts damage heals the ally. Vergo can increase the speed and attack of all allies. He can also reduce the enemies’ HIT rate and possess AoE. His basic attack reduces the target’s CRIT.

Smoker targets back-line enemies, chances to stun them too. 

Augur inflicts damage to random x4 enemies and poisons them. Also, he can stun assassin foes. 


So this would be all in this post on Epic Treasure Tier List. Got recommendations? Comment below. 

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