Illusion Connect Guide & Tips For Beginners

Just starting the Illusion Connect game? Read on for Illusion Connect guide and tips: characters, building the team, tips to get stronger, and more.

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Illusion Connect Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

This Illusion Connect guide covers the basic aspects of the game; a guide to characters, combat, in-game currencies, leaders, tips & tricks to get stronger, progress, intimacy, Muscipla, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and get straight to the Illusion Connect guide and tips for beginners: –

Gears Guide

In Illusion Connect, gears are available in multiple rarities; N, R, SR, and SSR. You can farm gears in exploration mode and as well as arcana mode. N-tier, R-tier gears are not good for character development as they don’t give traits and skills like SR-tier and SSR-tier gears do. 

Characters “Illusion Connect Guide⇓

(1) Characters in Illusion Connect are available in multiple rarities; SSR, SR, and R. SSR > SR > R. Check the tier list here to know what characters/partners are the best

Illusion Connect Tier List Guide

(2) There are seven character classes; Attack, Guardian, Sorcerer, Heal, Light, Spell, and Summon

  • Attack class characters excel in inflicting DMG
  • Guardian class characters protect allies with their abilities
  • Sorcerer class characters possess AoE DMG abilities
  • Heal class characters possess healing abilities
  • Light class characters empower CP through buffs
  • Spell class characters have debuff abilities; apply ailments to the enemies
  • Summon class characters summon companions to get assistance in battles

(3) You can get characters from the summon portal. 

(4) Characters have passive skills, unqiue skills, special skills, and normal skills. 

(5) You can upgrade the characters to 6-stars. 

Combat “Illusion Connect Guide”

(1) There are plenty of combat modes in Illusion Connect; at first, you will have access to the Dream adventure mode that features over 10 chapters – each chapter in multiple difficulties; normal and collapse. 

Aside from Dream adventure mode, you have PvP arena mode to play. Trails mode has plenty of sub-modes such as daily trails, exploration, arcana, expedition, nightmare lab, etc. You can earn fruitful rewards from these game modes. For example – from the Illusion Connect exploration mode, you can farm gears(SR, SSR quality), EXP Potions, etc. 

Illusion Connect Tier List Guide

(2) To combat enemies, you need to prepare a lineup of the best characters that you have. By level 40 in the game, you will unlock all the x10 slots and build a full-fledge line-up. Best line-up recommendations: –

  • x3 Attack Class + x2 Healer Class + x1 Summon Class + x1 Spell Class +x1 Guardian Class + x1 Sorcerer Class + x1 Light Class
  • x3 Attack Class + x2 Tank/Guardian Class + x2 Sorcerer Class + x1 Light Class + x1 Spell Class + x1 Summon Class
  • x2 Attack Class + x2 Spell Class + x1 Healer Class + x2 Tank Class + x1 Sorcerer Class + x2 Light Class

You can read the class guide above. You can check the top players’ line-up builds in the game itself. Go to lobby -> tap the “news” button at the top-left -> choose a mode -> tap the player to check its line up.

Illusion Connect Tier List Guide

(3) To win the battles in Illusion Connect, you will have to defeat the leader of the enemy team. At the start of the battle, your leader will be on the battlefield – alone! If the opponent team eliminates your leader first, you will lose the battle. So, right after the battle begins, deploy your characters to the combat field; it costs energy to deploy the characters on the combat field. And, each character consumes a certain number of energy points. You can check the energy cost on the characters’ icons. 

  • Illusion Connect Battle Tips #1: Attack class units have an advantage against Sorcerer class units. Sorcerer class units have an advantage against Guardian class units. And, guardian class units have an advantage against attack class units. Light and Spell class units have an advantage against each other. Heal class and Summon class units don’t have any class counter relation. 
  • Illusion Connect Battle Tips #2: Make sure to get familiar with the character’s abilities; some of them do single damage, column damage, while some of them do area damage. 
  • Illusion Connect Battle Tips #3: characters’ unique skill is triggered when you deploy them on the combat field. For example – Miyuki attacks all enemies when you deploy her on the combat field. Also, their unqiue charges up during the battle; notice the orange bar below the HP/green bar above their heads? When it fills completely, the character will unleash its unique skill. 
  • Illusion Connect Battle Tips #4: Build a balanced line-up. Protect the leader with Guardian class units; you can deploy them in the first row. Have Sorcerers for area DMG, attackers for massive DMG, healers to heal allies. Check the line-ups above!
  • You can repeat the battle stages in Dream Adventure mode and grind EXP, EXP Potions, and gold coins. 

In-Game Currencies & Items

  • Gold Coins; used in making upgrades to characters, furniture items in Muscipula. Farm gold by playing dream adventure battles, bounty missions, claim from Muscipula, quests
  • Crystals: used in building and leveling up the furniture items in Muscipula. Single deck chair gives you crystal daily(in Muscipula)
  • EXP Potions: get from Musciupla, Dream Adventure, Trials
  • Badge/Insignia: to promote partners/characters. Farm in Dream adventure mode
  • Partner Shards: obtain from partner summon
  • Gears: Exploration, Trials, and Dream Adventure. 
  • Gift Box: shop, quests. Tap the inventory option in the top-left corner and open the gift box to get gift items. 
  • Selected Ticket; daily free in the shop or buy with diamonds
  • Stamina: replenishes automatically or get immediately with diamonds. Add friends and they can send you stamina daily
  • Diamonds; daily login reward, compensation reward, pack code, daily quests, story quests, dream adventure mode. 

Intimacy Guide For Beginners

By raising the intimacy level of partners in Illusion Connect, you can empower their attributes. To raise the intimacy level, you can gift the items to characters, deploy them in the Muscipula, and date them. Go to the album menu -> partner -> gift. 

Date Characters

Once you reach the partner’s intimacy level 4, you can go on a date. It will give you intimacy points.

Tips To Get Stronger In Illusion Connect⇓

  • Save resources by not investing in useless characters. Check the tier list here for more info
  • Level up characters: use EXP potions
  • Promote: to raise the max level cap of partners, promote them using badges(link function)
  • Lens: use duplicate partner shards and coins to raise the star level of partner
  • Gear: equip high-tier weapon, armor, boots, and accessory to the character; obtain from trials or as chapter clear reward

Muscipula Guide: Illusion Connect

Illusion Connect Tier List Guide

(1) Muscipula is the place that gives you idle income; crystals, EXP Potions, and gold coins. You can claim the idle income by tapping the treasure chest in the lower-left corner. With resource cards or cart card, you can increase the idle income. Tap on “Muscipula” and enter the place. Here, you can build and level up facilities; 

  • Tree of Eternity – level it up to increase the furniture amount limit and max level
  • Books: increases max energy
  • Dessert Cart: gives you gold and stores gold
  • Single Deck chair: gives you crystal and stores crystal
  • Double Bed: level it up to take more partners to battles
  • Frame Light: gives you EXP and stores EXP

(2) Comfort Level: by upgrading the furniture items, you can raise the comfort level. The higher the comfort level, the more bonus attributes you grant to all the partners/characters. You can add decorative items to the place and increase the comfort level by a massive figure.

(3) Idle: you can deploy partners in Muscipula to increase gold output, earn intimacy, give more HP, increase EXP output, etc. Placements: lounge, bedroom, otaku room, pastry room, hot spring, living room. 

Leader Guide: Illusion Connect

(1) As of now, Illusion Connect features these leader characters; Sakura Swordsman(free), Nightmare Hunter, Light Paladin, Soul Reaper, and Spirit Healer. You will be using Sakura Swordsman in the beginning. To unlock the rest number of the leaders, clear the dreams adventure mode in collapsed difficulty. 

(2) Leaders have various types of skills and to unleash them, you will need to meet certain requirements. For example, Sakura Swordsman’s legendary partner skill activates when you deploy up to x5 SSR partners in the team – effect; it increases the HP of all partners by 12%. Turn to the leader menu, select a leader, and tap on its skill to check the activation requirement. 

(3) Halo: level up to get attribute boots; effective on all leaders. 

(4) Selected leader spawn on the battlefield right from the beginning without any energy cost. 

Make Sure To Add Friends For Stamina

In the upper-left corner, tap on the friend option -> send the request. In-game friends can send each other stamina.

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