Shark Tank Tycoon Guide: Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Shark Tank Tycoon is a mobile idle game by Sony Pictures Television where you invest in entrepreneurs’ ideas. Read on for Shark Tank Tycoon guide, tips, cheats & strategy walkthrough

Shark Tank TycoonSony Pictures Televisions has recently released this game on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. In the game, you will invest in the entrepreneurs’ ideas and make loads of money. Well, there is no “strategy” in the gameplay – it’s a simple idle game where you will progress by completing the missions. You will produce a bunch of products that can be supplied further in the next businesses to produce another material. Once you complete all the missions, you will get to rank-up. Rank-up to unlock new businesses and earn more money. If you have just started playing the game, then you are on the right page. In this Shark Tank Tycoon guide, we have covered the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Shark Tank Tycoon tips, cheats & strategies that you may love. 

So without any further ado, let’s check out the main content and read the walkthrough featuring the tips & tricks guide – 

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First things first – your goal is to unlock all entrepreneurs. Shark Tank Tycoon game has more than 85 entrepreneurs. Each entrepreneur excels in a particular business. For example; Peggy Honeystacks manage Beekeepers. Billy Boats manage Dry Docks. Some entrepreneurs provide a passive buff to businesses. For example – Sandra Swarm increases the production output of all Honey Businesses. In the center/3rd/card tab in the footer menu, you can check the complete list of entrepreneurs. Tap on any entrepreneur card and you will get his/her business details or skill info. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Shark Tank Tycoon tips, tricks guide – 

Get Started With The Basics FirstShark Tank Tycoon

Businesses(e.g. Beekeepers, Honey Jars, Whistles) – they give you green bucks and items(e.g. honey, whistles, jars, etc.). Green bucks are required in investing in other businesses.

Product/item – when you invest in the business, you get the product. For example – if you want honey, you will invest in the Beekeepers business.

Investment – investing in other businesses cost raw material items and bucks. For example – to invest in honey jars business, you will need honey and bucks. Honey is produced in Beekeepers. 

  • Invest in business with bucks -> get the items -> invest in other businesses -> earn more

Learn How To Progress

At the top-center of the screen, see those bars? Next to these bars, you can check the number of quests that you must complete to unlock the next rank-up stage. You progress by ranking-up. Just below those bars, you can check the quests. For example – collect items, invest in businesses, earn a certain amount of bucks, etc. When you finish all the quests, the rank-up button will appear. 

Rank Up In Shark Tank Tycoon

Rank-Up unlocks new businesses, entrepreneurs – also, you get shark briefcase. Shark briefcases contain entrepreneur cards. Entrepreneur cards are required to promote unlocked entrepreneurs. 

Learn About Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are the characters in the Shark Tank Tycoon game. They possess ultimate abilities, which buff the business. For example – by default, you have to tap to produce the items. If you promote the entrepreneur managing that business, auto-mode skill will get unlocked and you would not need to tap to produce the items. In further upgrades, they will provide speed and profit boost.

Get Briefcases For Entrepreneur Cards

You can get briefcases from the shop by watching the video ads, completing the quests or ranking-up in the game. Open the briefcases and get entrepreneur cards. Use the duplicate cards in promoting the entrepreneurs. Also, you will need promotion points. 

Learn How To Get Promotion Points

You can get promotion points by investing in a business certain number of times; 50, 100, and so on. Below the business icon, fill the bar by investing in the business. Or from the briefcases, shop – in exchange for gold bars. 

Use Of Gold Bars In Shark Tank Tycoon

You can get gold bars from the briefcases or rank-up reward. You can use gold bars in the Shark Tank Tycoon shop where you can buy stuff like promotion points, time wraps, briefcases, etc. 

Trade To Increase Earnings

Shark Tank TycoonHead to the 2nd cash tab in the footer menu. There you can trade with Sharks and increase the cash per second. All you need to do is save a certain number of items. Cash/SEC – green bucks. You need the bucks for investing in businesses. 

Learn How To Get Sharks

You can unlock new sharks in Shark Tank Tycoon by investing a fixed sum in certain chain of products. For example – Ms Mentor is the first Shark who deals with the honey chain business. Mr. Cruise is the 2nd one who deals with the duck business. When you have 500 T invested in duck business, you can unlock Ms. Gourmet Shark who deals with the kitchen store appliance business chain. 

Get The Balloon

Your phone vibrates whenever a balloon pops out on the screen. Tap it and get free rewards. 

Trade Boost In Shark Tank Tycoon

Head to the bottom-corner tab and there you can watch the video ads to increase the profit of all the businesses that you have set up. 

So these are a few Shark Tank Tycoon tips, cheats, tricks with a guide walkthrough for beginners. If you have any questions or more tips to share, comment below. 

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