Birdie Crush Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies!

Birdie Crush is a new mobile golf game by Com2uS. Read on for Birdie Crush guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners!

Birdie Crush

Birdie Crush Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies For Beginners⇓

In this Birdie Crush guide, you will learn how to play this adorable golf game, about the characters, tips on winning matches, getting currencies, and other aspects such as tips on progression, making characters powerful, about the equipment, and much more. So let’s not waste any time and check out the Birdie Crush guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners: –

Guide To Characters In Birdie Crush Game⇓

(1) Characters A.K.A. Captains have five main stats; Driving Distance, Accuracy, Swing Zone, Mentality, and Putt. Each character has a different set of stats. When you start the game, you will be asked to pick a captain; don’t worry as you can change or switch to another captain anytime(although, each one has a unqiue set of stats and must be built individually). At the start, you get to pick one of these captains; Martina Glow, Lucie De Bei, Kris, Lowell, Erin G. Brid. 

Birdie Crush

(2) To switch to a different character, tap the “change character button” in the lower-left before you start the match. And, to change the character that you see on the main screen, navigate to the character menu, select a character, and tap on the crown icon to set it as a leader. 

(3) Characters gain EXP when you win the matches. At each next level, the character will gain a training point or skill point that can be used to unlock bonus stats. And, starting level 20, characters will start gaining the trait points every x5 level. Navigate to the character menu of the game and tap on the train or trait button. 

Guide To Stats In Birdie Crush Game⇓

As we mentioned above, each character has five main attributes; driving distance, accuracy, swing zone, mentality, and putt. Let’s learn about each attribute and check out how it impacts the match performance:

(1) Driving Distance: the first attribute is driving distance. It determines how far you can send the golf ball. By increasing the driving distance, you will be able to hit the golf ball to a long-distance point. Wood and golf balls are the most effective equipment that you can use to raise the driving distance attribute. 

(2) Accuracy – the second attribute is accuracy. It determines how accurate your shot would be. By increasing the accuracy attribute, players can send the ball more accurately. Iron and golf bags are the most effective equipment that you can use to raise the accuracy attribute. 

(3) Swing Zone – the third attribute is the swing zone. It helps you perfrom more stable shots. In other words, perfect shots. By raising the swing zone attribute, the swing bar area becomes wider – helping you to hit perfectly. Wedge and Club Covers are the most effective equipment to increase the swing zone. 

(4) Mentality – In Birdie Crush, the mentality is one of the main attributes that affect swing bar speed and hazard penalty. You can check the mentality stats of the character in the lower-right corner during the golf match. Increasing the equipment grade is the best way to raise the mentality. 

(5)  Putt – To win at the end, when you have to hit the golf ball gently, the Putt stats come into play. The higher the putt, the longer the short putt guideline. You can raise it by equipping the putter equipment. 

Game Tips: It’s always a good idea to keep the accuracy and swing zone stats higher than the distance stats. If the driving distance is higher than the accuracy and swing zone, you would not be able to perfrom an accurate shot. 

Birdie Crush Caddies Guide⇓

Caddies in the Birdie Crush game are the companions that will help you during the match by giving advice on environmental factors such as wind, terrain, and situation. The glory test field is the place where you can acquire Caddie’s food. As Caddies consume the food, they will gain EXP and eventually level up. Leveling gives bonuses. When Caddie levels up, you will acquire Caddie Exclusive Stat points and get stat bonuses. Each one has unqiue stats.

Players can clear the caddie evolution missions and evolve them to increase the max level cap. For instance; a 1-star caddie’s max level cap is 5, which increases to 10 upon reaching 2-stars through the evolving process. Caddies also possess unique skills; unlock by leveling. On the main screen, at the bottom, tap on Caddie/Pet/Companion option -> there you can check all companions or caddies, info on how to get them, about skills, and costumes. 

Birdie Crush Tips For Progression⇓

(1) Check out the lesson center -> Visit the campus and tap on the lesson center building. If you are just starting, complete those lessons as they guide you to the basics of the game; basic controls, driving distance calculation, wind calculation, control zone, power-ups, etc. Also, on aiming, how to hit rough shots, bunker shots, etc. 

(2) Progress through Flo’s Trip – In the top-left corner, tap Flo’s icon(the fluffy character) -> complete its mission and get the reward. 

(3) Play the grade matches and gain trophies by winning them. As you gain enough, the game will promote you to the next leagues that offer quality and lucrative rewards. You start from the trainee, then rookie, stone, and so on. 

(4) Join a club. 

(5) Complete the missions to earn keys, crystals, boosters, etc. Tap the quest/mission badge icon on the lower-left on the main screen -> there you will find daily missions, weekly missions, achievements, and event missions. You can earn equipment boxes, consumable items or power-ups, buffs, power-stones, etc. 

Birdie Crush

Guide To Items In Birdie Crush Game⇓

On the golf field, there would be one or two places where you can hit the ball to grab the items. The Birdie Crush items are unqiue and do different-things. In this Birdie Crush guide, we are going to walk you through each item: –

  • Wormhole – Using this item, you can create wormholes to pass the ball; wind impact would be less when passing the golf ball through the wormhole. Also, if there are obstacles, this item can help you out.
  • Black Hole – create a black hole near the hole-cup that sucks the ball
  • Rocket Shot – long shot without a run, less driving distance
  • Spin Burst – makes the golf ball roll in the direction of the hole cup when it touches the ground
  • Trouble Master – helps you make a shot without penalty
  • Windbreaker – no impact of wind on the golf ball

Upgrade The Match Box With Keys⇓

In the grade match, upon winning, you get the match points or coins that are required to open the match box. On the grade match menu screen, in the lower-left, tap that match box/crate -> upgrade -> use the keys to make an upgrade; from normal growth box -> big growth box -> shiny growth box; the quality of rewards increases. 

Birdie Crush Equipment Guide⇓

In Birdie Crush, the equipment can improve the attributes of the character or its performance in the match; driving distance, swing zone, accuracy, mentality, putt, etc. Wood and golf balls are the best to increase driving distance. Iron and golf bags are the best to increase accuracy. Wedge and club covers are the best equipment to increase swing zone. Putter is the best equipment to raise the putt stats. And, the grade of equipment impacts mentality stats. Go to the equipment menu of the game -> use the navigation keys at the bottom to select a character and change its equipment.

In the lower-left corner, tap the book to check the equipment sets in Birdie Crush. Equipping equipment set grant bonus stats/benefits. Scroll down in that menu to check the complete list of equipment. 

In Birdie Crush, equipment are available in multiple tiers; normal tier, premium tier, rare tier, epic tier, and legendary tier. Legendary and epic ones are the best but hard to get. 

How to get equipment in the Birdie Crush?

There are several ways to obtain equipment in Birdie Crush; draw in the shop with crystals, from the match boxes, and the missions. 

Birdie Crush Boutique Menu⇓

This is the place where you can change the character’s costume; costumes are not cosmetics. When you equip a costume set, the character gets a stat boost. On the costume menu, tap the book in the lower-left to check the costume sets. 

Birdie Crush costumes can be obtained from the in-game costume shop where you can spend the crystals or costume draw ticket. You can use the costume grade promotion ticket to raise the grade of costume; rare to epic.

So this would be all in this post on Birdie Crush guide and tips for beginners. Got any tips? Comment below. 

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