Lumia Saga Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Lumia Saga is a brand new MMORPG for Android and iOS by FunPlus. Check out this Lumia Saga guide, tips, cheats & strategies to progress fast

In this post, we have shared a complete Lumia Saga guide for beginners. Also, a bunch of Lumia Saga tips, cheats & strategies that you may like. So without further ado, let’s get started.Lumia Saga

Lumia Saga Guide: –

In Lumia Saga, your goal is to become powerful so that you can defeat enemies in PvE and PvP game modes. The very first thing that you need to do is choose a character class; as of now, the game features five main classes; Knight, Mage, Adjudge, Oracle, and Ranger. All these classes have sub-classes that you can switch to at level 30. And, after completing the class transfer tutorial quest, you will be able to transfer the class; from current class to another class. It would be free before level 50. After level 50, you will need a class change voucher. For more information on the class, we would recommend checking this guide: –

Now, let’s learn how to make your character stronger; increase the battle ratings to smash the players in PvP, enemies in PvE.

Get Stronger In Lumia Saga: –

1.) Level Up

The basic attributes of the character such as HP, Energy, ATK, Phy DEF., Mag. DEF, etc, can be increased by raising the level. And, one of the best ways to grind EXP(required to level up) is by completing the story/side quests. We have posted a detailed guide on leveling up in Lumia Saga. So make sure to check it out: –

Lumia Saga

2.) Equip Cores To The Equipment

In Lumia Saga, you can inlay cores to the equipment; weapon, garb, ring, neck, waist, and shoes. These cores increase the attributes of the character. For example – Garb type cores increase HP, DEF. Weapon type cores increase ATK, CRIT like attributes. How do you get these cores? In Lumia Saga, you get these cores by killing the enemies in adventure mode. At the top-right side, tap the adventure button -> on the next screen, go to the Instance tab; there you will find three types of Instance modes; normal, heroic, and epic. Depending on the difficulty, you will be rewarded with cores. Make sure to read the drops, recommended battle ratings, and other info before entering the battle.

To equip the cores, tap the Equip button on the right side of the game screen or in the upper-left corner, tap the character avatar -> weapon slot -> select the core from bottom inventory -> more -> equip. If you want to unequip the equipped core, tap it -> remove.

Go to the enhance tab -> there you can enhance these cores to improve their stat effect. For example – if you want to increase the ATK attribute of the weapon core, enhance it. You will need enhancement stones and silver coins for enhancement. These enhancement stones can be acquired from time rift/bright peak/guild boss game modes.Lumia Saga

3.) Inlay Gems

The gem function unlocks at level 34 and you need to complete the tutorial quest. It would be in the quest menu; TUT quest. These gems can also increase the stats of the character. And, you can inlay these gems to the equipment. For example – you can improve the attack power by inlaying the gem that provides the ATK attribute. Tap the equip button on the right side of the screen -> go to the gem tab -> choose the equipment to inlay gems -> select the gem. You can obtain gems from Chamber and Bright Peak game modes.

4.) Inlay Runes

Like gems, you inlay runes to improve the character’s stats. Runes can be obtained from these game modes; Challenge Bounty, Dark Invasion. Also, you can craft it as an Alchemist. If you don’t know how the profession; Alchemist works in Lumia Saga, then we would recommend you checking this profession guide: –

To inlay the gems, tap the function button near the mini-map -> rune -> there you can inlay the runes; upgrade them further for a more powerful effect.

5.) Upgrade Skill And Talent

Head to the function menu list -> select sill option. Go to the skill tab – there you can upgrade the character skills; upgrading the skills improve the skill effect. Head to the talent tab – there you can study talents. Talents provide passive buffs to the character. And, you need talent points to study talent or upgrade talent. So make sure to upgrade the best talents for your character. You gain talent points by leveling up the character.Lumia Saga

6.) Have Pets Because They Help

The Pets function in Lumia Saga unlocks at level 38. And, you need to complete the about pet tutorial quest for it. Once it’s unlocked, head to the function menu list and navigate to the pet menu. There you can make pets follow you – also, you can make them stronger; train, star-up, feed, equip Funland, etc. You can obtain pets from Pet Chamber or Niya’s Store.

So these are some ways to get stronger in the early game. We have some more tips, cheats & strategies for you!

Play The Events: –

You must play all the available events daily if you want to progress. fast. At the top-right side menu, tap the event option – this will take you to the event center where you can check today’s events. These events grant EXP, Silver, Cores, and other material items that you will need to upgrade the character. So make sure to complete all the event activities and grind daily.

Tap the dailies option at the top – complete all the daily activities.

Focus On Completing The Quests

There are five types of quests; story quests, side quests, event quests, tutorial quests, and character quests. All these quests are important and you must focus on completing them to progress further in the game. For example – tutorial quest unlocks new functions such as gems, runes, pets in the game. Story Quests give a massive amount of EXP.

Get Free Reward From The Cute Character

At the top of the game, there would be a cute character(near the dailies option). This character gives free rewards from time to time; it could be a massive amount of silver coins or enhancement stone or other valuable rewards. So make sure to claim it.

Join A Guild

After joining a guild, you will be able to access the guild modes, which reward valuable items. Also, the guild provides a tech tree function to the players where they can study or research – it boosts the character’s power rating. We would recommend you to join an active guild – not a dead guild.

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So this would be all in this Lumia Saga guide for beginners. We will post more guides on trading; selling items, fishing, pets, and other game aspects soon. Use the search button at the top-right of our site and type Lumia Saga to get all the articles. Also, comment below if you need any help.

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