Epic Raft Guide Walkthrough: Tips, Cheats & Strategies!

Epic Raft is a new survival game for mobile by Lightcore Ltd. Read on for Epic Raft guide walkthrough packed with beginner’s tips, cheats & strategies!

Epic Raft Guide Walkthrough

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Epic Raft Guide Walkthrough: Tips & Tricks For Beginners⇓

Epic Raft Guide Walkthrough

This Epic Raft guide walkthrough covers the basics, tips on progression, currency guide, character development guide, map exploration, recipes, and other aspects such as finding parts, survival, shark combat tips, and much more. So let’s not waste any time and get to the main content: Epic Raft guide, walkthrough, tips & tricks for beginners: –

Build A Storage ASAP In Epic Raft⇓

The very first Epic Raft Tip that we would like to share with you is building the storage box as soon as possible; right after the tutorial. The storage box costs X8 plastic, x4 scrap, and x1 rope. You can gather the plastic from the ocean(it floats across the raft now and then). Scrap; In Epic Raft, you can get scrap from the islands; Waste Storage, Jellyish Farm, Abandoned Hut. Rope: Use the workbench to produce the rope; it costs palm leaves – gather from islands and the ocean. 

Why build a storage unit early in Epic Raft Game?

The reason we recommend building a storage unit in Epic Raft in the very beginning is because of the limited slots in the inventory. You do get a backpack that unlocks extra slots but that too would not be enough. You can place the storage unit on the raft and store the items there; the items that you don’t need while exploration. 

To craft a storage box, tap the produce button at the bottom of the screen -> on the left side, tap on the storage box tab -> there you will find the furnishing section -> choose the storage or large storage. In the early game, you can build the storage unit. 

Epic Raft Character Development Guide For Beginners⇓

You will encounter dangerous creatures on the islands with higher difficulty. Without proper character build, it would be hard to survive and grind on those islands. Your character in the game has these stats; damage(based on the weapon), armor(the better the armor, the less damage you receive from the enemy), cold resistance, and sun resistance. 

Craft a weapon to increase the damage dealt by your character; in the very beginning, the game lets you craft a wooden spear with wood logs and a rope. As you level up, you will be able to craft a ranged weapon called a bow that helps you inflict damage from a distance. Then, you can craft a crossbow, rifle(the best weapon in the game), stone spear, and a machete. 

Craft an armor to take less damage from the enemy attacks; ultimately, improving the survivability. Armor set includes; hat, shirt, pants, and palm shoes. 

Epic Raft Survival On Island Tips For Beginners⇓

(1) Always Go With Bandages: You can produce bandages with palm leaves. The bandage restores X20 health. While exploring the islands, you are likely to encounter enemies. In the battle, you are likely to lose health. So it’s better to pack some bandages and use them to recover health. Running on low health on dangerous islands is very risky. If you lose all the health and die on a dangerous island, you will lose the items or the whole backpack. To produce the bandages in the Epic Raft survival game, tap on the produce button -> go to the second last tab with a medkit symbol -> there you can produce the palm bandages with the palm leaves. To stop bleeding, you can use the normal bandage. 

(2) Have Essential Items In The Backpack: Before heading to the islands to grind the material items, recipes, or other stuff, you should backpack some essential items such as food, water bottles, bandages, gathering tools such as pickaxe to mine ore, AXE to chop trees, shovel to dig earth/sand, hammer to break obstacles, picklock to unlock locks, etc. Leave the rare items at the raft. 

Getting Food In Epic Raft Game⇓

(1) Start fishing -> there is a lot of fish recipes in the game that you can cook with a firecamp. Or, for raw cooking material items such as carrots, potatoes, pumpkins, etc, you can visit islands. 

Activate Harpoon Rack, Else The Shark Will Break Your Raft⇓

Now and then, the shark attacks your raft and causes damage, which reduces the durability of the raft tiles. You can repair the damaged parts with resources(tap build option -> tap the damaged tile -> spend resources to repair) or switch to higher durability tiles. 

To avoid the damage, you should try activating the Harpoon Rack as quickly as you can. It costs X35 Wood Lods, X7 Screws, X20 Scraps, X25 Ropes, X10 Latex, and X10 Nails. Nails; produce at the workbench. Scraps; gather from islands. Screws: you can get screws from the waste storage island. Latex: In the Epic Raft game, you can get latex from Jellyfish Farm, Waste Storage islands. Once you have acquired all the parts, navigate to the raft and use ’em all to activate the harpoon. It will automatically charge if you have arrows in the storage. 

Upgrade The Workbench To Unlock New Recipes⇓

With a 1-star workbench, you can produce ropes, nails, picklocks, and water bottles. The 2-star workbench unlocks rubber tubes, rubber gaskets, and duct tape. And, the 3-star workbench unlocks the lens. 

Epic Raft Guide To Progression⇓

  • Build a storage unit asap so that you can store the items; like you will need a lot of logs to build/craft/produce. You would not want to carry all the chopped logs in the backpack, right? They why not build a storage unit and store the items there
  • Build your character; craft weapon and armor
  • Level up by gathering, slaying down the enemies
  • Complete the quests that you see in the top-right; they will guide you to every basic of the game
  • Visit islands to find parts and activate the harpoon rack, the steam engine, etc. 
  • Visit islands and gather the resources to build/develop raft; there is a lot of facilities to make; workbench, rain catcher, fish dryer, fire, crop plot, water distiller, navigation table, research table, wood mill, loom to make fabric, net, smelter, water purifier, grill, tannery, and anvil
  • Upgrade your tools to gather resources quickly; from stone axe to iron axe

Epic Raft Cheats Or Cheat Codes⇓

At the moment, no Epic Raft cheats or cheat codes are available. 

Epic Raft Official Discord⇓

If you need more help, please join the official Discord of Epic Raft survival game. The link is given below: –

How To Get Fuel & Electric Lock Pick?

At the moment, fuel and electric lock pick are not available in the game(as per our info). If you know how to get these items, comment below. 

So this would be all in this post on Epic Raft guide walkthrough for beginners. Got more tips? Comment below. 

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