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Started playing GOT Beyond The Wall and wondering how to win the battles and master the game? Read on for GOT Beyond The Wall guide, tips, cheats & strategies

If you just started playing this GOT game, then you are on the right page. This Game of Thrones/GOT Beyond The Wall guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Game of Thrones/GOT Beyond The Wall tips, cheats & strategies that you may find amazing. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content. 

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In the Game of Thrones Beyond The Wall, you play as the Lord Commander. From the story mode chapters, you can earn the Lord Commander EXP/Experience Points, which help you level up in the game. As you increase the Lord Commander or Account Level, you will unlock the new game modes with intersting gameplay or story-line. For example – Expedition mode unlocks when Lord Commander reaches level 15. Also, you can increase the max hero cap by raising the Lord Commander Level. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Game of Thrones Beyond The Wall guide, tips & tricks: –

Patrol On The 3-Star Stages In GOT Beyond The Wall

Game of Thrones Beyond The WallIn the story mode, there are lots of chapters with increasing difficulty stages. GOT Beyond The Wall lets you repeat the stages so that you can grind the rewards like a copper penny, unit XP tome, Heor XO tome, material items like linen, wood, pelt, etc. If you complete a stage with all missions completed/3-stars, you can Patrol on those stages and get immediate rewards. Head to the story mode -> choose a stage -> check the winning conditions. There are three winning conditions at each stage – each condition you complete, you get one star. 

So try to complete all the winning conditions and grab the 3-stars. If you have got the 3-star, tap on that stage -> tap the Patrol button. It consumes food/bread to play the stages or Patrol – the amount is the same – but, with Patrol function, you get the rewards immediately. 

Master The Battles In GOT Beyond The Wall

Game of Thrones Beyond The WallLet’s get familiar with the battle mechanics. In a battle, you can use a hero and a certain number of units. You are free to choose the heroes and units as long as there is no specific condition in the battle stage. In the bottom-left corner, you can switch the hero by tapping the switch button. And, drag & drop the units to the battle or inventory if you want to add or release them from the battles. A Hero is a must in the battle. 

Attacks – To attack the enemy, you first select the attacker; an attacker could be your hero or a unit. So select the unit or hero first with whom you want to attack. After selecting the GOT Beyond The Wall hero or unit, the color of the tiles will change; blue tiles are the safe tiles where you can move the selected unit/hero. If an enemy is on the red tile, double-tap him/her to initiate the attack. 

You can also use the hero or unit’s ability by tapping the ability icon, which appears after you select the hero or a unit. 

Enemy – if you tap the enemy, you can check his/her range. 

Auto – if your team squad is powerful, then better use the auto mode. But it’s best if you play battles manually and earn all the three stars. 

Learn About The GOT Beyond The Wall Heroes

Game of Thrones Beyond The WallYou can get the heroes from Honor Shop(PvP Arena Shop) or Night’s Watch Oath or Events. In the bottom-right corner, you have to tap Night’s Watch Oath option and on the next screen, you can draw the heroes using Carved Glyph that you can obtain from the merchant or complete the quests. 

Different heroes use different types of weapons; one-handed weapons, ranged-weapons, etc. And, based on the weapon, you can guess their strength. For example – ranged-weapon heroes have high attack stats but they have low defense. Head to Hearth building to check all the heroes characters that you have obtained so far in Game of Thrones Beyond The Wall game. Tap on a hero -> at the bottom-center, tap the arrow button next to might to check his/her weapon details. 

Power Up The Game of Thrones Beyond The Wall Heroes

Head to the hero’s profile in Hearth facility -> there you can level up hero with Hero XP tomes, promote them with their shards, unlock their abilities with ability scroll, equip tactic cards, and check the ability details by tapping the ability icon. You can get the tactic cards from Night’s Watch Oath Tactic Draw. You will need Shifting Deck item in Game of Thrones Beyond The Wall to draw tactics card. Obtain it from the merchant or quests. 

Get Familiar With The Units System

Units are also helpful – they possess unique abilities, can help you in battles, you can send them on the expedition and use in a variety of game modes. Head to Barracks building and there you can check the unlocked units. To discover more Game of Thrones Beyond The Wall units or get them, draw in Night’s Watch Oath section using Carved Glyph item. 

In the barrack, select the unit and tap the arrow button next to the might status, at the bottom-center. This will show you the unit’s type. Like heroes, units also have types; Ranged, Cavalry, Two-Handed Weapons, etc. For example – Cavalry units have good mobility/agility/speed. Two-Handed Weapon units can strike multiple enemies. Tap the arrow button to check the weapon type and its details. 

Power Up The Units In Game of Thrones Beyond The Wall

Like heroes, you can power up the units in Game of Thrones Beyond The Wall. You can promote them once you have enough of their shards. Level them up with the Unit XP Tome. Unlock their ability using the badges that you can get from a variety of game modes like Lodge, Rookery, Expedition, etc. Upgrade their gears using material items and copper pennies. 

Play All The Available Game Modes

In the beginning, you should follow the story mode as far as you can. After a while, you will unlock most of the game modes like Lodge, Legendary Events, Expedition, PvP Arena, Challenges, Weirwood Forays, etc. You can earn a ton of free stuff like in-game currencies, material items from these game modes. Invest all these resources in developing the best hero characters or units. 

Complete The Daily Quests And Achievements

Completing the daily quests is one of the best ways to level up fast in Game of Thrones Beyond The Wall as it rewards you a ton of Lord Commander XP. Also, you get free Carved Glyph, Shifting Deck, and materials like Veteran Insignia, Elite Insignia. 

Upgrade The Buildings For Bonus Rewards

You can level up the buildings like barracks, lodge and increase the bonus rewards. Head to any of these buildings and tap the level info -> upgrade using copper pennies. 

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So this would be all in this post on Game of Thrones/GOT Beyond The Wall guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. 

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