Magic Burns 9 Times Guide – Tips, Tricks & Cheats For Beginners

Magic Burns 9 Times is a brand new mobile game by Element Cell Game Limited. Read on for Magic Burns 9 Times guide, tips, cheats & strategiesMagic Burns 9 Times

Element Cell Game Limited has just released a new mobile gacha game called Magic Burns 9 Times. In the game, the player creates a team of cute characters and slay down the demons. The battle part is pretty intersting – you will have to grow your army by adding more people/citizens so that you can defeat the boss. For that, you destroy the buildings. After destroying the buildings, you will find some people/characters inside – then you move near them and the magical spirit will turn them into your side. As you grow, you get to defeat powerful demon bosses.

If you have just started playing the game, then you are on the right page. This Magic Burns 9 Times guide covers the fundamentals of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Magic Burns 9 Times tips & tricks that you may like. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.

Magic Burns 9 Times Guide, Tips: –

In Magic Burns 9 Times, you create a team of up to five characters. 1 out of 5 characters should be assigned to the captain slot. All the characters have unqiue captain skill, which impacts all the team characters. Additionally, you can choose a friendly character as an extra ally before going into the battle. Magic Burns 9 Times game features a variety of game modes; main quest, special quest, event quest, guild war, dungeon, duel, etc. In the beginning, you get access to the main quest, which is a story mode and the best mode to focus on in the beginning as it unlocks the rest of the content. Players can play this mode to grind coins, upgrade material, EXP, and equipment. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Magic Burns 9 Times tips & tricks: –Magic Burns 9 Times

Learn About The Characters

There are over 40 characters in Magic Burns 9 Times. All these characters are classified into three roles; Auxillary, Defensive, and Attack-type. Auxillary-type characters have a heart icon on their portrait. Defensive-type characters have a shield icon on their portrait. And, attack-type characters have a sword icon on their portrait.

Auxillary-type characters have CC and Buff skills that can help you during the battle. Defensive-type characters help the team by absorbing most of the damage at the front line. And, attack type characters have strong attacking power. In the character menu, pay attention to the characters’ portrait -> at the top-right corner of the character’s portrait, check the icon and you will get to know her type.

Characters and their shards can be obtained from the summoning portal where you use the gems to draw characters, equipment. Next to the battle icon on the lobby -> scroll up/down to see different menus.

Choose The Captain Wisely

As said above, In Magic Burns 9 Times, all the characters have a unqiue skill that impacts the whole team. So make sure to get familiar with each character you have and choose the captain wisely. Head to the character menu -> tap on the character and at the bottom-left, you can check the captain skill. For example – Pigtails Girl increases attack, Girl Next Door buffs HP, Stray Cat buffs attack, etc.

Also, on the same screen, you can check her stats, equip armor, level her up, raise the rarity, star, check her skill.Magic Burns 9 Times

Get Familiar With The Battle

After building the team, it’s time to jump into the battles. The very first thing you need to do is to gather citizens and increase firepower. Destroy the buildings and gather citizens – you will also earn attribute points or MP as you destroy the buildings and gather citizens.

In the bottom-center of the screen, above the character slots, the colorful MP shows the sum of various attribute points. Characters belong to specific attributes and gain these points(MP) as you play the battle(destroy buildings, gather citizens) – these attribute points or MP is required to unleash the character’s skill. At the bottom of the character’s icon, you can see the number of points required to cast the skill.

Her icon will flash when you have enough MP/Attribute Points and ready to cast the skill. Tap her icon and boom! Or you can set the battle mode on auto if you want everything to be done by A.I.

Normal battles are pretty easy – but boss battles are not. When the boss arrives, a countdown timer will appear at the top-center of the game screen. You will need to defeat him before this countdown. So make sure to use the character’s skills wisely and grow your army before the boss arrives on the battlefield.

Above the character’s icon, there is a red blood bar – HP bar – it displays the health status. As you suffer damage, the character will lose blood and upon losing all, she will be knocked out of the battle. So the player needs to make them stronger by making upgrades in Magic Burns 9 Times.

Learn How To Get Stronger In Magic Burns 9 Times

Equip gears to the character – you can grind gears in the quest mode or buy from the summon shop.

Upgrade gears – Gear upgrade material; fluid, can be obtained from the shop in exchnage for gold coins – also, you can grind it by repeating the story mode quests.

Equip Jewels – You can socket jewels to the equipment, which further improve the equipment’s stats – eventually, the character who has that gear gets the boost.

Level Up characters – Repeat the stages in the quest/battle mode to grind character EXP or Magic Source/Dust. Use this item in the character/training menu to level up the character. It increases the character’s stats; health, attack power, and defense – ultimately, survivability and damage get the boost.

Rarity Up – Item called Upgrade Water is required to raise the rarity – you can obtain this item from the coin shop or the battles. It increases health, attack power, and defense of the character by a massive amount.

Star-Up – Star-Up requires character shards(obtain from summoning) and increases base attributes of the character by an impressive figure.

Enchant – In the training menu, you can craft scrolls using stigma scroll and magic dust. It costs specific material items – can be obtained from the shop or battles. Enchanting bounds the scroll to the character and improve the target character’s attributes.

Crystal – upgrade crystal fragments to get different passive skills. You can buy crystals or crystal fragments from the shop. Use blessing and other items for more buff.

So these are the ways to get powerful in Magic Burns 9 Times game.

Select A Friend As An Extra Unit

Before you start the battle, tap the + button on the team formation screen and select a friendly ally. Check the level and continue with the best one. You will also earn friend points that you can exchnage in the friend shop for items like EXP, Quick Clear Ticket, Powder, Upgrade Water, etc.Magic Burns 9 Times

Learn About The Attributes

There are five attributes; at the top-left corner of the character’s icon, you can check her attribute;

  • MOE – Pink
  • NEET – blue
  • Work – Green
  • Cat – Black
  • Dog – Yellow

MOE>NEET, NEET>WORK, WORK>MOE. And, Cat <>Dog. Build the team according to the attributes in close battles. For example – if the enemy’s attribute is NEET, MOE attribute characters will deal double damage.

Join A Guild In Magic Burns 9 Times

To get access to guild shop and guild war mode, you must join the guild in Magic Burns 9 Times.

Grind By Repeating In Magic Burns 9 Times

If you are stuck, repeat the old stages -> grind coins, equipment, EXP items, etc. Shop premium items in the shop -> raise the character’s level, rarity, equip better equipment, upgrade equipment, and get powerful.

Use The Formation Change Function, Absolute Field Skill

On the bottom-right side, there are two buttons; formation change and absolute field button(yellow color button with Japanese text). Change the formation to take less damage(when the boss is about to attack). Use Absolute field skill by pressing/holding it. It will give you a temporary shield.

So this would be all in this post on Magic Burns 9 Times guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners.

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