Pixel Blade Arena Guide: Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Pixel Blade Arena is a brand new idle action RPG for Android by PixelStar Games. Read on for Pixel Blade Arena guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Pixel Blade Arena Guide Tips Cheats StrategiesPixelStar Games, one of the popular mobile game developers, recently released an idle action RPG called Pixel Blade Arena on Google Play Store. In the game, the players build the character, make it stronger, and enter the dungeons to loot the treasure by fighting the wraiths and their monster bosses. If you are new to the game, then you have come to the right place. This Pixel Blade Arena guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Pixel Blade Arena cheats, tips & strategy tricks that you would love to read. So, without wasting any more time, let’s read the walkthrough guide!

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First things first – you will be playing as a hero in Pixel Blade Arena who mercilessly slay down the monsters living in the dungeons and loot their secret treasure items. You can develop the main hero by gearing up with the high-tier equipment, upgrading skills, upgrading the parameters, and there are several more ways that we will discuss later in this guide. The two currencies in this game are gold coins and blue diamonds. Blue Diamonds are quite hard to get while gold coins can easily be farmed by playing the game. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Pixel Blade Arena tips & tricks featured in this walkthrough guide –

Turn Off The Auto Play Mode

The first tip here is to turn off the autoplay mode in the Pixel Blade Arena game. When you are fighting a powerful monster who does massive damage to the main hero, then you might want to dodge the attacks – with auto-mode turned on, that’s not gonna happen – thanks to the A.I. In the upper-right corner, turn off the autoplay mode and control the hero manually with the joystick controller.

Keep an eye on the monster’s target area – the red zone and get away from it as soon as possible. You should try your best in saving the main hero from critical hits unleashed by the enemies in the dungeons. That way you would save a lot of healing potions and it would be easy to clear the last wave of that stage, which usually is the hard one to complete. 

Manage The Healing Potion Consumption

In Pixel Blade Arena, players can set the healing on auto mode. Whenever the main hero reaches a certain HP, the healing potion would be used to restore its health. During the battle, in the bottom-right corner, the game displays the HP status – it continues to drop when the main hero receives damage from the enemies. Since you can only use a certain number of healing potions in a stage, it’s better to consume at the right time. 

In the top-right corner, tap the pause button and on the options screen, you will be able to set the healing potion configuration; set a certain amount of HP where you want to use the healing potion. For example – if you set it to 50%, then healing potion will be used when the main hero reaches 50% of HP. We recommend setting it to lower so that you would not waste the potions in early waves. 

Gear Up The Main Hero In Pixel Blade Arena

Players in Pixel Blade Arena can arm up the main hero with lots of types of gears; weapon(melee, ranged), armor, boots, charm book, wings, gloves, cloak, hood, shield, and more. Go to the equipment tab -> tap on the gear slot and choose suitable equipment. Make sure to compare the stats of all the gear items you have in the inventory and arm up the best ones. Different quality gears grant different stats; that’s why you should compare the stats. 

Getting Gears In The Game

You can get the gears from the shop by watching the video ads or spending the blue diamonds. Or go to the crafting menu of the game. There you can make all sorts of equipment at any time when you have enough material items. You can cultivate the material items from the stage mode. 

Merge Character Fragments To Get Another Hero

Pixel Blade Arena Guide Tips Cheats StrategiesCharacter fragments can be farmed in stage mode. Proceed to the “hero” tab in the footer menu -> merge -> auto-select; select the quality(normal, magic, rare, epic, and legend). And, then tap the merge button. Legend tier characters are better than epic, rare, magic, and normal ones. Epic> rare > magic > normal. 

Equip The Best Hero In Pixel Blade Arena

By merging the character fragments, you can obtain the new heroes. Make sure that you always equip the best hero. Proceed to the hero menu -> stats -> hero change -> compare the stats of all the hero characters you have -> equip the best one. 

Equip Artifacts For More Stats

Tap the artifact button on the main screen -> use rubies to craft artifact. Artifact improves the character’s attributes. So make sure to equip them. 

Upgrade The Equipment 

Pixel Blade Arena Guide Tips Cheats StrategiesYou can upgrade the equipment with the equipment books. You can craft them in the crafting menu -> material -> spend gold coins and normal books. Get these equipment books from the “tower of darkness” mode. 

Improve The Skills In Pixel Blade Arena

Once you reach level 17 in the game, go to the “skill” -> select the skill -> you will need replicate skill shards to upgrade. Obtain from the “skill box”. For the skill box, you will need to spend black gems in the shop. 

Check Out The Magic Shop

Pixel Blade Arena Guide Tips Cheats StrategiesMagic Shop features specific items on sale for a limited amount of time. Keep an eye there and grab the best deals. You might get a precious weapon or item.

Complete The Quests 

Tap the quest scroll on the top-right corner. Complete those quests for free rewards. 

Collect Gold Coins From The Mine

Tap the “mine” button in the top-right -> collect the gold coins. 

Claim The Idle Chest In Pixel Blade Arena

On the main screen, on the left side of the hero, tap the chest, and claim the idle rewards. This continues to grind the gold while you are away. 

Claim The Coupon Codes

Go to the game settings -> option -> coupon -> there you can enter the coupon code. Get it from the game developers’ community page; Pixel Star games or game’s official community page. 

So that’s all for now in this Pixel Blade Arena guide, tips & tricks for beginners. If you have more tips or cheat codes/coupon codes to share, comment below. 

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