Bid Wars Stars tips and tricks: guide, cheats & strategies

New to Bid Wars Stars – Multiplayer Auction Battles game? Master all of its core mechanics with these Bid Wars Stars tips and tricks with guide

Bid Wars Stars tips and tricks guideBid Wars Stars tips and tricks: guide, cheats & strategy: –

In this article, you will learn how to play Bid Wars Stars game, win bids, make a profit, and other things like characters, the value of items, in-game currencies, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and get straight to our Bid Wars Stars game handbook. 

Bid Wars Stars tips and tricks guideCheck Out The Catalog And Value Of Items

As you know that, during an auction, you will have multiple storage units with different-different items on which you can bid on. And, to make a profit, you would not want to spend bucks on the storage unit with low-value items, right? You would always want to bid on the storage unit that has items with high value so that you can sell those items at a higher price and make a profit, right? 

So, getting familiar with the items’ value will help you pick the right storage unit with high-value items. Items in Bid Wars Stars game are available in three grades; common, rare, and epic. Common items pay less money, rare items pay average, and the epic ones make you a fortune. 

So, the very first tip is to know the items’ value. Go to the main screen of the game. In the bottom-right corner, tap the catalog option -> this will open the list of items. Tap on an item -> you will see all the sub-items listed in grades. What you need to do is remember the grades of items; common, rare, and epic. When bidding on a storage unit, you can use your finger to take a peek at the storage unit’s items. If you see the rare and epic items, go for the bid. Try avoiding the storage unit with low-value items because you would not make any profit. Although, if you are getting that storage unit at the lowest bid, you should try getting it. 

Bid Wisely In Bid Wars Stars Multiplayer Auction Battles

You need to inspect the storage unit and guess its total value quickly, right after the bidding stars; take a peek at it; check the number of items, item grades(common, rare, epic),  and then decide whether to bid for it or not. Another thing that you must keep in mind that not to spend too much even if it contains epic or rare items. The goal should be getting a higher value storage unit at cheap price – to make a profit. If you buy a storage unit with high-value items – but, at a higher price, there are chances that you can suffer loss. By counting the number of items and checking its grades, guess its total value – and, try not to exceed this value while bidding. 

Zero Is Better Than Negative Balance

Sometimes, other players in Bid Wars Stars deliberately bid just to make you purchase that storage unit at a higher price and suffer loss. You should not get carried away with this aggressive bidding as you might get the storage unit at a higher price than its fair value and in the end, suffer loss. It’s better to not bid if you think the bidding amount is quite high and does not worth purchasing anymore. You can avoid bidding for all the units and make 0 – that’s better than the negative balance that you could get if you purchase the storage unit at a price higher than its fair value. Another benefit at 0 balance after the auction is you will still earn trophies. On the other hand, the negative balance reduces trophies. 

Sell Items At A Pawn Shop

In Bid Wars Stars, after the auction, you can sell the items at your pawn shop. Go to the main screen -> second tab from the left side -> tap the + sale slot -> add the items that you want to sell. It takes a few minutes or hours to sell the items. You also earn hammer points by selling the items – when you have 100 hammer points, you can open a wooden box containing loads of cash or the character shards or other rewards. In the upper-left corner of the screen, tap the wooden box, and get money or character shards. 

Guide To Currencies In Bid Wars Stars

There are three main currencies; money, gold, and trophies. Money; earn it by selling the items that you get from the auction. Gold; earn it by collecting trophies(at a certain number, you get free trophies), from the boxes, etc. You can use the gold to participate in the events. Trophies; earn by participating in the auctions(don’t make a loss), from the boxes, etc. 

Guide To Characters In Bid Wars Stars

Characters have specialties; their specialties can help you pick the right unit. For example – Harry is one of the characters in Bid Wars Stars with an ability to help you see inside the boxes when a storage unit is opened. Go to the bidders/character tab; epic and rare grade bidders are the best ones as their specialties are more powerful than the common grade bidders. 

Collect the boxes and you might get the bidders’ shards. You can use them to level up the bidders. 

Watch The Video Ads In Bid Wars Stars

Bid Wars Stars tips and tricks guideGo to the shop -> there you will see the option to get free bucks by watching video ads. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Bid Wars Stars tips and tricks with a guide of beginners. Got more tips or tricks? Share them in the comments. 

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