Critter Clash Guide | Tips, & Strategies To Win Battles

Critter Clash is a real-time multiplayer strategy game for mobile by Lumi Studios. Let’s have a look at our Critter Clash guide, tips & strategies

Critter Clash Guide & Tips⇓

Critter Clash is quite a fun game for mobile where you will be controlling cute animals hanging on the tree branches using the ropes and your task will be breaking down the opposite team as soon as possible. In the fast-paced multiplayer battles, there are loads of strategic tactics that you can apply to beat the opponent in minimum shots. As you progress through the game, you will get more amazing animals having insane skills. In today’s Critter Clash guide and Critter Clash tips, cheats & strategies post, you will learn all the basic aspects. We will try our best and post more guides on the game soon. Let’s get started: –

1.) Critter Clash Guide To Adjustment and The Upgrades

Critter ClashThe game offers three formations or line-ups; standard line up, triangle line up, and wave line up. By default, the first formation standard line up is unlocked and you will be using it in the early battles. The two more formations unlock at level 5 and level 8. In your line-up, you add animals, branches.

Animals swing on the tree with the help of branches. If the branches get destroyed, those who are swinging with the help of these branches will drop down. The first branch is very important as it holds the whole group of animals. If it gets destroyed, the game will be over. To upgrade these branches, tap the team option on the game’s home screen and then tap the branch. If you have enough branches available, it will show you the upgrade button. Tap it and confirm. Tap the information button to check the branch’s strength. The more the strength is, the more difficult it will be for the opponent.

Animals – At the time of writing this post, Critter Clash features over 50 animals and all have different stats; some are good in cutting the ropes, smashing the opponent animals, hitting the branches, and some have good HP stats. If you want to check the animal stats, go to the team menu and tap any animal and choose to get information. Upgrade the animals to increase all these stats; HP, Hit, Smash, Cut.

2.) How Do I Get Animals & Branches?

Critter ClashDuplicate animals and branches are required to upgrade the corresponding animal/branch. For example; if you want to upgrade the cat, you need more cats. When you win the battle, you get the chest. From these chests, you get animals, branches and bananas. In addition to all these, you can buy the chests in the shop or claim daily chest or buy animals in the daily deals section. You use fire stones, diamonds to get these chests. You can get fire stones from the event, mystic vision gift, as an achievement reward. Completing the tasks also reward animals.

3.) Choose Your Way To Win The Battle In Critter Clash

There can be multiple ways to win the battle; you break the branches and drop down the animals. Or you hit all the animals, inflict damage, and win the battle. We would recommend you to focus on one stratgey; either attack the branches and knock them down. Or use the AoE animals(the animals who inflict damage to multiple animals in one shot) to knock them down. After setting up the stratgey, you must use the best animals according to the plan. For example; some animals have high cut stats and they can easily cut down the ropes.

If you want to win without inflicting damage to the opponent animal team, then these animals will help you. Some animals have high damage stats and inflict massive damage to multiple animals at a time. If you go with the second stratgey(hit all the animals and win), then you should add these animals to the team. In both the strategies, you must know the animal stats. We would strongly recommend you to read animals stats. It helps a lot and you will be able to use the animals effectively in Critter Clash.

4.) How Do I Unlock New Animals?

In Critter Clash, new animals get unlocked as you progress to the high-level leagues in the ranked mode. On the main screen of the game, tap the league(wood/silver/gold). After that, you can slide the screen and get all the details on the new animals to unlock requirement.

5.) Claim The Freebies

In the lobby, on the left side, above the shop option, tap the gift icon. By watching a short video ad, you can earn fire stones, diamonds or other items. Also, when you win the battle, you get bananas. These bananas are required to upgrade the branch and animals in Critter Clash game. Before you go back or head to the next, you have the option to watch the video ads to get more bananas. Make sure to accept this offer.

6.) Check Out The Daily Deals

Go to the shop and head to the daily deals tab. There you get time-limited deals and the chance to grab the animals in exchange for bananas. Make sure to check this daily section and daily and watch out for the daily deals. You may get the animal that you want to have.

7.) Try The Practice Mode

Building the best team in Critter Clash may not be easy for the players if they don’t know about each animal. Thanks to the developers for the practice mode that lets you try the animals skill and their play style. You should play this practice mode to learn about them; their stats, skill, play style. target, effect, etc. To access the practice mode, go to the team menu. In the team menu, at the upper-left corner, tap the practice button.

8.) Critter Clash – Complete The Tasks

Slide your finger on the home screen(right) and there you get the tasks option. Tap it and check the tasks. Complete these tasks and you can earn animals. Also, on the same screen, you can check the event details. At the time of writing this post, there is an event; Hero Spotlight is going on. In this event, you earn Critter coins and you can spend these critter coins on a bunch of items including Firestone, fortune cookie, bananas, and more.

9.) Watch The TV

Slide left on the home screen and there you will get the TV option. Tap it and it will show you the previous battles. Play the old matches and learn from the mistakes and find how the opponent beat you.

So these are the top Critter Clash tips for the beginners. If you have more tips to share, comment below 🙂

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