Immortal Soul Black Survival Guide & Tips For Beginners

Immortal Soul Black Survival is a new mobile game by Boltrend games. Read on for the Immortal Soul Black Survival guide and tips for beginners.Immortal Soul Black Survival

Immortal Soul Black Survival Guide & Tips For Beginners⇓

In this Immortal Soul Black Survival guide, you will learn how to play this game, win matches, items, crafting, areas, and other aspects such as characters, getting stronger, tips on progression, and much more. So let’s not waste any time and get to the main content featuring the Immortal Soul Black Survival guide and tips for beginners: –

Immortal Soul Black Survival Guide To Basics⇓

(1) Winning Criteria: To win, you will need to be the last standing. You will be competing with other survivors in real-time – the player who survives until the last wins the match. Survival would not be easy as survivors can hunt/ATK each other – also, the safe zone shrinks as you continue in the game. More and more areas on the map will turn into the restricted zone as time passes. If you stay in the restricted zone, your character will die. 

At the top of the screen, you can check the number of alive players, current zone’s status; restricted or safe. Try to leave the area before it gets restricted. 

(2) Right after the start of the match, tap the “move” button on the lower-right and head to the area where you can find the items for your favorite gear items and start exploring. 

(3) You just tap the screen to explore and get random items found in that area. You can either drop them or save them in your backpack. These items include recipes for food or gears or stamina. 

(4) Exploring costs stamina. You can consume the items that restore stamina or rest to gain stamina. If you have no stamina, then HP will be consumed for exploration. 

(5) While exploring, you may find an enemy or an enemy may find you; you can choose to attack with your weapon. If you manage to eliminate an enemy, you can collect specific items from its backpack. 

(6) The dead characters would not be able to play more matches; you will have to select another character. There are many characters in the Immortal Soul Black Survival game. 

Immortal Soul Black Survival Best Tip For Beginners⇓

Immortal Soul Black Survival

Before diving into the matches in Immortal Soul Black Survival, the very first thing that you should is to get familiar with the areas and items. Certain items are found in certain areas. You must decide which weapon or gear that you want to build for your character. To craft gears in Immortal Soul Black Survival, you need to visit its source location. And then, start looking for it. 

The game has an in-built wiki for the items and areas that help beginners memorize every sort of thing. On the main screen of the game, tap on the “index” menu -> it will take you to the in-game wiki where you can check the list of weapons, gears, food, and normal items. There are plenty of weapons; blade, stab, blunt, thrown, gun, bow, hand, and trap that you can craft based on the character’s mastery. 

Just tap on the weapon that you would like to craft; make sure to start with common-tier weapons, which are easy to craft. Although, the stats would not be as good as premium tier weapons. When you tap on a weapon, the game will show you the tree showing list of items that you will need to find to craft it. Tap on the item to check its source. Some items require other items to craft. 

Navigate to the “area” tab of the index wiki -> there you can check all the locations. Tap on a location to check the list of items that can be found there. 

Immortal Soul Black Survival

Immortal Soul Black Survival Tips On Progression⇓

(1) Get familiar with the items and locations so that you can quickly craft the gears and other items. Don’t try to build multiple gears of the same type as that would be time-consuming. Before starting the match, set your target; decide which gears you want to equip to the character and right after the match starts, start exploring the material items in the area that you would need to craft it. 

Immortal Soul Black Survival

(2) It’s a survival game; don’t waste your time in eliminating enemies; first, focus on gearing up the character and collect consumable items like stamina recovery and HP recovery. 

(3) Check out the restricted areas’ notifications; leave the area before it gets restricted. 

(4) If you encounter an enemy, you can use the character skills or weapon to strike. If the enemy finds you, you can leave that area or explore further to find it. Sometimes, you find wild animals such as crow, bat, Mr.Mejii. By eliminating the wild animals in Immortal Soul Black Survival, you can obtain specific items. Check out the index wiki -> wild animals -> tap the wild animal -> check what item can be obtained. 

Immortal Soul Black Survival Guide To Characters⇓

How to get characters or their skins: go to the character menu -> spend gold or gems to get the character. 

Character skills: all the characters have unique passive and active skills. Check ’em out. Tap on the character stats for more details; equipment mastery, traits, level stats, etc. 

If the character is dead, you can use ArsBe to revive it. 

Complete The Quests To Earn BP⇓

You can earn BP by completing the daily quests and weekly quests. Also, upon leveling up. Go to the tech lab -> roulette -> there you can spend the BP to get character skins and in-game consumable items. 

Rest To Recover HP And Stamina⇓

You can always recover the HP and Stamina if you don’t have an item that restores these stats. Move to a place and hope you don’t find any enemy who can interrupt you while resting. Always avoid fighting when low on HP. Recover stamina otherwise, HP would be consumed in exploration. 

So this would be all in this post on Immortal Soul Black Survival guide and tips for beginners. Got more tips? Comment below. 

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