Eternal Sword M Best Class Guide – Which Class Should You Pick?

ESM/Eternal Sword M is a brand new MMORPG for Android & iOS by NeoCraft. Read on for Eternal Sword M Best Class Guide – which class should you pick?

Eternal Sword M features 5 classes; at the start of the game, you can pick one class; that would be the main class. And, when you reach level 20 in Eternal Sword M, you will get to choose a secondary class. As a secondary class, you can choose one of three sub-classes of the main class. For example – Being a Gunner, you can choose Hunter, Magic Gunner, Sniper as the secondary class. And, once you reach level 39, you can advance the main class to one of the three paths; each path brings different skill abilities – so you must select it wisely. You can use the Class Reset Coupon to change the class advance path. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content. 

Eternal Sword M Classes: –

  • Swordsman – Melee, Physical DMG
  • Mage – Ranged, Magic DMG
  • Gunner, Ranged, Physical DMG
  • Warrior – Melee, Physical DMG
  • Miko – Ranged, Magical DMG

Swordsman Eternal Sword M Best Class Guide

  • Type – Melee
  • DMG – Physical
  • Strength – Melee DPS, High Mobility, AoE
  • Cons – Low-Survivability

Sub-Classes: – Cold Blade, Ghost Slayer, Rapid Thrust. 

  • Cold Blade – High DPS, CC Skill
  • Ghost Slayer – AoE DMG, Striker
  • Rapid Thrust – Charge Damage(Ignores DEF of the enemy)

MageEternal Sword M Best Class Guide

  • Type – Ranged
  • Damage – Magical
  • Strength – High Ranged-DPS, CC Skills, AoE
  • Cons – Low-Survivability, Mobility

Sub-Classes/Paths: – Scholar, Cabalist, Wizard

  • Scholar – AoE CC Skills, DMG
  • Cabalist – AoE DMG
  • Wizard – Debuff Enemies

GunnerEternal Sword M Best Class Guide

  • Type – Ranged
  • Damage – Physical
  • Strength – Pure Ranged High-DPS, High Mobility, AoE
  • Cons – Low Survivability

Sub-Classes: – Hunter, Magic Gunner, Sniper

  • Hunter – CC(Disable/Control Enemies)
  • Magic Gunner – AoE DMG
  • Sniper – Long-Ranged Attacks

WarriorEternal Sword M Best Class Guide

  • Type – Melee
  • Damage – Physical
  • Strength – High Survivability, Melee DPS, Decent Mobility, AoE
  • Cons – None

Sub-Classes: – Berserker, Defender, Gladiator

  • Berserker – AoE, Immune to all Disable Effects
  • Defender – High-DEF, Self-Healing
  • Gladiator – CC, DMG

Miko Eternal Sword M Best Class Guide

  • Type – Ranged
  • Damage – Magical
  • Strength – Healing, Decent Attack, Survivability
  • Cons – Low-Mobility

Sub-Classes: – Spirit Maiden, Spell Master, Fan Dancer

  • Spirit Maiden – Buff/Heal Ally
  • Spell Master – Debuffer, AoE DMG
  • Fan Dancer – Healing, CC/Disable Enemies

Eternal Sword M Best Class: –

  • Warrior – Best Tank
  • Defender – Best Sub-Class for Warrior
  • Miko – Best Supporter
  • Spirit Maiden – Best Sub-Class for Miko
  • Gunner – Best Ranged-DPS(Physical)
  • Magic Gunner – Best Sub-Class for Gunner
  • Mage – Best Ranged-DPS(Magical)
  • Scholar – Best Sub-Class for Mage
  • Swordsman – Decent Melee DPS
  • Ghost Slayer – Best Sub-Class for Swordsman

Which Class Should You Pick?

Well, all the classes in ESM are balanced. Which class should you choose? It depends on how you like to play. If you love ranged-DPS, then we would recommend choosing Gunner or Mage. These characters do massive damage to the enemies. For Tank, Warrior is the best option as he has high-survivability and you can advance him to defender class for more self-healing and more defensive skills. Also, he does decent damage in close-battles. And, the best healer class in the game is Miko. She is easy to handle, support the allies with buffs/healing effects. 

Best Build For Eternal Sword M Classes: –

Each class excels in a particular aspect. And, if you focus on that particular stat, you will get much better results. So it’s better to focus on the best stats of the class. Tap on the menu button on the top-right side -> gear -> go to the gear tab -> tap the details button next to the basic stats section label -> check the highlighted green color stat. For each character class, it’s different. For example; Gunner class, it’s DEX. 

  • STR – Physical Attack, Physical Defense, Resist CRITICAL
  • DEX – Physical Attack, PHY DEF, Critical
  • INT – Magical Attack, Magical DEF, CRITICAL
  • STA – HP, Physical DEF, Magical Defense
  • SPI – Magical Attack, Magical Defense, Resist CRITICAL

How To Delete Character?

On the character selection screen, select the character -> tap the trash icon in the bottom-left side -> delete character -> confirm. 

So this would be all in this post on Eternal Sword M Class Guide – Best Class in the game. What’s your favorite? Comment below. 

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