Idle Army Base – Stars, Epic Upgrades Guide

Wondering what are epic upgrades in Idle Army Base? And, how to get starts to upgrade or activate them? Read on for Idle Army Base Stars, Epic Upgrades guide

Idle Army Base Epic Upgrades StarsStars or Star is the premium in-game currency in Idle Army Base. Other than buying with real money, there is no way you can get stars. In the majority of the games, premium currencies are given by completing the missions. But, unfortunately, you can not earn stars for free by playing the game. There are several packs in the game store that you can buy with real money and get stars. For starters, we recommend checking the Idle Army Base guide and tips for beginners. In this post, you will learn about the Idle Army Base Stars, Epic Upgrades.

Idle Army Base: Stars & Epic Upgrades –

  • Training Value – Increases the training value of the training areas
  • Training Speed – Increases the training speed of the civilians in training areas by more than 5%
  • Marching Speed – Increases the recruitment speed of civilians by more than 5%
  • Bonus Bus Speed – Increases the bus seat count
  • Bonus Bus Rate – Increases bus frequency
  • Gate Speed – Faster the check-in speed process at gate
  • Pass Out Bonus – After training, the civilians will pass out and give you gold coins. With this epic upgrade, you can get more gold coins when they pass out from army base
  • Investor Bonus – Get more gold coins from the investor offer(watching video ads)
  • Bonus Boat Speed – Increases the boat seat count

Do You Need To Buy These Epic Upgrades?

No! All these epic upgrades are optional and you can progress through the game without getting or upgrading these epic upgrades. So as a f2p player, all you need to focus on basic upgrades.

What’s The Benefit Of Epic Upgrades?

These epic upgrades are like normal upgrades. You can progress fast if you activate or upgrade these epic upgrades in Idle Army Base. Each upgrade has its specific bonus boost. For example – Training Speed. You can increase the training speed of each training area with gold coins. With the epic upgrade, you get this bonus in one click for all the training areas.

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