Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Guide & Tips For Beginners

Read on for Bloodline Heroes of Lithas guide & tips for beginners. 

Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Guide & Tips

Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Guide & Tips

In this post, we will share guides and tips on GOAT Games’ latest mobile title, “Bloodline Heroes of Lithas.” 

Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Tips: The First Thing To Do

The first thing after the tutorial that you should be doing is claiming the codes for freebies like a massive load of gold, gems, and other currencies for a head start – you will be able to upgrade the champions with the currencies rewarded with these codes.

Please find Bloodline Heroes of Lithas codes here.

Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Guide: The Basics[Part I]

How to Play: Focus on the development guide missions in the beginning. In the lower-left corner, above the chat, you will find the quest/mission. Tap it. Check the mission detail, complete it, and get rewards.Bloodline Guide

The game features PvE, PvP Arena, Guild, and Event modes in which you can participate and show the strength of your champions. In the beginning, you should be focusing on the campaign mode, aka PvE[World Map/Adventure stages]. By stage 3-30, you will unlock all the features such as Marriage, Banquet Hall, Hall of Fame, Clan, Summoning Circle, Arena, etc. Tap the “Dragon” icon in the lower-right corner to head to the World Map screen -> tap challenge. 

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Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Guide: Basics[Part II – Champions & Battle]

Battles: For the battles, you need champions. Each champion has a set of unique skills. Before heading to the battle, make sure you learn about the champions’ strengths like what role they belong to, their skills, stats, traits, etc. For instance, Assassin role characters excel in inflicting DMG on the back row champions. To know what champions are the best, please head to our Bloodline Heroes of Lithas tier list

In the lower-left corner, tap the champion button. A screen will open where you will see the list of champions you have collected so far. On the details, you will find the four icons; Districts[assign champions to the Districts they belong to], Clan, Aspect, and Role. Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Guide & Tips

How to get champions in Bloodline Heroes of Lithas: You can get champions by raising heirs to full growth level, clearing the PvE/Campaign stages, completing the quests, upgrading the guardian, and from the summoning circle. 

Roles of champions

  • Assassin: DMG Dealer champions who excel in inflicting DMG to the enemies in the back row
  • Support: Provide buffs/healing, etc.
  • Mage: Magic DMG dealer, debuffs, etc.
  • Marksman: Ranged DMG Dealer
  • Tank: Deploy the tank champions in front as they are good at absorbing the DMG from the enemies – thanks to their high HP/DEF stats
  • Warrior: Melee DMG Dealer

Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Guide: Basics[Part III – Team Comp]

As mentioned above, you should first get familiar with the characters’ roles and skills and understand their strengths. You can check the skills of characters in the Codex. Once the clan function is unlocked, tap on the codex option there -> tap on a character -> switch gender for the male/female version. Tap the skill icon to learn the strengths of the selected character. 

We recommend building a balanced team; add DMG dealers; Assassin for back row targeting, Melee for Front row targeting, and Ranged DMG dealer for striking from a distance. You should deploy tank characters in the front as they have high durability and can protect allies in the back row by absorbing most of the DMG[as long as the enemy is not using Assassins]. 

A basic X5 team setup would be; X3 DMG dealers, X1 Tank, and X1 Support. OR X2 Tank, X2 DMG Dealer, X1 Support. Support with healing abilities is a must. 

Also, check the enemy squad. Let’s say the enemy has Marksman in the back row; then you can deploy Assassins in the back row to target them and deploy the tank/melee in front. 

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Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Guide: Companions[Part IV – How To Get Companions]

You can obtain companions by doing the PvE stages, linking the account to GOAT ID, from the exploration[Word Map -> Exploration], upgrading the main guardian’s might, etc. 

Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Guide: Companions[Part V – Companions’ Stats]

Intimacy & Charm: Companions have two main stats intimacy and charm. Go to companion screen -> select a companion -> two tabs at the bottom; intimacy and charm. Give them the gifts to increase their stats and ultimately increase the might. 

You can get gifts from companions from the shop, events, quests, Banquet Hall, etc. Increasing the intimacy of the companion will increase the chances of getting a rare or high-grade heir. 

Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Guide: Companions[Part VI – Court, Heir]

Companions can give birth to heirs. Tap on a companion -> court. The higher the intimacy, the higher the chances of getting a high grade or a rare Heir.

Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Guide: Heir[Part VII – Heir To Champion]

On the main screen, tap Heir. On the Heir screen, you will find the heirs that companions have given birth to. Train them, study, and play with them to raise the Heir. Once max growth is done, the Heir will become champion.  

Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Guide: Tips[Part I – Grinding Free Rewards]

Quests: Potions, Construction Plans, Diamonds, and other premium items can be obtained by doing the quests. Daily Quests are updated every 24 hours.

Districts: On the main screen, tap Districts. As you complete the Campaign mode stages, new Districts get unlocked. For instance, Industrial, Mill, Harbor, Market, etc. 

Each District gives you tax; gold coins. Tap the gold bag in the lower-right corner to collect the gold. 

To boost the rewards from Districts:

  • Level up the districts; require Construction Plans[obtain from daily quests and campaign]
  • Hire workers
  • Assign a champion that belongs to that Distritc[for instance, Homlex or Ugrull Female Version belongs to Production Distritc. If you deploy her to Production District, tax collection speed will increase].

Senate: Head to Senate -> solve issues -> you may get gold, food, or gear. 

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Campaign: Tap the Dragon icon button in the lower-right corner. On the World Map Screen, top-right corner, tap quick collect/collect for free rewards such as food, gear, and gold. 

Leaderboard: Head to the Leaderboard screen. Hit the like button to get free diamonds. Go to each tab and hit the like button; Might, Campaign, Intimacy, and Districts. 

Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Guide: Tips[Part II – Getting Stronger, Increasing Might]

Level Up the champions using gold. Get gold from Districts or complete quests. 

Upgrade the skills and traits of champions.

Equip and upgrade the gears; you can get gears from the campaign, Senate, quests, events, promoting the guardian, etc. 

Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Guide: Tips[Part III]

Join an active guild, and participate in guild activities to earn guild contribution points, which you can spend in the store for tome books[require to increase the skill level of champions], champions, construction plans, vigour potion, ingredients to host a banquet, etc. 

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So that’s all we got in this post on Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Guide & Tips for beginners.

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