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Read on for Disney Arena guide featuring the tips, cheats & strategy walkthrough that can help you progress faster, build the best sorcerer team

Disney Sorcerer's Arena Guide Tips CheatsGlu’s latest turn-based strategy Disney Arena, also known as Disney Sorcerer’s Arena has just gone live on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. It gets challenging quickly as you progress through the campaign mode, the only PvE mode that’s available in the beginning. If you are stuck or having trouble defeating a stage, then you are on the right page. This Disney Arena guide covers the basics. Also, we have shared a bunch of Disney Arena tips, cheats & strategies that you may love. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.

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Your goal is to build the best team possible so that you can defeat the powerful enemies. Let’s check out all the tips & tricks that can help you accomplish the goal!

Learn How To Build The Best Team In Disney Arena

In Disney Arena, you can choose up to five characters in a team. The best team composition would be: –

  • Offense + Offense + Offense + Offense + Offense
  • Offense + Offense + Offense + Offense + Defense
  • Supporter + Defense + Offense + Offense + Offense

Pick all the offensive type characters in the team; offensive type characters are the characters with the skills to inflict massive damage. Because of their High DPS, they can clear all the enemies quickly. Also, some of them have crowd control abilities that can help a lot. 

Another best team composition is x4 offense characters and + 1 defense/tank character to soak the damage. 

In the third-best team composition, we would recommend adding a supporter with buff and healing abilities. For example – Simba is one of the best supporters in the game – with healing and buff skills. 

The best three characters in the game as of now are Shan Yu, Mor’Du, and Hades(Offensive).

Best Team Recommendation: –

  • Jack Sparrow
  • Shan Yu
  • Mor’Du
  • Judy Hopps
  • Hades

For more information, take a look at this  –

To check the roles of characters, go to the collection menu. Tap on any character. On the top-right corner, tap the power status. This will open a new window where you can check the character’s role; offense, defense, and support. 

So this would be all in this Disney Arena guide to team-building. 

Do The Dailies To Level Up Fast In Disney Arena

If you want to level up fast in Disney Sorcerer’s Arnea, then you must do the dailies. Head to the daily quest menu and check out the daily quests. These quests give you a massive amount of player XP that helps you level up quickly in the game. Other than that, keep gridning in the campaign mode for player XP. 

Play The Auto-Mode For Instant Clear

Once you reach the player level 10, you will get to complete the campaign stages – cleared with 3-stars in auto-mode. You will be able to get the rewards immediately; it’s one of the best ways to grind stuff quickly in Disney Arena. 

Check Out The Best Spells

If you are wondering which spells are the best, then make sure to check this post: –

Join A Club ASAP In Disney Arena

If you are an active player, then make sure to join a club. Join an active club and you will get a lot of club perks; access to club dungeon where you clear the nodes and get the rewards. Access to club conquest. Also, club members can request(send and receive) energy. Energy is required to play the battles; it recovers slowly. 

Make The Characters Stronger

  • Level them up – they can be maxed out to the player level
  • Promote them – grind their shards by repeating the stage and promote them
  • Equip them gears 
  • Tier up – when you equip all the gears, you can raise the tier level of the character
  • Level up skills
  • Equip stones to the character

Learn How To Get Sorcerer Stones

Disney Sorcerer’s Arena features seven unqiue types of stones; Offense, Defense, Health, Recovery, Speed, Critical Chance, and Critical Power. These stones have unqiue colors; red stone is offense-type, the blue stone is defense-type, pink-stone is health type, the green stone is of recovery type, the yellow stone is of speed type, the orange stone is of critical chance type, and purple stone is critical power type. 

  • You can get the stones by exchanging the Sorcerer Coins

Keep an eye on the time-limited events, shop deals for Sorcerer Coins. 

Check Out The Best Sorcerer Stones

Offense/Red and Speed/Yellow type stones are the best. You can use the speed/yellow type stones on the characters with CC abilities so that they can cast them quickly. If the characters’ speed is quite good, use the offense/red stones. Check the above paragraph for more details on the Disney Sorcerer’s Arena Stones guide. 

Keep An Eye On TLEs In Disney Arena

Time-Limited Events last long for a few days. Participate in those events and grab the TLE exclusive events, character shards, etc. 

Collect The Freebies

You can recovery the energy by watching the video ads. Head to the store -> chest -> grab the two chests for free daily. 

Learn How To Use Gems In Disney Arena

Since gem is the premium in-game currency – it’s hard to acquire. It’s better to save the gems for late-game; you can use/exchnage them for premium gear components. Or use it for energy refresh and level up fast. 

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So this would be all in this post on Disney Arena Guide, tips for beginners who just entered the sorcerer’s world. 

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